Bar Loïc: The festive St. Henri bar with great food and drinks

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“The collaboration between the Loïc team and the Saintwoods group is a perfect symbiosis. We’ve kept the soul of Loïc while adding the nightlife expertise that the guys from Appartement 200, École privée, and Suwu have built. It’s the breath of fresh air that the bar needed.” – interview with Zach Macklovitch and Max Ruiz, partners at Loïc.

The Loïc bar is located in a century-old building in St. Henri. If you look closely, you can see the architectural details of the building’s first life; the Molson Bank. Later, the bank passed into the hands of the government, which made it a post office before it was finally transformed into the magnificent establishment that is Bar Loïc.

If the imposing building on Notre-Dame Street West has seen its destiny change over the decades, Bar Loïc has also been able to adapt and face the adversities of its time. Open since 2015, the owners of Bar Loïc were unfortunately forced to put the key in the lock in 2020.

Loic 2.0

However, on March 12, 2022, the popular bar will reopen to offer a 2.0 experience, while still remaining true to its roots. Just like the phoenix.

The partnership between the Saintwoods group and the Loïc bar does not end there. Already known for its festive late nights, its fine DJ program, and its wine list to make all the sommeliers in town drool, bar Loïc has pulled a big rabbit out of its hat by joining forces with the “Saint-Laurent Boulevard team”.

The new look

“They brought us what we needed”. While remaining true to itself, Bar Loïc has a new look. Sabrina Barazin was in charge of the design, and the work is impressive. If you knew the establishment before this makeover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how she managed to rejuvenate it by building on the old foundations of the building. “She skillfully brought out the history of the building by bringing out the cement and brick. It gives a dark, sexy, brutalist, and cozy look. We love it!”.

Food and wine

While Loïc is known for its stellar wine list selected by sommelier Dora Vincze, the food served here is not to be underestimated. Chris Snow, formerly of Joe Beef, will be in charge of concocting small dishes that will go perfectly with your favourite cocktail or bottle of wine. The chef’s market cuisine approach uses the best seasonal produce. Although the menu changes often, you will always find the delicious hamburger on the menu; which, by the way, is on our list of the best burgers in Montreal.

As like attracts like, it seems that Loïc and Saintwoods were destined to work together!

Whether it’s for a happy hour or to party all night long, head to 5001 Notre-Dame West.

Photography by Bar Loïc

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