Bar Loïc : The ‘go-to’ in Saint Henri for good food and great wine

Published on January 26, 2018

Bar Loïc opened its doors in 2015 and lots has happened since then. If you’re still going there to party late at night, you can now also order food from their excellent menu between 5pm and 1 am or simply enjoy dinner!

Bar Loïc is situated in a century-old building. Designed by the Maxwell brothers, it was first a bank, then a post office, only to become a storage depot for government documents. Before the arrival of Bar Loïc, there were no windows or doors and the electricity was unreliable. The decor has been created by the young designer Kyle Adams Goforth (who recently worked on the metamorphosis of the Hôtel St Paul), and the end result has landed Loïc a spot on our list of the most beautiful bars in Montreal. At Bar Loïc, you will find simplicity and elegance, carefully chosen neutrals with shades of wood, red, white and grey. We really like the delicate look of the original ceiling lights. “We can tell you that we had to saw 760 individual pieces of wood to make our ceiling. It took a month (laughs). We want a fun environment. We want our customers to enjoy themselves. We want lots of drinks, good service, a place to have an awesome time and relax.” Also note that in summer, the restaurant has a superb terrace!

The menu at Bar Loïc has been considerably modified since it opened. Chef Liam Barron (ex-Joe Beef, Liverpool House, Chien Fumant and others) has created this and offers you small delights to enjoy with a drink. We found three small dishes (Goddess salad, toast with mushrooms, and one of the best tartares in Montreal) and a few main dishes (Black and Blue beef, sausage, cheeseburger, ravioli and Cornish game hen). The chocolate terrine dessert is to die for. The menu does change, but some dishes remain, such as the cheeseburger, which is now on our list of Montreal’s best burgers. The dishes are prepared with much thought which is why Loïc is one of the best bars in Montreal for dining.

There is a short wine list but connoisseurs will be delighted! Charles Tarzi has put this together. All the wines are natural, bio, agro-biological and/or certified organic, and all are imported privately. These too are constantly changing – cooler and more dynamic in summer with more comforting tastes in winter. The cocktails too, make up a short list and there is a good choice of whisky. “We don’t do mixology. We just have all the classic cocktails that an everyday bar has on offer.” An elegant list, but nothing outstanding. Note that for smaller wallets, there is a choice of beers or interesting ciders available.

Note that above Loïc there is also an events venue: Turbo Haüs where you can go take in hip hop, punk, hardcore or other shows. With a capacity for 100 people, three to four events per week are held there: very popular.

Why the name Loïc? The group Trigger Effect (who, among other things, manages the event space above Bar Loïc) used to tour and play for over a decade. In their musical career, they had a manager in Belgium who was barely 20 years old, but who was one of the best. His name was Loïc. One day, after a drunken party, they joked to him that if they ever opened a bar, they would name it after him. Then they found this place which had a theatre and a bar, but they needed a name. “They came up with this as a joke, but we all thought it worked : visually, sound, everything. And we adopted it. You should have seen Loïc’s reaction though. ‘Holy shit’,” says Max Ruiz Laing (Choice Harbour, Majestic) and co-owner. Max is in this project together with Michael Griffin (Honey Martin & Papia bar), Jordan Brown and chef Liam Barron.

We love Bar Loïc for its delicious dishes, its beautiful wine list and its memorable boozy evenings. If you live in the area or are passing by, we suggest you drop in!

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