Tastet launches the Tastet+ app: the best tables

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are proud to announce the launch of our new app: Tastet+. With over 3 million readers (!) every year, we hope this app will become your go-to concierge for recommendations of the best spots, both in Quebec and internationally!

The Tastet App: A Democratized Gastronomic Guide

“I’ve dreamed of this app for 10 years, and we’ve been working on it for 4. My ultimate wish is to create a democratized Michelin Guide, accessible to everyone, with the best addresses for all tastes and budgets,” says Elise Tastet, founder of Tastet.

The app features over 1,000 carefully selected addresses, covering various Canadian cities like Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, and Vancouver, as well as international gourmet destinations such as Paris, and some recommendations for Rome and London. More addresses across Canada and new destinations in the US, Europe, and Mexico will be added soon.

A Rigorous and Personalized Selection in the Tastet App

Each address on Tastet+ is meticulously evaluated by a team of restaurant experts based on 40 specific criteria, including food quality, service, ambiance, decor, and value for money. Elise Tastet emphasizes: “Unlike Google, the app only features approved and evaluated addresses. If an address is on the app, it’s worth visiting! We’ve also streamlined our database for the app launch. We categorize each address to tell you why to visit, when to go, and with whom.” Users can find recommendations tailored to any occasion, cuisine type, budget, dietary restriction, and more.


Artificial Intelligence at the Heart of the User Experience

Several new features will be added in the coming months. In collaboration with HEC and the Ivado consortium, you’ll be able to create a taste profile that will enable us to offer personalized recommendations. We’ll also suggest similar addresses to those you love in Montreal and abroad and create discovery routes based on your visits to a city. Elise Tastet adds: “We are very excited to create a product that truly focuses on the user and their needs, putting AI at the service of people.” And this is just the beginning!

Interactivity and Community

The Tastet+ app already allows you to create favorite lists and access our famous lists in Montreal, with more cities to come soon. The Tastet community will also be able to suggest addresses for evaluation and share comments to keep recommendations up-to-date in the coming months. “The more feedback we get from users, the better the app will become,” explains Elise Tastet.

More to Come

Upcoming features on Tastet+ include suggestions from renowned chefs, nearly 5,000 tables in 24 cities worldwide, personalized taste profiles and recommendations, the ability to share personalized lists, and much more.

The Tastet app is available on iOS and Android, with a free launch offer for the first 48 hours, then $10/week, $12/month, or $48/year. The website you know will remain free and become a more cohesive version with our new product.

To learn more and discover the new Tastet app, visit the Apple Store or Google Store.
Happy discoveries!





Photography by Alison Slattery

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