The Metcalfe Hotel: A Must-Experience in Ottawa

In the heart of Ottawa, the Metcalfe, a hotel under the Gray Collection, offers a unique experience that elegantly blends the charm of the past with contemporary luxury. Ideally located just 10 minutes from the train station, this iconic establishment promises a memorable stay. The rooms, combining contemporary design with heritage elements, welcome you in a modern and classic ambiance, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

An exceptional destination

The upscale facilities of the Metcalfe include a vibrant lounge, a fabulous restaurant, a fitness center, an indoor basketball court, and spaces for events of all sizes. With hospitality that extends to the whole family, even toddlers and pets, the hotel offers stunning views of Metcalfe and Laurier streets, in close proximity to restaurants, shops, and some of Ottawa’s must-see attractions. Valet service is also available for guests arriving by car. All this comes at the best rate. Here, you’ll find all the comfort and prestige that make the reputation of the William Gray Hotel in Montreal, now in Ottawa.

Authentic French gastronomy

Completing this exceptional experience, the Cocotte Bistro, adjacent to the hotel, invites you to an authentic culinary journey. Immerse yourself in the delicacy of its traditional French cuisine, crafted with fresh and quality ingredients.

The warm atmosphere of the bistro, with its stylish lighting and furniture, creates the perfect intimate setting to savor dishes served in traditional cocottes, adding a distinctive touch to your meal. If you have room for dessert, don’t miss the highlight of the menu, the Ottawa Brest, a creative reinterpretation of the classic French Paris-Brest, paying homage to the city.

In summary, the Metcalfe Hotel and Cocotte Bistro form a perfect alliance, offering a complete experience in Ottawa. From luxurious accommodations to the flavors of authentic French cuisine, coupled with remarkable hospitality, this gourmet destination is a must-visit. Whether you’re with family, friends, or on a romantic getaway, the Metcalfe Hotel and Cocotte Bistro promise a total immersion in the refinement and charm of the national capital.

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Photography by Alison Slattery


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