Montreal Cheap Eats: Suggestions for Good Affordable Food

Last update on June 03, 2021
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Montreal Cheap Eats: Here is our list of Montreal addresses where you can eat good, tasty and affordable food.

Montreal has a host of places where dining well, without breaking the bank, is possible – trust us! We are so lucky to live in a city that offers such vast and diverse cuisines which won’t empty your wallet. And by this, we mean students on a budget, visitors to Montreal or simply after a long day’s work, heading out for an evening instead of cooking at home. There is truly something for everyone — and also for every budget!

Among our suggestions, we’ve intentionally included places that reflect Montreal’s outstanding culinary diversity, from here at home, to the Middle East, India, Persian delights, the Far East and beyond. However, these addresses all have one thing in common: they offer an all-round dining experience, which in our view translates to a good decent meal at an affordable price, in friendly and warm surroundings. The Tastet team includes a number of these « cheap eats » as ‘favorites’ so now it’s your turn to see if you agree!

Go to Tastet.ca for additional suggestions where dining can be good, affordable and in attractive settings. You can consult our entire directory of addresses where eating with different budgets is possible, and we guarantee there are all sorts of culinary discoveries awaiting you. Or click here for the budget “economic” suggestions, or for the budget “affordable” suggestions.

Because we never get tired of getting value for our money, Tastet offers you a list of restaurant suggestions where to eat nice, good and cheap in Montreal. We wish you a good appetite and good discoveries! Bon appétit!

Satay Brothers

In addition to their small stand at Atwater Market, the « frères brochettes » opened a second restaurant to meet the needs of their growing number of customers. It’s an ideal place to have fun and meet people. There’s always a party atomosphere at Satay Brothers. We love their delicious buns and the impeccable Laksa soup. The dishes are full of different spices and note that everything is mostly homemade. Satay is delicious, enjoyable and always crowded! © Photo shoeyweisheitner
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Falafel Saint-Jacques

Since 2015, Falafel Saint-Jacques has been a hidden jewel, serving delicious, original and affordable Middle Eastern veggie cuisine. This counter service resto is one of our best healthy-veggie spots in Montreal! The house specialty are the excellent falafels it serves – soft, fresh and tasty, and among the best falafels in Montreal! Everything at Falafel St-Jacques is fresh, generous and delicious, and best of all, it’s a true cheap eat! © Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Chez Bong

Don’t be fooled by the run-of-the-mill looks in this lower-floor restaurant on Blvd Saint-Laurent because we can assure you that the food is quite the opposite. So much so, that Chez Bong is on our list of very good Korean restaurants in Montreal. This small, modest restaurant serves traditional dishes with typical Korean flavours. We like the casual atmosphere, the quality and authenticity of the food. Note : we are hooked on their bibim bap and buchimgae. © Photo friesandties
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Café Parvis 

Café Parvis is magnificent. There are a number of things that make this place so special, from the beautiful greenery that provides fresh energizing color, to the exceptional light in the space. This good reputation extends to their affordable salads and pizzas at lunchtime as well! We do appreciate the kindness of the staff and the overall friendly atmosphere. If you happen to be there for brunch, they offer a pizza lunch as well. © Photo Café Parvis
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Dumpling Hut

Dumpling Hut is a very charming small family restaurant on the Plateau! Once inside, you would not be amiss in thinking that the decor could easily be similar to what the owners may have in their own dining room! This is food that is prepared and adjusted to the tastes of the clients, based on family classic traditions. It’s a sensible approach – if an item on the menu is popular, it is kept. Oh the dumplings! These are inspired by family recipes, and there are dozens of options, each more tasty than the next! Dumpling Hut is one of the best places in Montreal for dumplings. © Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Café Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a small restaurant serving Polish cuisine, with Russian, Ukrainian and Jewish influences creeping into the dishes. Baba Yaga only opened in September 2017, in the Saint-Henri area. Try their classical Polish pierogis, a type of ravioli traditionally stuffed with potatoes and cheese. The stuffed cabbage rolls (meat or veggie) are delicious, and we can also recommend the four different salads and soups, good sandwiches and the Schnitzel or Latkes sandwiches. Baba Yaga sees itself as a take-out counter and impresses its customers by the exotic tastes and the very affordable prices. Definitely a must-try! © Photo Riccardo Cellere
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Sushi Momo

Sushi Momo is a fabulous sushi restaurant here in Montreal. One of the best and they specialize in vegan sushi, as well as other Japanese specialties. Chef Christian Manuel Ventura Alatorre has been behind its success ever since it opened in 2014. This chef creates sushi that is so very innovative and at the same time, absolutely delicious. Sushi Momo is one of the first restaurants in Montreal to serve vegan sushi and there is such a variety to choose from. The ‘cheap eats’ here are the several formulas available, all at very affordable prices! © Photo Sushi Momo
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Chand Palace

Chand Palace must be one of our favorite Indian restaurants. This Parc-Extension restaurant offers a functional, classic decor. The variety of items on the menu are what attract many customers, including the exceptional thalis (served until closing!) and the portions at Chand Palace are always generous. Don’t overlook the Pani Puri or Masoor Masala Dosa, and the many veggie dishes (lentils!!) with their aromatic flavours. We try to save room for a Ras Malai (Bengali sweet made with Chenna, sugar syrup, thick condensed milk). Chand Palace is always enjoyable, the service is efficient and the prices affordable. One last thing – you can BYOB! © Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Located on Blvd Saint-Laurent at the corner of rue Marie-Anne Street, Omnivore proposes a Lebanese-Montreal menu for vegetarians AND carnivores. There’s a counter to order your meal and a few tables in this small space, perfect for savouring food prepared with good ingredients, together with spices, sauces and textures of the most delicious kind. Omnivore also offers a catering and grocery service, located a little further along on rue Marie-Anne. © Photo omnivoregrill
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Tripolis restaurant

Tripolis is a rather discreet restaurant in Montreal but nevertheless, a landmark. The Greek cuisine is very good, very cheap, and everyone loves it which might explain why it is included in our list of the best Greek restaurants. The decor inside has not changed since it opened, and some might say that this is part of the charm. It’s got it all – the Greek statues, murals (including the Acropolis), land and seascapes. But the crowds are here for the menu which lists pikilia, taramasalata, skordalia, tzatziki, and exquisite dolmades. The Greek salads are delicious as is all the seafood, and nearly everything is made in-house. Tripolis is a real « cheap eat » which is why it remains so popular. And think about saving some room for their desserts. © Photo bonappetitmtl
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Pushap is a very small restaurant and a little out of the way. The inside decor is not particularly exceptional, the service can be very slow, but somehow or another, Pushap remains very popular, thanks to all the different veggie thalis that come at a very reasonable price. When it comes time to paying at the door, do take some of the small sweets. The owner is known for make unbeatable offers to the customers. © Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Tran Cantine

Tran Cantine is a newish small Vietnamese restaurant that opened in June 2017 on rue Notre-Dame Ouest at the corner of rue Courcelle. The Vietnamese menu is not only excellent but the prices are very reasonable. This is homemade cuisine from the broths to the marinades. Tran Cantine makes great Imperial and Spring Rolls, excellent Bánh mì and Phở soups – among the best in Montreal. We like the kindness of the staff, the savoury Vietnamese specialties, all at low prices, and even better is knowing that this is now available in the heart of St-Henri! © Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Falafel Yoni

Falafel Yoni is a superb falafel counter that opened in Mile-End in Spring 2018. Yoni Amir and Daniel Maislin have come up with a simple and unique concept of serving the best Israeli falafels in town – and we agree! The falafels served in pitas, the Sabich sandwich and their delicious mint lemonade are so very very good. It’s more of a counter service than a restaurant and the atmosphere is welcoming and very pleasant. We like the design of the space, the very friendly staff and especially all the delicious food that comes at a reasonable price. © Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Boxermans is a superb bistro-café on rue Van Horne, offering something unique in this ‘hood. The surroundings are elegant and chic, as well as warm and comfortable. It is worth going there in the evenings, if just for the wonderful beverage list which include wines from small producers, craft beers and a dozen or so good cocktails. But the food is very delicious and affordable, making Boxermans one of Outremont’s favorite places.
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Thaï Sep

In operation since 2011, this small Thai restaurant with its simple and friendly setting is a great location to dine on delicious Laotian and Thai cuisine! Chef and owner Anouxath Siyavong prepares food from his home countries with authentic flavours, and the results are exquisite! This is affordable food and …… you can BYOB so when you get the bill, it is pretty straighforward and you leave satisfied. © Photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Chez Doval

Doval is a restaurant that has stood the test of time, having been open for over 40 years! This charming Portuguese rôtisserie on rue Marie-Anne Est serves traditional Mediterranean dishes that span seafood, excellent Portuguese chicken and charcoal grilled meats. Chez Doval is very small and doesn’t look like much but the atmosphere is always very friendly and it’s great fun. The price-quality ratio is also excellent. © Photo darth.grace
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