Montreal Cheap Eats: Suggestions for Good Affordable Food

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Montreal has a host of places where dining well, without breaking the bank, is possible – trust us! We are so lucky to live in a city that offers such vast and diverse cuisines which won’t empty your wallet. And by this, we mean students on a budget, visitors to Montreal or simply after a long day’s work, heading out for an evening instead of cooking at home. There is truly something for everyone — and also for every budget!

Among our suggestions, we’ve intentionally included places that reflect Montreal’s outstanding culinary diversity, from here at home, to the Middle East, India, Persian delights, the Far East and beyond. However, these addresses all have one thing in common: they offer an all-round dining experience, which in our view translates to a good decent meal at an affordable price, in friendly and warm surroundings. The Tastet team includes a number of these cheap eats as “favourites” so now it’s your turn to see if you agree!

Because we never get tired of getting value for our money, Tastet offers you a list of restaurant suggestions where to eat nice, good and cheap in Montreal. Bon appétit and happy discoveries!

Satay Brothers

In addition to their small stand at Atwater Market, the « frères brochettes » opened a second restaurant to meet the needs of their growing number of customers. It’s an ideal place to have fun and meet people. There’s always a party atomosphere at Satay Brothers. We love their delicious buns and the impeccable Laksa soup. The dishes are full of different spices and note that everything is mostly homemade. Satay is delicious, enjoyable and always crowded! shoeyweisheitner

3721 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Falafel Saint-Jacques

Since 2015, Falafel Saint-Jacques has been a hidden jewel, serving delicious, original and affordable Middle Eastern veggie cuisine. This counter service resto is one of our best healthy-veggie spots in Montreal! The house specialty are the excellent falafels it serves – soft, fresh and tasty, and among the best falafels in Montreal! Everything at Falafel St-Jacques is fresh, generous and delicious, and best of all, it’s a true cheap eat! Alison Slattery — 

345 Rue Saint-Jacques

Chez Bong

Don’t be fooled by the run-of-the-mill looks in this lower-floor restaurant on Blvd Saint-Laurent because we can assure you that the food is quite the opposite. So much so, that Chez Bong is on our list of very good Korean restaurants in Montreal. This small, modest restaurant serves traditional dishes with typical Korean flavours. We like the casual atmosphere, the quality and authenticity of the food. Note : we are hooked on their bibim bap and buchimgae. friesandties

1021 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

La Toxica

La Toxica is one of the best Mexican restaurant of the city and serves one of the best tacos in Montreal! The products are super fresh and the portions are very generous! That is why the restaurant is always full. If you are a fan of Mexican food and you like getting your money’s worth, you should absolutely try this place.  

7221 Rue Saint-Hubert

Dumpling Hut

Dumpling Hut is a very charming small family restaurant on the Plateau! Once inside, you would not be amiss in thinking that the decor could easily be similar to what the owners may have in their own dining room! This is food that is prepared and adjusted to the tastes of the clients, based on family classic traditions. It’s a sensible approach – if an item on the menu is popular, it is kept. Oh the dumplings! These are inspired by family recipes, and there are dozens of options, each more tasty than the next! Dumpling Hut is one of the best places in Montreal for dumplings. Alison Slattery — 

3591 Rue Clark

Le Red Tiger

The Red Tiger is part of our list of fun and affordable restaurants in Montreal. The food here is fresh and tasty, we like the beef carpaccio and the mini Vietnamese pork and shrimp pancakes. Since its opening, the Red Tiger has always been super popular. The reasons are simple: the restaurant offers authentic and quality Vietnamese street food in an original space and at affordable prices.

1201 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

Sushi Momo

Sushi Momo is a fabulous sushi restaurant here in Montreal. One of the best and they specialize in vegan sushi, as well as other Japanese specialties. Chef Christian Manuel Ventura Alatorre has been behind its success ever since it opened in 2014. This chef creates sushi that is so very innovative and at the same time, absolutely delicious. Sushi Momo is one of the first restaurants in Montreal to serve vegan sushi and there is such a variety to choose from. The ‘cheap eats’ here are the several formulas available, all at very affordable prices! Sushi Momo

3609 Rue Saint-Denis

Chand Palace

Chand Palace must be one of our favorite Indian restaurants. This Parc-Extension restaurant offers a functional, classic decor. The variety of items on the menu are what attract many customers, including the exceptional thalis (served until closing!) and the portions at Chand Palace are always generous. Don’t overlook the Pani Puri or Masoor Masala Dosa, and the many veggie dishes (lentils!!) with their aromatic flavours. We try to save room for a Ras Malai (Bengali sweet made with Chenna, sugar syrup, thick condensed milk). Chand Palace is always enjoyable, the service is efficient and the prices affordable. One last thing – you can BYOB! Alison Slattery — 

989 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest

Yokato Yokabai

This place serves up one of the best ramens in Montreal, as well as one of our favourites in the city! The quality of the product here is remarkable; the establishment prides itself on making everything homemade and with organic ingredients, and it shows! You can taste the love and work in each of their soups. Tradition, authenticity and quality characterize this ramen house. The restaurant offers a comfortable space with great service.

4185 Rue Drolet


Pushap is a very small restaurant and a little out of the way. The inside decor is not particularly exceptional, the service can be very slow, but somehow or another, Pushap remains very popular, thanks to all the different veggie thalis that come at a very reasonable price. When it comes time to paying at the door, do take some of the small sweets. The owner is known for make unbeatable offers to the customers. Alison Slattery — 

5195 Rue Paré

Tran Cantine

Tran Cantine is a newish small Vietnamese restaurant that opened in June 2017 on rue Notre-Dame Ouest at the corner of rue Courcelle. The Vietnamese menu is not only excellent but the prices are very reasonable. This is homemade cuisine from the broths to the marinades. Tran Cantine makes great Imperial and Spring Rolls, excellent Bánh mì and Phở soups – among the best in Montreal. We like the kindness of the staff, the savoury Vietnamese specialties, all at low prices, and even better is knowing that this is now available in the heart of St-Henri! Alison Slattery — 

4690 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Thaï Sep

In operation since 2011, this small Thai restaurant with its simple and friendly setting is a great location to dine on delicious Laotian and Thai cuisine! Chef and owner Anouxath Siyavong prepares food from his home countries with authentic flavours, and the results are exquisite! This is affordable food and …… you can BYOB so when you get the bill, it is pretty straighforward and you leave satisfied. Alison Slattery — 

1900 Rue Jean-Talon Est

Malhi Sweets restaurant

Going to Monsieur Mahli’s feels like leaving Montreal for a little while, and it also means eating in one of the best Indian restaurants in the city! On the walls, you’ll find a few photos of the owner with celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, and on the plates, generous and delicious homemade food. Mahli serves exceptional goat curries. On the TV’s, Bollywood films are always playing. Monsieur Mahli’s offers a fun change of scenery where appetites are always satisfied.

880 Rue Jarry Ouest

Capital Tacos 

This Mexican restaurant tucked in Chinatown makes some of the best tacos in Montreal. We particularly like the rosarito, rib eye and quesadilla gringa tacos, but truth be told, everything they serve is good. The service here is friendly and attentive and after a few cocktails, the atmosphere quickly becomes festive.

1096 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Sammi & Soupe Dumpling

On Ste-Catherine Street, Sammi & Soup Dumpling offers a variety of delicious dumplings and is on our list of the best dumplings in Montreal. You can watch the creation of the small delicacies in the kitchen through a glass panel. The dumplings are of the “xiao long bao” type, which means steamed. At Sammi & Soup, expect just over a dozen dumplings cooked just right and eaten with no effort and great pleasure.

1909 Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Café Parvis

Café Parvis is beautiful: the many plants everywhere and the exceptional light are part of the house’s reputation. Moreover, their pizzas and salads speak to their reputation and are very affordable! We love the friendliness of the staff and the warm atmosphere. Note that they offer breakfast pizza for brunches as well.

433 Rue Mayor

Santa Barbara

In a charming setting, the restaurant offers a mostly vegetarian menu with colourful and delicious plates. Croquettes, nachos, salads and more will be sure delight you – the plates are superb and always very good. The menu changes seasonally and always offers some options for non-vegetarians. The cocktails are original and the brunches exceptional.

6696 Rue de Saint-Vallier


Located on St-Laurent Boulevard, Omnivore offers a Montreal-inspired Lebanese menu for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. The small establishment invites you to taste dishes with quality ingredients and the most delicious spices, sauces and textures. Omnivore also offers a catering and grocery service, located a little further on Marie-Anne Street.

4306 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Falafel Yoni

Falafel Yoni is a superb falafel counter that opened in Mile End in April 2018. Yoni Amir and Daniel Maislin offer a simple and unique offering; the best Israeli falafel in town in our opinion! A few of our favourite things to try are the falafel pita, the Sabich sandwich and their delicious mint lemonade. Although the place is more of a counter than a restaurant, the atmosphere is warm, the decor charming, the staff friendly, the experience always pleasant, and all of this for a low-cost.

54 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest


Biiru is a Japanese bistro downtown that offers good food in an original and warm space. The restaurant offers thoughtful recipes such as sashimi, dumplings and yakitoris. The house salads are also very good. Biiru is an ideal spot for an authentic lunch or dinner downtown at a reasonable price!

1433 Rue City Councillors


Once a charming resto-café, Boxermans closed its doors for two weeks in 2018 to give itself a makeover with a new concept. Since reopening, the restaurant is now an evening restaurant, open a few days a week for lunch as well. The place is elegant and chic, yet warm and cozy. The plates are tasty and well prepared, and are ideal for sharing. Prices range from $12 to $25 per dish. You can accompany your meal with a nice wine and you have the recipe for a very pleasant evening. Boxermans is one of our favourite addresses in Outremont!

1041 Avenue Van Horne

Chez Doval

Chez Doval is an address that has stood the test of time! Opened since 1974 on Marie-Anne Street East, this charming Portuguese rotisserie serves traditional Mediterranean dishes; charcoal grills, excellent Portuguese chicken, as well as fish and seafood. The place is tiny and doesn’t look like much, but the atmosphere is always very friendly and lively. The quality/price ratio is excellent.

150 Rue Marie-Anne

Chez Doval

Chez Doval is an address that has stood the test of time! Opened since 1974 on Marie-Anne Street East, this charming Portuguese rotisserie serves traditional Mediterranean dishes; charcoal grills, excellent Portuguese chicken, as well as fish and seafood. The place is tiny and doesn’t look like much, but the atmosphere is always very friendly and lively. The quality/price ratio is excellent.

150 Rue Marie-Anne
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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