Katherine Levac’s take-out suggestions

You probably know the comedian Katherine Levac, but if not, you should check her out! She recently gave birth to twins (!) and also has a show available here.

A few years ago, Katherine shared with us a few of her favourite addresses in the city. Today, she has shared five of her favourite addresses for take-out in the Southwest, where she lives.

“I’ve been living in Pointe St-Charles for a few months now, and it’s such a fun neighbourhood when you’re hungry.

With the restaurants closed, we resort to take-out, but the truth is that with two babies at home, I resort to take-out regardless of the situation. I used to order for fun, now I order to survive.


I’ve always thought the place was cool, even more so since the taping of my show, GROSSE, which was held at their establishment.

My favourites: the homemade donuts, obviously, but also the tuna confit dish full of freshness, as well as the big roasted chicken with gravy, not at all filled with freshness. Yummy.


My favourite pizza place in Montreal.

My favourites: The Kevin McCallister and the M. Funguy.

Bonus point for the wine take-out and the lemon pistachio cookies that I eat in the car before I get home because I can’t stop myself.

Mollo café and bakery:

There’s the cafe, which I love for their vegan grilled cheese, and now there’s the bakery that just opened next door.

Their pesto bread is my new obsession and I never say no to a lemon pie.

Café Bloom:

My go-to place for a latte with a lemon cranberry scone. I love the old wood floor and the fact that the double stroller fits in the door of the establishment.

For take-out I recommend the tofu burger and the merguez bowl.

Also, I want to mention that dogs are allowed when it’s a take-out order and that’s very nice.

They even have a mini grocery store with nice kimchi, pies, hot sauces, beers, and funky wine.

They also sell a delicious cherry cider from Revel Cider, made in Guelph, Ontario, and nothing usually happens in Guelph, so that’s fun.

Clarke Café:

I would have no problem with eating a Clarke sandwich every day for the rest of my life.

My go to is genoa salami, eggplant, and hot peppers.

I even ate it once when I was pregnant, even though you’re not supposed to eat cured meats. I pretended I made a mistake, but I made no mistake at all.”

Thank you, Katherine Levac, for your take-out suggestions in the South-West! Good luck with the babies!

Photography by Andréanne Gauthier, Photographe

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