Café Mollo: adorable café and gelateria in Pointe-Saint-Charles

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Café Mollo is the brand new café and gelateria to come to the Pointe-Saint-Charles area, and it has quickly become a cornerstone establishment for families of the area and visitors alike.

Having only opened on the 22nd of March, co-owner Alexandre Ouellette seems to have quickly gotten a grasp on what it takes to run a successful café. Along side his fellow co-owner (and wife), Alexander has created a charming establishment that reflects his family values as well as his sense of style.

Alexander grew up in the South Shore, and now lives only a few blocks away from Café Mollo with his wife and kids (apparently the proximity of the café to his house was what sealed the deal). The vision behind the venture was to create a space that could be enjoyed by everyone in the neighbourhood and evoke feelings of joy and relaxation. Even the name ‘Mollo’, a French slang term that means ‘relaxed’, points the laid-back vibe of this establishment. Especially driven by the lack of services around the area, Alexandre has created a new venue for the community to gather and enjoy the summertime together.

The 12-seat interior is the perfect mix between casual and stylish, with a bohemian-summertime aesthetic. Lots of wood accents, greenery and big windows give an open feel to the space. After seeing the inside, it will come as no surprise that Alexander doubles as a graphic designer when he is not making ice cream. In the back corner, you will also find some shelves stocked with cute plants, merchandise and food products for sale. There is a small patio in the back as well, doubling the number of seats.

Walking into the shop, you will be greeted by the pleasant smell of coffee beans and a counter of freshly made baked goods just around the corner. The team works with local companies as much as possible – their coffee beans are all sourced from ZAB Coffee Roasters, the coffee brand of the Paquebot cafés. and they sell beautiful chocolate products from Chocolate Boreal. Their savoury foods, which range from grilled cheese sandwiches to salads and wraps, are all sourced from Montreal’s Godley Gourmandises.

Just as most of us here at Tastet have, Alexander fessed up to a long term love affair with ice cream. He makes all of the ice cream fresh on the spot, directly behind the counter so you can see the action unfold! With a constant rotation of flavours, all of which are produced from the freshest of ingredients, we recommend stopping by on a few different occasions in order to get the full experience. Some of the best flavours we tried were the green apple and the mango, but apparently the ZAB coffee flavour is a best seller.

Whether it is for a morning latte and baked good, a quick lunch or an ice-cream pitstop, Café Mollo is a great option if you’re looking for addresses in Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Photography by Alison Slattery

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