LESLYLAS: Beautiful bouquets by two friends with a common passion


The last few months of the pandemic have allowed many of us to rethink our way of life; appreciating the small things in our daily lives. This has also been the case for many entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. Forced to reinvent themselves to survive the crisis, some merchants have brought a little colour to our days with a variety of products.

This is the case of the superb team at Bouillon Bilk and Cadet who saw flowers as a way to brighten up the long days of confinement. Born in the midst of the pandemic, the small company is called “Leslylas”. This time, it’s not about edible products, but about flowers! This independent project offers beautiful bouquets to embellish your home.

Behind Leslylas are Mélanie Blanchette (co-owner of Bouillon Bilk and Cadet restaurants) and Isabelle Hamelin, two friends with a common passion.

The formula is simple: “Flowers, vases, beauty!” A simple idea to brighten up our daily lives. To complete their offering, the small boutique also sells their bouquets in colourful vintage vases. To check out the creative offering, check out their Instagram page right here!

Be advised, the number of floral arrangements is limited! We recommend ordering early in the week to ensure a lovely floral arrangement in your home.

A complete spring package to make your life as easy (and lovely) as possible while supporting local small businesses; a win-win for everyone.

For more information: contact them at [email protected] or send a message via their Instagram account. The Montreal-based company has recently opened a new location at 4309 Hogan to pick up your bouquet.

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Photography by Alison Slattery

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