The best restaurants of the Mile End

Recognized as the artistic and cultural epicenter of Montreal, brimming with creative energy, art galleries, vintage shops, and clubs, Mile End is a neighborhood with a unique charm.

The distinctive identity of the neighborhood truly took shape in the early ’90s when the former Anglican church was transformed into a library, providing the local artistic community with a public space conducive to its flourishing. With the gentrification process, an increasing number of shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars have opened their doors.

Currently, Mile End ranks among the neighborhoods richest in gastronomic addresses and social hubs. It seems that at every street corner, a new bar captures attention! Many of our favorite restaurants are located in this part of the city, whether for their culinary refinement, excellence, or the unique atmosphere they offer.

Whether you plan to wander through art galleries, explore vintage stores, or discover your new favorite local music group, a gourmet break is a must. To facilitate your exploration of this exceptional neighborhood, we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Mile End!

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Oncle Lee

This address is perfectly situated on Laurier Avenue West and brings a breath of fresh air to the neighborhood. The young chef of Oncle Lee, Anderson Lee, honed his skills with the best (Cadet, Bouillon Bilk) and presents an excellent menu that skillfully combines Chinese cuisine with the vibrant culinary scene of Montreal.

222 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Bar Henrietta

Henrietta Bar is one of our favorite spots in the city! It consistently makes it onto our lists for places with great food, the best cocktails in Montreal, and the most beautiful bars in town! We come here to enjoy a laid-back evening, sipping on good wine and nibbling on delicious dishes. The impressive wine list at Henrietta primarily features private imports. We adore this place for its retro decor, attentive staff, and lively atmosphere!

115 Avenue Laurier Ouest


In the absence of time travel, join the Kabinet team for an evening immersed in the ambiance of a hotel lobby in the sixth arrondissement of Paris in 1971. The Kabinet was renowned for its cocktail menu. Rest assured, the menu is equally intriguing.

98 Avenue Laurier Ouest


Larrys is one of our favourite places to visit at any time of day, and its brunch is among the best in Montreal. This tiny restaurant (that seats about 30) offers a perfectly balanced short menu. Beyond its quality brunch, Larrys is also on our list of the best tartares in Montreal. This place is truly one of the most versatile places in town – it’s open from 8am to 1am, every day of the week! You can also check out Larrys’ neighbour and big brother, Lawrence, which is another wonderful establishment owned by the same team. Alison Slattery

5201 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Butterblume

Butterblume is another one of the best places to go for brunch in town. With a small cafe on one side and a larger dining room on the other, this place has something for everyone. The food is characterized by its freshness and the menu offers small meal items like soups and salads or tartines. The brunch menu is only available from Friday to Sunday, but the breakfast and lunch menus are perfect for a mid-week treat. Butterblume also offers a short but sweet wine list. We love this place!

5836 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Restaurant Île flottante

This address offers an exquisite contemporary tasting menu in the heart of Mile End. Named after the owner’s favourite dessert and in reference to the island of Montreal, Île Flottante is a popular restaurant with locals. With great service, ambiance and food, your meal at this little place will always be excellent! There are three different tasting menus to choose from (three, five or seven courses), all of which feature a strong emphasis on vegetables. With a wine list that focuses on small producers, a dinner at Île Flottante is hard to beat! photos Aleks Bjelica

Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Jun I

Jun I is one of the best sushi restaurants in the city. One comes here to enjoy top quality sushi creations in a beautiful and comfortable space. On the menu are some delicious and refined appetizers, a superb sushi and maki bar, as well as some house specialties prepared with seasonal products arriving from Japan. Jun I is truly exceptional and exception always has a price. If you have a special occasion to celebrate and are looking for great sushi, Jun I is the place to go. We highly recommend it.

156 Avenue Laurier Ouest

La Chronique

La Chronique restaurant is an institution that has been serving its customers an excellent menu in a timeless setting since its opening in 1995. It is acclaimed as one of Montreal’s top fine-dining establishments, standing out as one of the best French restaurants in the city. It is also a place where conversations flow easily, making it a delightful choice for a Sunday date!

104 Avenue Laurier Ouest


Not only is Milos one of the best Greek restaurants in Montreal, if not the best, but it’s also among our favorite upscale dining establishments in the city! We come here to indulge in exceptionally fresh and impeccably prepared Greek cuisine in a beautiful setting. Undoubtedly, it’s a place where you treat yourself (and the price tag reflects it), but the experience is truly worth it. It’s a genuine institution and a must-visit in Montreal!

5357 Avenue du Parc

Barcola Bistro

Barcola Bistro offers you authentic Italian cuisine inspired by traditional recipes from the Northeast of Italy. Nestled in the heart of Mile-End and at the gateway to Outremont, this small establishment is also one of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal. What makes Barcola Bistro a beloved destination is the blend of a family-friendly and professional atmosphere. The ambiance is laid-back, yet the plates are meticulously crafted.

5607 Avenue du Parc

Buvette Chez Simone

La Buvette Chez Simone opened its doors on Avenue du Parc in 2008. Since then, the bar has become a friendly classic spot to enjoy a drink or celebrate a special occasion! The service is warm, the atmosphere always lively, the wine glasses reasonably priced, and the menu simple yet delicious. La Buvette Chez Simone is a pioneer in the concept of true “sharing plates” in a bar setting.

4869 Avenue du Parc

Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel!

Dieu du Ciel!, the renowned brewery, is a must-visit in the metropolis and has been brewing beers for nearly 25 years. Completely renovated in 2023, the establishment is rediscovered as a place to quench one’s thirst with excellent beers crafted with care and creativity. The brewery is among the best microbreweries in Montreal as well as in the province.

21 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Double's Late Night

Behind the highly popular establishment is the influencer Victor Petrenko, also known as “Coach Vic,” recognized from Pasta Pooks, and the talented celebrity chef Danny Smiles. People come to Double’s Late Night for a pre-dinner drink on a rainy evening, to watch any sports game in a pleasant atmosphere, to savor a good burger, play billiards, or cap off a night with some drinks. Who knows? Perhaps you might even have the chance to encounter stars like Joe Jonas or Dave Grohl.

5171 Avenue du Parc

Bishop & Bagg

Bishop and Bagg pub opened its doors in 2014, situated at the corner of St-Viateur and Clark streets. It offers a laid-back pub atmosphere with a menu featuring delicious classics. The pub menu is crafted by Chef Pelo Tsavoussis, who has previously worked at Joe Beef. Tsavoussis, of both Greek and Caribbean descent, infuses his roots into the flavors of the menu.

52 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Pizza Toni

Le comptoir propose un délicieux menu à savourer sur place ou à emporter, offrant une fusion parfaite entre l’Italie et New York, agrémentée d’une touche montréalaise. On se régale avec les succulentes pizzas à la manière new-yorkaise chez Pizza Toni.

104 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest


Kazamaza is a friendly restaurant that offers delicious Middle Eastern cuisine at affordable prices! At any time, you feel transported and comfortable here. It’s the place to go for a meal that goes beyond the ordinary and remains budget-friendly.

4629 Avenue du Parc

Nouveau Palais

With an authentically kitschy décor, a laid-back atmosphere, and an excellent yet affordable menu, the restaurant is a Mile-End institution and a beloved spot. What we particularly love about Nouveau Palais is unquestionably the atmosphere. For the duration of a meal, one is welcomed like family, creating a sense of being transported back in time.

281 Rue Bernard Ouest

Falafel Yoni

Falafel Yoni is an excellent falafel counter in the Mile End, making it the perfect stop for a quick and delicious lunch or dinner. Here, falafels take center stage in almost every dish (and we’re here for it!). Yoni also offers one of the best Sabich sandwiches in the city, along with an excellent hummus dish that will satisfy all hummus enthusiasts. The space is modern, relaxed, and comfortable—it’s an ideal spot to keep in mind for the next time you find yourself strolling around the Mile End!

54 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest


Wilensky is on our list of great lunches under $10 in the Mile-End, on our list of the best sandwiches in Montreal to indulge, and in our suggestions for affordable dining in Montreal. People come here to experience, if only for the time it takes to enjoy a good sandwich, a journey back in time. The Wilensky Special, by itself, is an absolute must-try in the city.

34 Avenue Fairmount Ouest

Beautys Luncheonette

Beautys Luncheonette is a breakfast institution in Montreal. Open since 1942, this establishment located at the corner of Mont-Royal and St-Urbain has made Montreal shine worldwide! What people love about Beautys is that this small neighborhood restaurant has remained one-of-a-kind, with its authentic decor. Visitors also appreciate the warmth of the place, its buzz, the welcoming atmosphere, and the undisputed humor of its owner and staff on every visit.

93 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest
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