The Best Cocktails in Montreal: Where to go

meilleurs cocktails montreal

It is difficult to agree on the true origins of cocktails and their varying names. However, the days of prohibition in the United States were undoubtedly a major player in the creation of this type of alcoholic beverage. During this era in America, the only alcohol that was available had to be produced illegally. The resulting liquor often tasted awful and was incredibly strong, which meant it had to be mixed with something tastier in order for people to drink it. And voilà, cocktails were born.

Cocktails are more popular today than ever, and the simple equation of mixing different alcohols with various ingredients leaves a lot of room for creativity. By manipulating the flavours, colours and quantities of a drink’s ingredients, mixologists are now creating increasingly inventive and delicious beverages. Mixology is an art! Whether simple or elaborate, during happy hour or as a night cap, we truly love a good cocktail. Whatever your preferences, there is sure to be an address on this list that you’ll love!

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Without further ado, here’s our list of Montreal addresses where you can find the best cocktails in the city:


Located in the city centre, this Japanese cocktail bar welcomes everyone into a unique and mysterious space. Gokudo is a new addition to our list of Montreal’s most beautiful hidden bars! The seven Japanese-influenced cocktails currently on the menu are carefully prepared with high-quality ingredients. Gokudo is located within Ryõshi restaurant; which means their delicious cuisine can be ordered while at the bar. Photo Alison Slattery

630 Rue Cathcart

Bar Palco

Palco is a lively bar in Verdun. Here, they welcome their customers not only for drinks, but also for games and other cultural activities happening in their space. In addition to their fine selection of beers, wines, and snacks, they also offer a wonderful and inventive variety of cocktails. Photo L’hibou

4019 Rue Wellington

Big in Japan Bar

Also on our list of hidden bars in Montreal, Big in Japan Bar is a superb establishment on St. Laurent Boulevard. In addition to their good saké, beers, and whiskys, the bar offers over a dozen delicious cocktails to enjoy in a quiet and intimate atmosphere. Amongst other things, we continue to be impressed by the remarkable quantity of candles that illuminate the space. Big in Japan should be on your must-try list. Photo Dominique Lafond

4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Cloakroom Bar

Behind the upscale tailor Maison Cloakroom is the bar carrying the same name, who welcome their clientele into a soft and elegant atmosphere. Here, cocktails are not only inspired by the late 19th century, but are also—and above all—‘tailored’ to the tastes and preferred alchohols of Maison Cloakroom’s customers. Mixologist Andrew Whibley is behind this distinct concept.

2175 Rue de la Montagne

Bar Henrietta

Bar Henrietta is a superb neighbourhood bar located in the Mile-End. It is the ideal place for a drink with friends or for a date. In addition to its excellent choice of wines and bubbles from private imports, Bar Henrietta offers amazing cocktails that can be accompanied by a variety of tasty small dishes. We love this place for its retro decor, attentive staff and lively atmosphere! Also, the owner of Tastet is madly in love with one of the bar’s owners, so we might be a teensy bit biased. Photo Alison Slattery

115 Avenue Laurier Ouest


Kabinet is a Russian-inspired restaurant and bar with a 360° service that allows you to spend your entire evening in one place. It is in an antique and cozy decor where the charming staff concocts delicious alcoholic beverages. On their menu, you will find a wide variety of excellent cocktails with Russian influences. We like the originality of the products offered, the intimacy of the place, and the large terrace during the summer. In addition, Kabinet offers a menu inspired by Paris in the 70s, while adding some signature elements. Photo Kabinet

98 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Bishop & Bagg

Located in the Mile End, Bishop and Bagg is a casual English pub that does food and drinks really well! The cocktails are excellent and there are a wide variety of gins on offer. Here, the staff is very friendly, and they often broadcast sports matches. In addition, fans of cocktail competitions will be delighted as the establishment frequently organizes this type of evening. Photo Bishop and Bagg

52 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest


Located in the renowned Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Nacarat offers a high-end cocktail experience. The cocktails here are made with pure brilliance by passionate mixologists, ranging from the classics through to QueenE original creations from past decades. We come here not only to savour delicious cocktails, but also to enjoy Nacarat’s superb space. The selection of beers, wines, whisky and champagnes at Nacarat are, as to be expected, also excellent. Photo Nacarat et Nader

900 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest

Perles et Paddock

Perles et Paddock is a superb restaurant that opened in June 2017, and offers a beautiful space in Griffintown to enjoy an excellent cocktail! And what a space; Perles et Paddock is the impressive result of renovating an old garage on rue des Seigneurs. Plus, there is seating for 80! To say the least, this is a one-of-a-kind space. Enjoy cocktails created by Tao Zrafi, who returned to Montreal after stints first in New York, then Toronto – where he opened a cocktail bar. Photo Perles et Paddock

403 Rue des Seigneurs

Bar Le Record

This neighbourhood bar located in Villeray welcomes us in a singular and old-fashioned atmosphere, as the name of the establishment suggests. The inspiration of the 50s and 60s can be felt even in its short list of tasty cocktails. In addition to a choice of more than 20 types of bourbon, we love the house’s signature punch served in a bowl with a ladle and cups! We go back for the warm atmosphere and the excellent music. Photo Le Record

7622 Rue Saint-Hubert


Tiradito is a charming Peruvian restaurant-bar. The establishment offers a very original concept: the customers are seated all around one large bar! The floor staff and the cooks work together as the customers enjoy the show. Tiradito is a lovely address with a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. People come here for their delicious cocktails and a good bite to eat. Photo Tiradito

1076 Rue de Bleury


Le Cordova is a café-bar in St-Henri where you can enjoy excellent Spanish tapas and sip great coffees and wines. At the heart of the Cordova concept is the Spanish gastronomic culture, in all its freshness and conviviality. To accompany the delicious culinary offer, the house proposes cocktails that shine by their simplicity! Photo Alison Slattery

4606 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Milky Way

Some of Montreal’s best cocktails are served at this beautiful hidden bar in Point St. Charles. In the space above the excellent Fugazzi restaurant, mixologist Kate Boushel comes up with the recipes for the establishment. From more classic formulas to cocktails bursting with flavour, the work put into each concoction is reflected in their presentation. Beyond taste, Milky Way’s cocktails are as beautiful as they are delicious; a lovely experience for all the senses. Photo Elizabeth Gartside

1886 Rue Centre
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