Montreal’s best cocktails: where to enjoy delicious drinks

Last update on June 03, 2021
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Montreal’s best cocktails : where to enjoy delicious drinks

It is difficult to agree on the true origins of cocktails and their varying names but the days of prohibition in the United States were undoubtedly a major player in the creation of this type of alcoholic beverage. During the time of the prohibition era in the United States, the only alcohol that was available had to be illegally produced. The resulting effect was awful tasting, incredibly strong liquor that had to mixed with something tastier in order for people to drink it – et voila, there were cocktails. 

Today, cocktails are more popular than ever, and the simple equation of mixing different alcohols with various ingredients leaves a lot of room for creativity. By manipulating the flavours, colours and quantities of a drink’s ingredients, mixologists are now creating increasingly inventive and delicious beverages. Mixology is an art! Simple or elaborate, we love a good cocktail to quench our thirst. Or maybe you’re the type who prefers to catch up with friends and loved ones over a fruity drink. Regardless, there will be an address on this list that will work for you!

Finally, here is a list of several Montreal addresses where you can find delicious cocktails that look just as impressive as they taste.

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Bars cachés de Montréal Big in Japan


Located in the city centre, this Japanese cocktail bar welcomes everyone into a unique and mysterious space. Gokudo is a new addition to our list of Montreal’s most beautiful hidden bars! The seven Japanese-influenced cocktails currently on the drinks list are carefully prepared and the quality of the ingredients are excellent. Gokudo is located within Ryõshi Restaurant whose delicious cuisine can be ordered while at the bar.
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Bar Palco

Palco is a lively bar in Verdun and welcomes its customers not just for drinks but also to have them participate in games and other cultural activities happening in their space. In addition to their fine selections of beers, wines, sparklings and snacks, there is a wonderful variety of cocktails such as Lemonade Chaï (white Bacardi rum, lemon juice, chaï syrup, coconut milk) or Paper Plane (Wild Turkey, Averna, Apérol, lemon).
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Located in Old Montreal, Boho welcomes everyone into colourful and bohemian surroundings, ideal to enjoy a good cocktail. In addition to more classic drinks, we are presented with brightly coloured house cocktails created with a wide variety of spirits, and also mojitos accompanied by a paleta (alcohol-infused sorbet on a stick – hand crafted). To accompany these, order some of the small dishes from Boho’s neighbour, the Venice MTL Restaurant.
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Cloakroom Bar

Behind the upscale tailors Maison Cloakroom is the bar carrying the same name, welcoming its customers into an elegant and soft atmosphere. This is not only where cocktails are inspired by the late 19th century era but above all, where they are ‘tailored’ to the tastes and preferred alchohols of Maison Cloakroom’s customers. Mixologist Andrew Whibley is behind this distinct concept.  
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Bar Henrietta

Bar Henrietta is a superb neighbourhood bar located in the Mile-End district. It is the ideal place for a drink with friends or for a date. In addition to its excellent choice of sparklings and wines from private imports, Bar Henrietta offers amazing cocktails that can be accompanied by a variety of good small dishes. We love this place for its retro decor, attentive staff and lively atmosphere! And just so you know, the owner of tastet.ca is madly in love with one of the owners of Bar Henrietta.
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Bar Kabinet

Kabinet is a small Russian-inspired bar on Laurier St West. The decor is antique and cozy and the charming staff concoct delicious alcoholic beverages. On their cocktail list, discover a wonderful variety of excellent cocktails with Russian influences – quality guaranteed! We love Kabinet’s originality, the privacy and during the summer months, the large terrace!
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découvrir redécouvrir Montreal bars cachés quatrième mur 4eme mur

Le 4e mur

The one-of-a-kind Le 4ième mur is also one of our hidden bars in Montreal where excellent cocktails are served! The bartenders here are truly passionate and concoct a wide variety of delicious and amazing creations. This is a ‘speakeasy’ bar with all the mysterious allure of secrecy and also what adds immensely to the enjoyable time spent at Le 4ième mur.
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Taverne Square Dominion

The Tavern Square Dominion has been open for 40 years and counts as one of Montreal’s most beautiful places not only to eat but also to drink a good cocktail. We love to sit in this magnificent period setting that has us travelling back to another era. Among the vast choices of alcoholic beverages, there are more than 20 classic cocktails reflecting these special surroundings, all created by Alexandre Baldwin.
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Bishop & Bagg

Also located in Mile End, Bishop and Bagg is a casual English pub where eating and drinking is done really well! The cocktails are excellent and there are a wide variety of gins on offer. If you are a fan of cocktail competitions, head over to Bishop & Bagg every Tuesday for their event. You will find very friendly staff at Bishop & Bagg and in addition, they broadcast sports matches.
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Le Mal Nécessaire

Le Mal Nécessaire was the first bar to open in Chinatown and it too, is on our list of hidden bars in Montreal. Set in an original decor with tropical tastes, there is a long list of more than 20 delicious, exotic and sophisticated cocktails, each one more impressive than the other! And for true mixology fans, Le Mal Nécessaire hosts Drunken Masters competitions where you can admire bartenders testing their skills and speed.
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Le Lab

If you are looking for speciality cocktails carefully prepared by passionate bartenders, then Le Lab is where you should go – a must for Montrealers and tourists alike. Since it opened in 2004 on the Plateau, and in 2016 with a second location in the Quartier des spectacles, this bar remains a pioneer in the art of mixology! Le Lab lists more than 20 different gins and a selection of over 15 absinthes, in addition to a wide variety of specialty cocktails, classified by style such as “light and fragrant”, “adventurous and comforting” and even “astringent and exotic”!
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Located in the renowned Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Nacarat offers a high-end cocktail experience. The cocktails here are made with pure brilliance by passionate mixologists, ranging from the classics through to QueenE original creations from past decades. We come here not just to savour delicious cocktails but also to drink in Nacarat’s superb location, all contributing to the special experience. The selection of beers, wines, whisky and champagnes at Nacarat are, as to be expected, also excellent.
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Perles et Paddock

Perles et Paddock is a superb new restaurant that opened in June 2017 and proposes an ideal space in Griffintown to enjoy an excellent cocktail! And what a space – there is seating for 80! Perles et Paddock is the impressive result of renovating an old garage on rue des Seigneurs : this is a one-of-a-kind location. Enjoy cocktails created by Tao Zrafi, who returned to Montreal after stints first in New York, then Toronto – where he opened a cocktail bar.
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