Montreal’s Best Tartares: where to enjoy delicious tartare

Published on March 23, 2018
Montreal's Best Tartares

Montreal’s Best Tartares : where to enjoy delicious tartare

Here at Tastet, we absolutely love tartare and we are lucky enough to live in a city filled with incredible places to enjoy it. Especially because tartare is a dish that requires precise execution, it was only logical that we create a list of where we go to satisfy our own cravings for tartare the right way.

Tartare is a delicious dish, normally served as a starter, made from either raw ground meat (most frequently made with beef) or raw ground fish. The various accompaniments (ie. finely chopped onion, capers, seasonings, raw egg yolk, or mustard) and its preparation are what make tartare such an interesting and delectable dish. Whether we are talking about classic French renditions of beef tartare or the more adventurous lands of fish tartare and other more contemporary variations, this dish is a great option to treat yourself and celebrate thanks to its richness and finesse.

Many of the names on this publication are recognizable from our list of the best French restaurants in Montreal, but we have also included a few other addresses because their tartares are just so tasty. Whether you are looking for a classic beef tartare or a contemporary rendition of the dish, you will be able to find somewhere that is right for you on this list.

If you are looking for more lists that feature classic French dishes, have a look at our selection of the best croissants in Montreal, or the best Steak Frites in the city.

Without any further delays, here is our list of Montreal’s best tartares.

If you know of any addresses that serve delicious tartares worthy of being on this list, please email us at [email protected] so we can include your suggestion! We are constantly updating our lists with the help of our readers feedback, so we thank you in advance.


The classic tartare! This French landmark restaurant has been open for more than 35 years and serves Jean-Philippe Tastet’s favourite tartare. Chef Jean-François Vachon keeps the quality and consistency of the L’Express menu in place, including the tartare which is impeccable. Eating at the bar in the company of the renowned M. Masson – a leading personality in our city – makes the experience even more enjoyable. The wine selections are also extremely affordable so what could be better?
restaurant lemeac montreal


Dining at LemĂ©ac is always enjoyable because, like L’Express, the quality of the food and the consistency of the dishes doesn’t change. The surroundings are both elegant and classic as are the tartares : a classic steak tartare with matchstick potatoes, or salmon tartare with truffle oil, or a classic salmon tartare. They come either as a starter or main course. Everything at LemĂ©ac seems to work just right, including the service which is courteous and efficient. An indication of LemĂ©ac’s success is knowing that it is always busy here, every day of the week and don’t forget the terrace in the summer.
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Maison Boulud

In this warm and cozy setting, Maison Boulud will serve you one of the best tartares in Montreal. Chef Riccardo Bertolino prepares a tartare of beef filet, quail egg, arugula and matchstick potatoes with such disconcerting simplicity, but with a chef’s mastery. To accompany your tartare, choose wine from the wine list put together by Isabel Bordeleau, a great Montreal Sommelier. At Maison Boulud, the customer always comes first, making the experience all the more memorable. The summer terraces are also superb!  


This European-style brasserie in Vieux MontrĂ©al has become an institution. The restaurant is quite large and is busy every day of the week so there’s always a buzz in the atmosphere. Holder’s menu is simple and well-thought out, offering tartare either as a starter or as a main course. The salmon tartare comes with yoghurt and Mujjol caviar or try the classic steak tartare. There’s also a delicious gravlax carpaccio worth trying.
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Montreal’s Best Tartares: where to enjoy delicious tartare

Balsam Inn is a superb restaurant in downtown Montreal and we particularly like the affordable dining in their warm surroundings. The 1940’s brasserie aura goes well with the classic tartares – steak tartare with cress and Parmesan cheese or salmon tartare dressed with dill, truffle oil, lemon and marinated cucumber, and both served with fries.


Coming to Le Loïc means celebrating, drinking a good beer or savouring one of their wines. in a simple and elegant setting. And enjoying your drinks should also extend to tasting their exceptional classic steak tartare created by chef Liam Barron. This one is prepared just perfectly and served with bread from Hof Kelsten. We can also recommend adding a small salad to accompany the tartare!  
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Les Cavistes

This classic restaurant in the Ahuntsic district is very friendly and there always seems to be a celebration of some sort happening, or perhaps just their loyal customers coming for their favourite dishes. The house « tartares » should not to be overlooked and they include all the tartare trimmings – classic steak tartare is served with Dijon mustard, capers, pickles, crispy shallots and a hint of truffle oil, and the salmon tartare comes with vinaigrette of ginger, green onion oil and sesame. Both options are available as starter or main course.


Associating rue Sherbrooke and good food is not always easy but Renoir changes everything with their exceptional French cuisine. The Scottish trout tartare is extraordinary with its accompaniments of smoked salt, chive jelly, lime yoghurt and black truffle toast. It comes as an appetizer or side dish. Alternatively, as a main course, there is Angus AAA beef filet tartare, with tarragon mustard, matchstick potatoes, quail egg. And there’s a third option in the list of dishes under 30 minutes : organic salmon tartare with cumin and lime, sour cream with chipotle peppers and toast. Renoir also has a terrace in summer.
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This is an affordable and lively neighbourhood bistro with a number of different and tempting tartares. In a play on the restaurant’s french name, the « l’eusses-tu cru » menu has the tartare taking front and center stage with options of lamb, veal, bison, flounder caviar, tatakis and gravlax – all to the delight of tartare fans. The presentation is colourful and treated with a light touch. Everything is satisfying and not overdone, but still enough to be surprised at each bite. The restaurant also opens a terrace in the summer.  
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La Fabrique

La Fabrique is a restaurant where we enjoy going, located on St-Denis Street, near rue Sherbrooke. It’s a lively place to savour some comfort food, while looking into the fully open kitchen. The tartare is served in a delicate tart shell: steak tartare with a mushroom marmalade, shavings of old cheddar cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. There’s also a salmon tartare, served with apple, daĂŻkon, mayonnaise, tarragon and sweet potato. Consider adding a side of delicious homemade fries, prepared in duck fat – well worth it!

Le Filet

Le Filet is one of Montreal’s best restaurants. Even though it opened in 2011, it has remained relatively under the radar but everyone who dines here knows that Le Filet is exceptionally good. This is a restaurant where the customer is treated with the greatest of attention and respect. Given its name « Le Filet », it is not surprising then that the menu revolves around seafood and fish, including an exquisite Japanese-inspired tuna tartare that comes with an egg confit and nori. And all this in chic and original surroundings.
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Restaurant Gus

Gus is one of those « welcome back » restaurants where you know that generous and delicious meals await you every time. Since it opened, many customers do keep coming back simply because they eat well in this friendly atmosphere. The dishes may appear uncomplicated, but in fact, they are fairly elaborate and burst with many flavours and freshness. The salmon tartare is served with avocado and caviar and there’s a savoury horse meat tartare.  
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HĂ  – Mont-Royal

Hà in Mont-Royal is an original and cozy restaurant, whereas the Vieux Montréal location is somewhat livelier. But both places offer the same delicious food, including one of the best Pho soups in Montreal, one of our favourite Laksa soups, the best Imperial Pork Rolls in town, and 

 some very good tartares! Some great tartare choices include salmon, yuzu kocho, miso and crispy crab, Albacore tuna, wakamé and sesame. We like everything on the menu of these fun and affordable Hà locations.
Food at Tri Express

Tri Express

Tri Express is not only one of Montreal’s top sushi restaurants, but Tri also makes one of the best tartares around! This small location is very welcoming and the popularity of the place is the proof of the excellent food. Tri’s own lobster tartare, tartares of Bluefin tuna, fresh salmon, Albacore tuna, shrimp, squid or scallops. They are all served as sushi or sashimi and are definitely worth making Tri a dining destination.
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