Great lunches for under $10 in the Mile End

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Is it really possible to enjoy a delicious lunch for less than $10 in the Mile End? Of course it is!

For a lunch on the go, at work, a quick bite with friends, or a picnic with the kids, Mile End is full of great options to fill empty bellies mid-day! A rich range of cuisines are found in this neighbourhood; from classic Montreal fare, to Italian, Lebanese and Chinese, there is an impressive variety of good food choices to be discovered. At Tastet, we love all these little gems that we frequent regularly, both during the week and on weekends. This list offers a nice mix of classic and unique addresses that will allow everyone to be satisfied after a hectic morning! Plus, several parks are nearby so you can take advantage of the good weather and enjoy your lunch in the out-of-doors. Whether you’re craving a sandwich, a bagel, a pita, pasta, meat or falafel, it’s all there! We suggest you dine with others; it’s always more pleasant to share a meal, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate to walk around, you will surely see several addresses in close proximity to suit everyones cravings.

Here are a few addresses that we love that offer quality products at very affordable prices, and can be prepared quickly!

Bon appétit!

Fairmount Bagel

The famous Montreal bagel, one of the best in the WORLD in our opinion! Enjoyed still warm from the wood-fired oven: a supreme delight. No matter where they’re made (Fairmount or St-Viateur), we love Mile End bagels. Both bakeries are open 24 hours a day and are part of Mile End’s under $10 lunch menu, since a bagel is less than $1 and for 50 cents more you can get a mini cream cheese – one of the most affordable and delicious snacks in town! Alternatively, you can also get a half dozen and a whole cream cheese for under $10. Alison Slattery

74 Avenue Fairmount Ouest

Bagel St-Viateur

The deliciousness of a bagel involves many elements: the right ingredients, the right dough, rolled by hand, boiled in honeyed water, placed on a wooden slab, baked in a wood-fired oven, turned when golden and starting to crisp, and removed at the right time. No matter where they’re made (Fairmount or St-Viateur), we love Mile End bagels. Both bakeries are open 24 hours a day and are part of Mile End’s under $10 lunches since a bagel is under $1 and for 50 cents more you can get a mini cream cheese – one of the most affordable and delicious snacks in town! Alternatively, you can also buy a half dozen and a whole cream cheese for under $10. Bagel St-Viateur

263 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest


Wilensky’s has barely changed since it opened in 1932 and has retained its nostalgic charm! It’s even still frequented by a few of its very first customers. People come here for the famous “Wilensky’s Special®” sandwich that has made the house famous and is internationally renowned! Invented by Moe Wilensky, we love its simplicity: beef salami served in a round bun, with mustard. It’s served hot and very quickly. Be careful to respect the house rules: it always comes with mustard and it is never sliced in half – asking otherwise would be an insult! The Wilensky sandwich is one of the most affordable lunches in Mile End, priced at $4.30 ($4.74 with cheese) and is one of the classic meals to enjoy in Montreal.

34 Avenue Fairmount Ouest

Drogheria Fine

We’ve already told you about Drogueria Fine as making some of the best tomato sauce in town. For the past few months, the little shop on Fairmount Street has also been offering gnocchi cooked to perfection and served with tomato basil sauce and cheese for $5! To enjoy while strolling around the neighbourhood, this is a very affordable and delicious snack. While people line up here during the summer, they stop by now to warm up with a little carton of comfort. We also recommend picking up some of their tomato sauces to bring home or their amazing lasagna if the mood strikes you. Photos Alison Slattery

68 Avenue Fairmount Ouest

La Panthère Verte

Falafel in a pita? Yes, it is. And delicious falafel at that! The Green Panther falafel sandwich is a perfect lunch when you need something tasty and healthy. The pita sandwich is made with 5 scoops of tasty falafel, shredded carrots, white cabbage sauerkraut, pickled gherkins, alfalfa, and a creamy tahini sauce to tie it all together. The house specialty is part of our lunches in Mile End for under $10 as it’s offered at $5.45 for a half pita and $8.95 for a whole pita. photo Panthère Verte Falafel

160 Rue Saint Viateur East

Boucherie Lawrence

Always mindful of the origins of their meat products, the owners of Lawrence restaurent opened Boucherie Lawrence a few doors up the street on St. Laurent boulevard. This butcher shop is now well known in the neighbourhood as it offers locally raised meats, homemade charcuterie and sausages, delectable sandwiches, homemade bread, as well as dairy products, eggs and other fine products from small independent producers in Quebec! In the refined space, you can eat your sandwich on the spot or take it to go. The house offers several sandwiches, but our favourite is the porchetta sandwich: homemade bread, butter, pickle, mustard, mayo, lettuce and homemade porchetta, of course: a true delight! Alison Slattery

5237 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Falafel Yoni

Falafel Yoni is a delicious Mile-End address that opened in the spring of 2018. Founded by Yoni Amir and Daniel Maislin, this counter serves excellent Israeli falafels; among the best falafels in town in our opinion! They are the most tender, and their frying is thin, light and crispy! Their sandwich is filled with these chickpea balls, red cabbage, hummus and homemade sauce. A real treat! The sandwich is one of our under $10 lunches in Mile End as it is $9.50 before taxes; a small price for a big treat.

54 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Bánh mì Bánh Yiu

Bánh mì Bánh Yiu opened its doors in January 2017 in Mile-End. It serves Bánh mì in a very nice place and with a young friendly owner. The establishment is unlike any other in the neighborhood, we come for its affordable Bánh mì – at $8 with satay chicken, Char Xiu chicken, pulled pork, Chermoula tofu, avocado pate and more – and for its noodle salads.

255a Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest
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