The best restaurants in Little Burgundy

Little Burgundy definitely has a rich and diverse history. The neighborhood was the birthplace of cultural renewal with the rise of jazz in the early 20th century. Legends like Oscar Peterson emerged from the local jazz clubs. Over the decades, Little Burgundy has undergone urban transformations, yet it has preserved its authentic character. Today, it continues to attract visitors with its diversity, artistic dynamism, and, above all, its rich gastronomic scene.

Nestled between Saint-Henri and Griffintown, Little Burgundy stands out as a prime destination for Montreal’s food enthusiasts. Well-established institutions like Joe Beef make the neighborhood a must-visit for foodies. Little Burgundy is an ideal place for a leisurely stroll due to its numerous parks, not to mention the proximity to the Lachine Canal and Atwater Market. In addition to being one of the best places in the city for a gourmet evening, whether with friends or on a romantic getaway.

After sharing our list of the best addresses in Little Italy, Outremont, and Saint-Henri, it is now time to share our favorites in Little Burgundy!

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September Surf Café

Serving one of the best coffees in town from the Anchord Coffee brand, September Surf Café boasts a remarkable space filled with natural light. In terms of food, the venue has been redesigned to make room for a larger kitchen, inspired by food trucks, and to offer a simple and delicious menu. We absolutely love this café, the energy of the place and its customers, the exceptional natural light, and the kindness of the staff.

2471 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


Cereals are, of course, featured prominently, but they make up only a small part of the menu. People come to Barley to eat and enjoy smoothies, fruit parfaits, toasts, salads… in short, everything you need for an ideal brunch.

2613 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Lili & Oli

Lili & Oli is a café located on the edge of the Lachine Canal, where it’s nice to take your time and enjoy a warm Italian atmosphere. At Lili & Oli, you stay in familiar territory: coffee, pastries, and sandwiches are classics that remain unchanged on the menu.

2713 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Café Gotsoul

Café Gotsoul is a welcoming oasis for coffee enthusiasts. This cozy establishment offers a thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality coffees, complemented by a laid-back atmosphere. Music lovers will be delighted!

1970 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Sunny's Dinette

Sunny’s Dinette is an unassuming neighborhood restaurant where you can eat and drink well without breaking the bank. The friendly atmosphere reflects the owners, who are, after all, good-natured individuals. If you’re looking for a great place to grab a bite without any fuss, whether with friends or family, Sunny’s Dinette welcomes you with open arms.

2705 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


Miette is a superb bakery in Little Burgundy that quickly rose to the top of the list of the city’s best bakeries. Here, sourdough bread takes center stage; it’s the perfect balance between a particularly crispy crust and a soft crumb, achieved through a very long fermentation process and exceptional flour.

317 Rue de Lévis

Burgundy Lion

The Burgundy Lion Pub opened its doors in 2008 in Little Burgundy. However, the sports bar on Notre-Dame Street West quickly captivated its patrons from the start and soon became a reliable favorite in its genre. The atmosphere here is warm, welcoming, almost familial. The Burgundy Lion Pub has become a go-to spot for grabbing drinks with friends, enjoying a successful lunch, having a happy hour, and more.

2496 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Vin Papillon

Le Vin Papillon is the third establishment of Frédéric Morin and Allison Cunningham, the renowned owners of the equally famous restaurants Joe Beef and Liverpool House. Le Vin Papillon is an unassuming restaurant where one delights in exceptional vegetables, presented generously and creatively. You leave satisfied and happy, having often discovered some excellent wines.

2519 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Joe Beef

The reputation of Joe Beef is well-established. Over the years, the establishment has played a significant role in promoting Montreal’s gastronomy on the international stage. Joe Beef has become a true institution and a must-visit restaurant. Dining at Joe Beef is a hearty experience, enjoying a meal in a friendly atmosphere while indulging in plenty of drinks; it is a restaurant for bon vivants.

2491 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


If you like dishes prepared with the best local products, by passionate people and that don’t cost you a second mortgage, Le Candide is the place for you! We also like the way this superb address sets an example in terms of eco-responsible restaurant practices; rigorous choice of pesticide-free ingredients from nearby regions, reduction of food waste, compost and no use of single-use plastic.

551 Rue Saint-Martin


Le Junior is a good Filipino restaurant in Montreal and is also part of our list of festive and affordable restaurants in the city. You will undoubtedly find the warmth of the Philippines at Junior. We wish you to experience it. We particularly love Junior for its colorful decor, generous hospitality, festive atmosphere, and affordable prices!

1964 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


“Heni,” which means “jovial” in Arabic, invites us to embark on a journey through the SWANA region (Southwest Asia and North Africa) with a creative menu crafted with mastery and excellence, showcasing local Quebec products. Nestled in Little Burgundy, the restaurant offers a unique experience and a new concept that combines refinement and conviviality.

2621 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


At Nolan, a stylish little neighborhood restaurant in Little Burgundy, there’s no need to stress. Whether it’s for a coffee, a drink, or a bite to eat, you’re always welcomed with open arms. It’s a friendly spot in the Southwest where you can eat and drink very well.

1752 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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