The Best French Restaurants in Montreal: our favourite spots

Last update on June 03, 2021
les meilleurs restaurant francais montreal

The Best French Restaurants in Montreal: our favourite spots

It should come as no surprise that Tastet never….ever, tires of French cuisine. The simplicity, flavours and consistency made it an easy choice for us when deciding what list to right next – French cuisine won by a landslide. Taking into account all aspects of the restaurants, the decor, service and atmosphere, each address on this list will  sweep you off your feet and into the magical streets of Paris. 

Seeing as we are in Montreal, a city with a long history of French colonization, French cuisine is one of the cornerstones of the city’s vibrant and diverse food scene. The restaurants that have been included in this list, the best French restaurants in Montreal, are all establishments that we go to because we trust their consistency and love their execution of French classics. Especially if you are in the mood for a little decadence, nothing tastes better than a plate of amazingly prepared tatare or a dish of Duck Confit.

Bon appétit! 

If you are looking for any other recommendations for other types of cuisines, consult our lists of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal or our list of the best Korean restaurants in Montreal. If you are in need of some more specific recommendations that still fall under the category of French cuisine, check out our list of the best croissants in Montreal or our list of the best addresses that serve tartares in the city.


L’Express opened over 30 years ago and this rue Saint-Denis landmark has garnered an international reputation.  The cuisine is very French, and the new chef who took over the kitchen has made very few changes to the menu.  We return for their classics such as bone marrow, kidneys, chicken liver mousse or the selection of tartares.  The renowned M. Masson, known by so many, is behind the bar where extremely affordable wines are available, and this is just one more reason to try l’Express.  
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La Chronique

Surviving more than 20 years in Montreal’s restaurant business is most certainly a feat. And succeeding to remain at the top of their game at the same time, says something else – a great deal of talent and hard work,  and a desire to always want to do everything well.  With La Chronique, Marc de Canck from Belgium and Olivier de Montigny of Quebec offer one of the best tables in town to enjoy cuisine served with French accents.  
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Rue Sherbrooke doesn’t naturally come to mind as a location to find good cuisine. Saying that, stopping at Renoir restaurant, inside the Sofitel is definitely one place to try.  This is French cuisine at its best and Renoir is very much taking advantage of local produce in the preparation of their dishes.  And as a bonus, knowing that the delicious pastry selections are backed by an award-winning Meilleur Ouvrier de France, any time spent at Renoir is always worth it.
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Maison Boulud

Daniel Boulud’s arrival in Montreal was cheered by the city’s gourmets.  Some years later, everyone gathered to celebrate the star’s announcement of bringing chef Riccardo Bertolino into the kitchen. The latter, however Italian he may be, prepares unusual dishes that have a distinct French touch and character. The enlightened presence of Isabel Bordeleau and her wines only add to the charm of Maison Boulud.  
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Voted on Trip Advisor as the second best restaurant in the world, this certainly gives an idea of what awaits anyone dining at Europea.  The grandiose menu is also a reflection of Europea’s status as a member of the « Relais et Châteaux » collection. Expect to be impressed by everything at Europea. Chef Jerome Ferrer is an admirable businessman who is behind this prestigious restaurant that can be described as “techno-emotional cuisine for a culinary experience never seen before ». Europea is undoubtedly the Montreal destination for French cuisine.
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