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Evelyne Brochu Tastet

Evelyne Brochu’s favorite addresses – She was first known as an actor in films such as La femme de mon frère, Tom à la ferme, and Polytechnique, as well as on the small screen in the series Aveux, La Promesse and La Marraine. Since the release of her album Objets perdus, the actress has also pleasantly slipped into the Spotify playlists of the province with sweet and soaring tracks like Copie Carbone and Maintenant ou jamais.

Before becoming one of the most prominent actresses and singers in Quebec’s cultural landscape, Evelyne Brochu worked in the restaurant business and loved the energy of the environment (she still does). When she was studying drama at the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec, students were not allowed to have a job for fear that a busy schedule would interfere with their academic performance. So Evelyne worked on the sly in restaurants and bars.

To this day, she has not lost her enthusiasm for the dynamic and fast-paced world of the restaurant industry. Evelyne takes pleasure in going to good gourmet addresses in the city to celebrate and spend quality time in good company. If possible, she sits comfortably at the bar with her boyfriend to get a good view of the action happening in the kitchen.

As she shares the same passion for the art of good food as Tastet, we decided to present to you her favourite addresses; the places she visits when she has a craving for something sweet, when she wants a good coffee, for a romantic evening out, the morning after a late night, or when she is looking for a dose of comfort!

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Pâtisserie Rhubarbe

For a craving for something sweet… Evelyne loves lemon pie. “I even like it when it’s not good,” she laughs. So it’s no surprise that the Montreal actress and singer goes to the Laurier Avenue East store when she has a hankering for something sweet. The lemon pie from Pâtisserie Rhubarbe, prepared by pastry chef Stéphanie Labelle, is delicious and beautifully presented. Italian meringue, lemon cream on Breton shortbread; it’s a true bite of joy!


For a coffee… A resident of the neighbourhood of Saint-Henri, Evelyne is lucky enough to be able to call Cordova her neighbourhood cafe. The address is ideal for a quick coffee to go, as well as to sip while snacking on some delicious Spanish tapas. In the evening, Cordova is a very nice place to have a drink with friends, or on the terrace when weather permits.


For a comforting meal… For Evelyne, the destination of choice for a comforting meal is Leméac on Laurier Avenue West. She heads to the elegant French restaurant to enjoy a quiet evening as the wait staff offers courteous and efficient service. On the menu, she loves the homemade boudin, mushroom ravioli and oysters from the Magdalen Islands when in season.

Le Mousso

For a romantic evening… Évelyne speaks of the cuisine of Le Mousso and its chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard as high art, true culinary poetry. Of course, Le Mousso is not an everyday restaurant, or even a yearly one. Evelyne goes there to celebrate a unique event. And when she does, she sits at the bar to “enjoy the landscape of Quebec” and watch “the rhythmic ballet in the kitchens”.

Vin Papillon

Special mention – Evelyne goes to Joe Beef’s Vin Papillon restaurant for a festive occasion. A lover of vegetables, she adores the beautiful simplicity of the plates, which present vegetables from new perspectives. The food and the atmosphere keep her coming back for more.

Montréal Plaza

Special Mention – Montreal Plaza is one of the best festive restaurants in town. Chef Charles-Antoine Crête and his partner in crime Cheryl Johnson transport us for a meal into an idyllic universe that delights all the senses. Evelyne deftly sums up what goes on inside the large space at Plaza St-Hubert: “The Montreal Plaza is all about having a party with a party on your plate!

Pizza Mia

The morning after… When the morning after is difficult, Evelyne goes to the Pizza Mia counter at the Atwater Market and orders a pan pizza. It’s a guilty pleasure she can’t say no to because of the thick crust and melting cheese! The address serves pizzas by the slice, but also in a square as it is done in Rome.

Photography by Evelyne Brochu

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