Montreal terraces: Our themed lists

listes thématiques terrasses

The summer season has begun and the terraces have been lining the streets of Montreal for several days now. The particular context in which we’re living has made the waiting period for the opening of the terraces tinged with a bit more impatience than usual. After a long winter spent in confinement, it goes without saying that many Montrealers will be present at the reopening scheduled for May 28. In order to help you find a nice terrace in town where you can settle down for a meal, an aperitif or simply to have a drink, we have gathered in the same article all our lists about Montreal terraces.

From cafes and bars, to street side and rooftop terraces, these lists include a variety of suggestions of great places to discover to enjoy the summer weather while eating and drinking well, of course.

The most beautiful hidden terraces in Montreal
The most beautiful indoor terraces in Montreal
Montreal’s most beautiful rooftop terraces
The most beautiful terraces for brunch

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