Trifecta: Club Chasse et Pêche, Le Filet and Le Serpent at home

Trifecta pret a assembler

Trifecta is a new project by the restaurant group behind Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Le Filet et Le Serpent that aims to provide ready-to-assemble dishes from all three ultra-chic Montreal restaurants.

Restaurant owners Hubert Marsolais and Claude Pelletier have been planning a project of this sort for a few years already. Originally, the project was named “Mise En Place” its goal being to offer the gastronomic experience of dining at the Club, Le Serpent or Le Filet at home. During the early days of the lockdown, the team members of the three restaurants were faced with a difficult realization:  In order to, as the team puts it “stay honest to their practice”, they would have to forgo delivery and take-out orders. Instead, the restaurant group launched Trifecta this morning, which offers, in lieu of fully prepared dishes, portioned-out, ready-to-assemble meals created by the teams of all three restaurants.

The name appears to reference the three restaurants involved but, under the surface, the name has another key influence. Inspired by horse races and the now-defunct Blue Bonnets racetrack, the name Trifecta references a trifecta bet (a wager in which the bettor must predict which horses will place first, second and third, in the exact order). In house, each restaurant has their horse in the race: Chef Claude Pelletier and Olivier Larocque of Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Yasu Okazaki of Le Filet and Michele Mercuri of Le Serpent. Trifecta’s excellent ready-to-assemble menu allows individuals to “Save time, gain culinary panache, fool your friends [into thinking you’re a great chef] and get praised for it!” Each dish is designed to be easily assembled while keeping the distinguished touch of the three restaurants. Orders can be placed via their website before Wednesday at noon and pick-ups are made on Thursdays and Fridays between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the Club Chasse et Pêche and at Le Filet. Reheating and service instructions are supplied with each order so that you can serve up your meal exactly as the chefs would.

Of course no good dinner would be complete without a fine bottle of wine. With that in mind, the three restaurants have also opened their wine cellars to make available some very good bottles at reasonable prices that are sure to add a touch of class to any meal. Trifecta also offers a small “market” section where lobster, oysters and other seasonal bounties are available for purchase. Additionally, Il Migio’s lasagna, pasta and sauces are also available at the market.

Trifecta is like having a private chef at home; one who takes care of hard-work leaving you to simply finish it off and cash in on all the praise. Trifecta is an ideal way to experience a restaurant meal during a lockdown. While this Covid-friendly project is taking off during the lockdown, it’s a project that the team says they wish to see continue in the future.

Photography by photos Jean-François Galipeau

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