Mollo: a third location in Saint-Henri

The famous bakery from Pointe-Saint-Charles, known for its artisanal delights and exquisite bread, has set up shop in Saint-Henri, on Notre-Dame Boulevard.

We’re familiar with Café Mollo and Gelato on Wellington, as well as Mollo Boulangerie & Lab located just a few steps away. Well, the new address in Saint-Henri cleverly combines the best of both worlds, offering both the quality coffee we love from the original Café Mollo and the delicious bakery products from the Lab. The new space is bathed in light, showcasing a very enticing display. This new addition has excited foodies in search of an excellent bakery. Indeed, Mollo’s arrival here adds a good bakery to the local culinary scene in a neighborhood that was sorely lacking one.

The same quality products

You’ll find good bread and fresh pastries made daily by passionate artisans, along with their excellent fair trade and responsible coffee. However, gelato and pastries are not available here, except for the pies you’ll find in the new location. Additionally, it’s important to note that the vast majority of the bread production is done with sourdough, making it much more digestible. The pastries, on the other hand, are made with real butter and fresh market fruits. Each creation is made with passion and love, without ever sacrificing the quality of the ingredients, which is unmistakably felt. It is precisely this meticulous attention to quality that has earned Mollo a place on our list of the best bakeries in Montreal.

The commitment to giving back

Mollo’s owners, Alexandre Ouellette and Valérie Paquet, are deeply committed to supporting their community. Every day, they take concrete actions to reduce food waste. “We redistribute unsold items to non-profit organizations in the Southwest,” Alexandre points out. “It was really important for us to give back to our neighborhood. I’ve been living here for over 15 years, and this is where my children go to school. So, it was an absolute priority from the start of Mollo to take these types of actions,” he adds.

We never tire of Mollo, and we’re thrilled to see them expanding their presence throughout the Southwest. It’s an establishment that continues to charm us with its rigor and welcoming, warm team. This new address promises to delight the taste buds and brighten the sunny mornings of Saint-Henri residents.

Happy exploring!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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