Fu Chun: Famous Shanghai Dumplings in Montreal

Fu Chun, located on Maisonneuve West Boulevard, is a must-visit destination for lovers of authentic Chinese cuisine, particularly for their signature dumplings from the Shanghai region. Opened in November 2021 by a passionate owner, this establishment has already caught the attention of food enthusiasts in the metropolis. If you’re in search of the perfect dumpling, look no further, as your quest ends here!

The first Shanghai Fu Chun Xiaolong restaurant opened its doors in Shanghai in 1995, and later expanded its footprint with a second branch in Tokyo in 2020. Originally from Shanghai, William Gong and his wife Jin Wang moved to Montreal in 2018. In search of dumplings with the unique flavors of their hometown, they were left unsatisfied. Determined to fill this void, they decided to embark on the project of opening their own restaurant. After meeting with the president of Fu Chun, William made the decision to open a third branch in Montreal, inaugurated on November 19, 2021.

Of course, the main attraction at Fu Chun is the dumplings. We highly recommend the pork soup dumplings and the shrimp dumplings, which are delicious, as well as the pork and Chinese crab soup dumplings: a true explosion of flavors in every bite. To accompany these delights, you will also find wonton soups, noodles, braised meats, and a variety of vegetable dishes. The recipes remain faithful to those of the original branch, ensuring an authentic experience with every bite. Moreover, everything remains affordable and delightfully indulgent.

The decor, modern and harmonious, blends light wood with green accents. The space, offering around thirty seats, is located in the lively and dynamic Shaughnessy neighborhood, attracting a young and diverse clientele in search of an authentic experience.

Happy exploring!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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