Introducing the Ribera del Duero Guide by Tastet

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Introducing the Ribera del Duero guide by Tastet

For Tastet, Spain brings to mind Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia and beauty and entertainment of all kinds. But our Iberian curiosity has also led us—and now you—to another Spain, one you might have come across if you’ve walked the routes of the Camino de Santiago.

In Castilla y León, in northwestern Spain, lies Ribera del Duero, a magnificent region with a diverse landscape and delightful climate. The name may not ring a bell, but if you have a passion for discovering new places, delicious food and good wine, you’re sure to love it.

Among the region’s standout attractions are its gastronomy and wine. On the hilly banks of the Douro River, passionate growers and winemakers harvest and age grapes that produce fabulous wines. Sought after by connoisseurs all over the world, the Ribera del Duero D.O. designation recognizes some of the best wine-producing regions along the river and in the Iberian Peninsula.

The LCBO and SAQ have very interesting ranges of budget-friendly Ribera wines. You could even use the money you save to book your ticket to discover Ribera del Duero for yourself!

This Tastet guide—prepared in collaboration with the Ribera del Duero region—is available free of charge:

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