Avochef contest: three winners, three recipes, one avocado

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Recette avec avocat du Mexique

Drumroll, please! Avochef judges Victor Soto and Aicia Colacci, the Tastet team and Avocados From Mexico have deliberated and chosen the winners. Three prizes were awarded for most original recipe, best recipe and best presentation. 

Today, we are very pleased to present all three, who share a passion for cooking AND avocados! 

Making the final choice wasn’t easy. We want to congratulate each and every participant, who made avocados from Mexico really shine! 

Dario Bivona

Best recipe: Mexican avocado and lime pie

How does cooking fit in your life? Is it a hobby? A passion? A pastime? 

More than a hobby, I’d say it’s a lifestyle. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past year just by changing my diet and doing my research on the foods that are good for you. I’ve actually been on the fast metabolism diet and learned a lot about that: what you eat and how your body reacts.

That said, I’ve always loved to cook, and I spend my time developing and sharing new recipes. I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to manage my time. So, when I’m not working, I’m in my kitchen or at the grocery store looking for new products. Grocery shopping is like my yoga! 

Why did you enter the contest?

Mainly because I use avocados from Mexico a lot. I followed Avocados from Mexico and Tastet and thought, why not? Thinking of new recipes is something I already do on a daily basis! 

Tell us about your recipe.

So, the idea came from a typical Mexican recipe. I was also inspired by a recipe that one of my friends makes often: an avocado pie with condensed milk, like a Mexican cheesecake. She uses lime as a garnish, and I incorporated it into the recipe. The real difference is that I use coconut milk, which creates a creamy texture with the avocado and goes really well with the lime. And I don’t use butter. I use coconut milk instead. What’s interesting is that there’s almost no baking, you just let the pie sit in the fridge! It also happens to be vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

Why do you like cooking with avocados from Mexico?

I really like the creaminess of avocado. It adds a nice texture to any recipe. For example, avocados make tacos and salads richer. Every time I see ripe avocados in the supermarket, I pick them up! I also love avocado oil, it’s delicious and very healthy and adds flavour. 

How did you react when you found out you were a winner? 

It was a huge surprise! I didn’t expect it at all. To be honest, I didn’t even know what the prize was. I did it for fun, but I was so happy to win the prize. I’m very honoured because it’s for something I made with my own hands.

Cory Walby 

Best presentation: Smoked Mexican BBQ avocado

How does cooking fit in your life? Is it a hobby? A passion? A pastime?

It’s literally a passion that has become a profession. This time last year, I was an electrician and not very happy. My wife and I were living in a house we didn’t like that was costing us way too much money, and she challenged me. She said: “You have six months to make your passion your job.” And that’s what I did! Today, I’m a recipe creator and food photographer, and I’ve never been happier. I work from home, I see my kids and, most of all, I do what I love most in the world: cook.

Why did you enter the contest?

First of all because I love avocado, and so do my wife and daughters. It’s very important to me to cook food my children love and that’s also good for their health. What I cook for my daughters, I cook for myself. I also have a great love affair with grilling, and the two combined are just magical.

Tell us about your recipe.

Of course! My first question was how do I incorporate healthy foods into my recipe, as if I were cooking for my girls? The idea of breakfast in the form of an avocado came to me. And, as I said, I love cooking outside on the grill. Putting an avocado on the grill gives it a little bit of a smoky, almost guacamole-like texture. Then, like a deconstructed breakfast sandwich, I decided to add an egg inside and put it on toast. It’s always fun to make something exciting like avocado. With my kids, it’s a daily challenge to make food appealing and exciting to them. It was the same exercise for the contest.

Why do you like cooking with avocados from Mexico?

I love cooking with them because you can use them in so many recipes! It’s amazing what you can do with avocados. They’re ready in a day or two and so easy to use. I’m an expert now, I know how to pick them, and I know when they’re ripe but not too ripe.

How did you react when you found out you were a winner?

I was stunned! I’m not one to enter contests, let alone win. To be recognized for a recipe I created, I was really surprised. There’s no better feeling than doing what you love and being rewarded for it!  

Miguel Curiel

Most original recipe: Mexican fried avocado tacos

How does cooking fit in your life? Is it a hobby? A passion? A pastime?

I cook for a living. I’m a chef in a Mexican restaurant near Vancouver, so I know a lot about it. But, above all, it’s a passion! I like to think of new recipes, and not necessarily just for the restaurant. I also have a food blog called La Chula.

Why did you enter the contest?

Well, I thought to myself, why not? It was a change from the ordinary. It’s also a way to share my recipe with everyone so people can try it. 

Tell us about your recipe.

This recipe was originally made for the Cinco de Mayo party at the restaurant, but since we didn’t celebrate this year, I submitted it to the contest. 

As many people know, Cinco de Mayo isn’t really a traditional Mexican holiday but more a North American interpretation, just like my recipe! North Americans are very fond of frying, which is why I fried my tortillas in this recipe.


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