The Best of the Quartier des Spectacles: our suggestions for bars, cafés and restaurants

Last update on June 03, 2021

The Best of the Quartier des Spectacles: our suggestions for bars, cafés and restaurants

A cornerstone of Montreal’s global reputation is its passionate appreciation for arts and entertainment, so much of which takes place in the Quartier des Spectacles. This colourful neighbourhood is where it all goes down; the International Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs Comedy Fest, the Place Des Arts complex, and so much more! If you are ever visiting the city or simply want to soak in some amazing culture, the Quartier des Spectacles is the place to be.

Whether you are on a night out in the area, attending one of the many festivals happening throughout the year, going to a performance at Place Des Arts or just wandering around and taking in the street life, you will need to know the best nearby spots to grab a drink or a bite to eat. With so much on offer, this neighbourhood has something for everyone… and that applies to the gourmet scene as well!

Nothing pairs better than dinner and show, so we wanted to share our favourite gourmet spots in the neighbourhood. Beyond restaurants, this list features cafés and bars, so there are addresses to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Although the neighbourhood is not as densely packed with restaurants as others, it is home to some of our favourites in the city.

Are you looking for more recommendations of good gourmet venues in other regions of Montreal? Check our lists of the best of Old Montreal and the best of Downtown to discover all of the best spots in each neighbourhood!

Bouillon Bilk

Bouillon Bilk is one of the best restaurants in Montreal, and one that we will keep coming back to time and time again. What makes this establishment so well-loved is that it has just a little bit of everything, and it’s all executed to perfection. Located only a short walk away from Place Des Arts, Bouillon Bilk is the ideal restaurant if you want to enjoy a refined evening dinner experience before seeing a performance. The menu focuses on a contemporary cuisine that changes seasonally, and offers a selection of delicious starters, meat and fish based entrées and beautiful desserts. They also provide an amazing tasting menu experience with a wine pairing – we definitely recommend! The decor is as refined as the cuisine, and its simplicity lets the bold flavours that are on the plates in front of you stand out.
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Restaurant Cadet

Cadet is the younger sibling of restaurant Bouillon Bilk, and they’re only a hop, skip and a jump away from each other. Although Cadet maintains the same level of sophistication as Bouillon Bilk, it embraces a more casual and festive atmosphere. This address is perfect for grabbing a drink and a few sharing plates before a show, or any other night of the week!  The menu, which changes fairly regularly, is comprised of small plates intended to be shared, and features seasonal and local products of all kinds. You can also always come enjoy a drink at the bar if that’s more your speed, and you wont be disappointed with the list of classic cocktails, fine wines and a few beers. Cadet is the perfect compliment to Bouillon Bilk, and both are well worth checking out.
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Bar Pamplemousse is located on the corner of Saint-Laurent and De Maisonneuve Boulevard, right in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles. This address takes form as an artisanal beer-based bar, but they also serve a great food menu (to help soak up all the alcohol!). They have over 20 local beers on tap, featuring the names of some of our favourite microbreweries – Farnham, Les Trois Mousquetaires and Dieu du ciel!, just to name a few. The dining menu is primarily based on small plates that are ideal for sharing, and is very affordably priced! To round it all out, the space is incredibly inviting thanks to the colourful pastel walls and comfortable seating arrangements. Bar Pamplemousse is a great spot to visit if you’re looking to enjoy a fun and casual evening is a super charming atmosphere, and of course, to drink amazing local beers!
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Food Lab SAT


Foodlab is where we come to indulge in a truly creative and inspired cuisine. Since they opened in 2011, this restaurant has been serving some of the most inventive and delicious dishes in the city, and we are always excited to make a return visit! Foodlab is located on the third floor of the Société des arts Technologique, and the modern interior greatly contributes to the restaurant’s festive and convivial atmosphere. They offer a menu that changes regularly and highlights the amazing products of local artisans and producers. The plates are made to share. Small portions allow for diners to taste a wider variety of dishes, and we can vouch that the menu is well worth an in depth exploration.
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Brasserie T! Quartier Dix30

Brasserie T!

Brasserie T is the most recent edition to the Toque restaurant family, and we can say with certainty that it has met the high expectations that were set by its renown predecessor. Since it opened in 2010, this restaurant has been serving the Montreal community with a wonderfully high quality cuisine based primarily on locally sourced ingredients. The brasserie style menu has all of the classics, and everything is perfectly executed. Whether it is for brunch, their weekday lunch special or a dinner before an evening show, Brasserie T is the perfect restaurant to enjoy with good company, thanks to their welcoming and convivial atmosphere. The restaurant is actually located directly in the Place Des Arts square, so you always feel at the centre of all the action when you come for a visit!
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Café SAT

This café is the latest project from the Société des arts Technologique, and we love it just as much as Foodlab! Located directly across from Place de la Paix, Cafe SAT is a wonderful spot to take a break from touring the neighbourhood and enjoy a warm beverage, a light lunch or a delicious pastry. With floor to ceiling windows on every wall, the space is incredibly inviting and cheerful. It isn’t uncommon to find students and professionals doing work for the day in this cafe, because it’s the type of place you can comfortably spend a few hours in. In terms of food, Cafe SAT offers a menu of simple but delicious dishes, all made using local ingredients. If you are a coffee fan, you can try a new roast every single month at SAT! They also serve a special Lavender Matcha Latte, which we highly recommend. Furthermore, because they have a restaurant license, this spot also offers a 5 à 7 formula with a short cocktail menu and charcuterie in the evenings!
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