The Most Beautiful Cafés in Montreal

the most beautiful cafés

Cafés have generated an undeniable cult following. As one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, with major production in more than 70 countries, it is no wonder why coffee has penetrated the daily lives of so many. The dark, complex and aromatic beverage we all know and love actually begins it’s life in the form of a little red berry that grows on a shrub native to the rainforest. The berry then goes through a long process of harvesting, drying, milling and roasting before it transforms into our favourite early morning beverage. Over time, this process has been perfected and the art of coffee drinking has become an inextricable part of our routine and social culture.

In Montreal, you can find hundreds of places to enjoy good coffee. Maybe it’s due to the Bohemian nature of the city, or maybe it’s because having coffee with friends, family or colleagues is an inexpensive way to connect and have fun? All we know is that the selection of cafés in Montreal is infinite, and while most of them are cute, some of them are absolutely beautiful!

These coffee destinations chosen for our list of “The most beautiful Cafés in Montreal” are beautiful both in atmosphere and product quality. Whether it is for their breathtaking authentic architecture, their unpretentious decor (a little boho mixed with very Montreal), or for their unique minimalist details, they are all stunning.

If you dream of Saturday mornings, sipping on a latte in a beautiful setting, this list is for you!


At the Caffettiera (mocha coffee maker in Italian), you can enjoy an excellent espresso, made with beans roasted in Italy by a friend of the owner, Flavio of Caffè Fantini, in Rome. From the design, elaborated by Menard Dworkind (vinvinvin, Ryu, Blossom, Red Tiger…), to the music, everything is reminiscent of the 1990s. A perfect place to feel like in Italy while having your coffee!

2055 Rue Stanley

Osmo X Marusan

Osmo X Marusan is located in the William Notman House, a Montreal patrimonial site. This neoclassical building by architect John Wells offers a unique minimalist decor. By day, Osmo X Marusan operates in Japanese café mode. You can sit down to work or study while enjoying a very good coffee. On the menu, the delicious sandos are a delight for the customers.

51 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Crew Collective & Café 

This café is undeniably among the most beautiful spots in all of Montreal. Located in the venerable and grand former headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada – once the tallest building in the British Empire – in the heart of Old Montreal, the high ceilings, marble floors and brass cashier counters will surely blow you away. Crew Collective Café is open from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, serving delicious beverages and pastries, as well as selling some funky merchandise and knick-knacks. If you’re trying to impress a date, treat yourself to some sweet self-care, or just wanting to grab a coffee as you stroll through the cobblestone streets, Crew Collective Café is the perfect spot. Crew, Adrien WilliamsDave Lastovskiy et Jade Wulfraat

360 Rue Saint-Jacques

Le Darling

Darling resides on the corner of Blvd St Laurent and rue Marie-Anne. It is a dreamy spot ideal for spending a cozy autumn’s morning reading a book, or sipping coffee and people watching on St Laurent. Owned by the same people as Majestique and the Waverly, Darling has a style to match its siblings, however, with its own funky spin. The opening hours are from 8-4, but be sure to come back again in the evening when it reopens so you can grab a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail! Darling serves the lovely Pilot coffee, as well as a selection of delicious pastries. Alison Slattery

4328 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Butterblume

Butterblume serves more than just great coffee. They have amazing dishes as well! Located in the always exciting Mile-End, Butterblume makes for the perfect spot if you’re looking for something bright, comfortable, pretty and modern. Their coffee is sourced from the Hale Coffee Roasters in Toronto, and is a delicious warm beverage to pair with anything off their creative menu. The atmosphere at Butterblume is casual and happy, so we recommend it as a great destination to take a friend or loved one, or just to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. Alison Slattery

5836 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Falco

Nestled in the heart of Mile-End, on the ground floor of the rue Gaspé buildings, Café Falco serves a simple lunch menu and some really tasty beverages! This gem is a neighbourhood classic and a standing favourite of the locals. The simple and quiet space is inspired by a Japanese aesthetic, harmoniously combining a mix of warm woods and industrial metallic materials. Chic serenity is what you will be met with when you come to Falco, so be sure to add it to your list if you’re looking for somewhere beautiful to spend some peaceful time! Café Falco

5605 Avenue de Gaspé

Dispatch Café

Dispatch has now opened its third location on St Laurent Boulevard, giving you even more reasons to come check it out! Designed with modernity and elegance in mind, the monochromatic, ultra-cool decor is eye catching even if you’re just walking by outside. With an awesome selection of pastries, cakes, lunch boxes to go, kombucha and an extensive coffee menu, Dispatch can satisfy any craving. The open-concept floor plan leaves the space feeling large and airy, and big communal tables set the mood for studying as well as just relaxing. Big windows and the juxtaposition of wood accents with concrete floors give the space a Scandinavian feel, especially alongside their merchandise counter filled with cool t-shirts, books, and coffee accessories. Alison Slattery

4021 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


Tommy is undeniably one of the most popular cafés in the city (especially for those who enjoy taking pictures of their lattes and avocado toast). Located in the classic British Empire Building (originally known as the Exchange Bank of Canada) in Vieux Montréal which dates back to 1874 (!), every inch of this cafe offers a reason to take a photo. The interior space was designed by well-respected Zébulon Perron, who also worked on the brand new Tommy locations that opened in the same neighbourhood. From its delicious yet simple menu, Tommy serves very tasty pastries from Cornettaria, and within a beautiful ambience. With its green vines hanging from every corner, mirrors brightening up this bi-level space and white walls, Tommy is the perfect blend of modern and Bohemian. Alison Slattery

200 Notre-Dame Street West
plus beaux cafés montreal pista

Café Pista

Originally a coffee-cart pulled behind a bicycle, Café Pista has finally found its first permanent location on rue Beaubien Est. Maxime Richard, owner of Café Pista, had the dream of serving delicious, fresh ground coffee achieved entirely by using human energy. After finding the perfect location to match his dream, Maxime wanted to propel Pista’s bicycle concept forward, and still leave room in the café for customers to park their own bikes inside. The rest of the decor also matches the energy-driven history behind the café, while still contributing to the fun and cool vibe about the space. Beyond fresh ground coffee, at Café Pista there’s a menu proposing breakfast and lunch dishes that will surely energize both your body and your soul.  Alison Slattery

500 Rue Beaubien Est
Café Saint-Henri Jean-Talon _ 2

Café Saint-Henri

Café Saint-Henri is more than just an adorable spot to grab a cup of coffee because they also offer a variety of coffee tasting and micro-torrefaction classes! Born in St-Henri (duh), the spot is so well-loved that a second location has since opened up in the Jean-Talon Market. To match the incredibly delicious coffee, the atmosphere of Café Saint-Henri is bright, vivacious and modern. The simple but meticulously curated design emanates a sense of caring, which is also reflected in the beverages. It’s a perfect location to stop by if you’re out doing your Sunday market shopping, but it’s also a great destination on its own! Alison Slattery

260 Place du Marché-du-Nord

Café Sfouf

Absolutely charming, café Sfouf is vibrant, colourful, playful and captivating, making it the place to be if you’re looking to shake up the routine. Located in the South-Central quarter, the coffee shop as become a marker of popularity in the neighbourhood. With a lot of traditional Lebanese influences, Cafe Sfouf serves cakes and desserts, sweet and savoury toasts, and sources their coffee from the much loved Cafe Saint-Henri. The decor is modest but very beautiful; plants fill the empty spaces and plentiful wood furnishings add a natural element to the establishment. Sfouf is open from tuesday to sunday, and we highly recommend stopping in! Alison Slattery

1250 Rue Ontario Est
Café Parvis centre ville montreal

Café Parvis

Certainly earning its spot on our list of the most beautiful coffee shops in Montreal, Parvis is lodged on a small street directly behind the monumental St.James United Church, making it an unsuspecting spot for such amazing food and decor. Designed by Zébulon Perron, the lively cafe/restaurant is overflowing with green vines, dripping white candles, romantic lighting and industrial-chic furnishing. The restaurant specializes in artisanal pizzas and unique salads, making it a great location for lunch or dinner. But fear not! If you’re only looking for a place to sip on coffee while catching up on work during the day, or grabbing a glass of wine with a friend in the evening, Parvis is the place for you as well! Alison Slattery

433 Rue Mayor

Pikolo Espresso Bar

Having interviewed a number of restaurant enthusiasts, the answer is often the same; Pikolo Espresso bar is the best coffee shop in montreal. And we agree. Disregarding the amazing coffee served at Pikolo Espresso bar, the interior of the cafe is nice enough to earn a place on this list. Located in an old tabagie, super high ceilings, big windows and rows of industrial lights keep this spot cool and refined. It is important to note that it is often very busy day and night, likely due to its location in the Mcgill Ghetto, but we say it is certainly worth trying out anyways! Alison Slattery

3418b Avenue du Parc

Café Myriade

The café Myriade claim to fame is firstly their participation in the third wave coffee movement of Montreal, and secondly their delicious coffee. With three locations now, cafe Myriade has created an iconic image through their chic aesthetic that is both modern and funky. The newest location is inside the Club Monaco boutique on St. Catherine st., a unique addition that only adds to the likeness of Café Myriade. If you like delicious and bold coffee, and enjoyable atmosphere, we highly suggest you make your way to Myriade. Steph Alex

1000 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Club Social PS

The PS Social Club is a hidden gem in the St-Henri neighbourhood, serving super coffee in a beautiful environment. The space small and communal, creating an intimate social atmosphere. 13 bright yellow and blue stools surround the horseshoe shaped bar in the centre of the cafe, and pink fuschia walls are adorned with many beautiful works of art. Although the interior is small, the Social Club has a remarkable patio with an additional 15 seats, which is now featured on our list of the most beautiful terraces in Montreal.  Alison Slattery

5090A Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


Cafe Helico is a new coffee shop in the Montreal cafe scene, opening its doors in May of 2018 in the Hochelaga area. The decor of the space was entirely designed by friends of the owners, Studio Lasco run by Catherine Martial & Gabrielle Belley. The space is colorful with many bright orange accents to spice up the white base. We love this space for its luminosity and spirited staff- everything about this spot is cheerful, so we highly recommend if you are in need of a boost! Alison Slattery

2009 Avenue de la Salle

Pastel Rita

Pastel Rita is a combination of a creative workspace and delectable coffee shop. The establishment remains in its original location in the heart of the Mile-End, and has colour palette reminiscent of Wes Anderson aesthetic, with lots of saturated and bold colours. Pastel Rita offers a steady menu of delicious dishes, but we also suggest you keep an eye out for their constantly changing wine list! Alison Slattery

5761 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Station W

The brand new Station W Angus opened its doors this summer in the cool industriel Angus Shops! Following the immense success of their location in Verdun, this new project expands Station W to a 68 seat (!), with lots of space and beautifully high cielings. With the help of architecture firm Appareil Architecture, the design of the space lends itself to the calming atmosphere of this unique cafe. Space and volume sets this new location apart from its predecessor, but the airy, relaxed decor remains the same. We believe this spot is the perfect addition to the neighbourhood, and is somewhere to add to your list if you haven’t already checked it out! Melissa Giguère et Station W Angus

124-2600 Rue William-Tremblay

Café SAT

Cafe SAT is the brand new gourmet project of Society of Technological Arts of Montreal, and we are here for it! Developed by Alexandre Auché and designed with the help of Amélie Daudelin-Pilotte, Hakima Djermouli et Emily Robinson, this space holds a place in our hearts for is grand modernity and luminosity. The decor team also collaborated with several local designers such as Lavoie Luminaire to achieve the final product. The coffee counter is plated with moucharabieh telling the story of the SAT in binary language, one of the most eye catching displays in the shop. Not only can you find great design and creative inspiration at SAT, but it is the place to be if you’re in need of great food and coffee at low prices. Alison Slattery — 

6 Place du Marché

Café Constance

Located in the Wilder Building, Café Constance is the superb new café of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. The café is absolutely magnificent and for good reason. The décor is the work of none other than Zébulon Perron, whose every creation (Marcus, Gentile Pizza Parlour, Caffe Un Po Di Piu, etc) transports us with his incredible attention to detail. Here, the soul of Les Grands Ballets is present; especially thanks to the magnificent lamps that look like draped ballet skirts.

1435 Rue de Bleury

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