Where to Eat Late: Montreal’s best “late-night eats”

It is becoming harder and harder to find late night eats in the city. The notorious labour shortage is certainly behind the reduced hours of service. In this list, you will find restaurants open until midnight, or even all night for some. Perfect for night owls who like to break bread on European time.

Today we present you the various Montreal institutions, bars, breweries, and restaurants of all kinds where you can be served late at night, and in some cases, in the middle of the night.

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Montreal’s best “late night eats”:

Isle de Garde

Known and loved for its beer, the Isle de Garde Brewery also has a full menu that goes beyond fries and burgers. While those classics are on the menu, dishes range from grilled octopus to fresh ricotta pasta to buffalo tartare. L’Isle de Garde is open every day as of noon, and closes at 1 a.m. on Sunday and Monday, and 2am. every other day of the week.

1039 Rue Beaubien Est

Bar Henrietta

Bar Henrietta is a beautiful neighbourhood bar where you can eat and drink very well and affordably, especially for Laurier Street West. Located in the former Baldwin Barmacie, Bar Henrietta welcomes you into a 60s tavern-inspired setting. Here you can enjoy excellent wines, classic and house cocktails, and the bar offers a fantastic food menu available until 3am most days of the week. We come here for the lively music and the casual yet festive atmosphere. Note that the writer is madly in love with one of the owners of this establishment.

115 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Buvette Chez Simone

Buvette Chez Simone is a pioneer in the category of “bars with great food”. Montreal’s classic bar offers generous dishes to share in a festive atmosphere. We love the Buvette for its relaxed yet lively atmosphere at all times. The service here is warm, the atmosphere always vibrant, and the glasses of wine are priced right. We eat delicious dishes such as their famous chicken (whole or half), fries, Greek salads, cheeses, charcuterie, or regular specials, offered until midnight from Thursday to Saturday.

4869 Avenue du Parc


L’Express is a true Montreal institution that has built a solid reputation over the years. The menu offers classic comfort food with local flavours, and changes very little with the seasons. You feel at ease in this restaurant thanks to the warm atmosphere and the expert waiters. The restaurant is open until 1am from Tuesday to Saturday!  

3927 Rue Saint-Denis

Le Majestique

Le Majestique is one of the most fun and gourmet bars in Montreal. With a perfectly kitschy decor, the place is almost always bustling. Le Majestique offers a very interesting wine list and a short, but delicious menu to accompany your drinks. You can enjoy some of Montreal’s best oysters, outstanding baked whelks, and other delicate small plates. The kitchen is open until 2am.  

4105 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Paulo et Suzanne

Paulo et Suzanne is open until 3am every day of the week. For more than 30 years, the house has been offering some of the best fries in Montreal, as well as classic casse-croûte burgers, just the way we like them! The service is charming, the portions of fries very generous, and the prices modest. An ideal place when the late night cravings hit!

5501 Boulevard Gouin Ouest

Gibeau Orange Julep

The Orange Julep restaurant was opened in 1932 by restaurateur Hermas Gibeau. Famous for its huge orange structure – which only appeared in 1945 – this icon has endured even after the restaurant moved to Decarie in 1966. Once a drive-through on rollerblades, the retro establishment is still known for its classic fast-food menu and, most importantly, its secret orange juice recipe! Open until 3am Monday to Thursday, and until 4am from Friday to Sunday.  

7700 Boulevard Décarie

Patati Patata

The concept of Patati Patata is very simple: a pataterie that serves classic snacks at low prices until 2am (!) We come here to enjoy a tasty burger, a satisfying poutine, or some humble fries (which are some of the best in the city) in a laid-back, friendly atmosphere.  

4177 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Rouge Gorge

Rouge-Gorge is one of the busiest wine bars in town. Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, you’ll be tasting more than just good wine until late. The kitchen closes at midnight on weekdays, but serves until 1am on weekends.

1234 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Double's Late Night

Double’s Late Night is the new dive bar that opened in a half basement on Avenue du Parc at the corner of Fairmont. The star dish here is definitely the burger, which is now on our list of the best burgers in Montreal. The fried onion rings with dip is also particularly Instagrammable.  

5171 Avenue du Parc

Miami Deli

For several decades, the Tsantes family and their legendary restaurant on Sherbrooke Street has been offering a comforting menu for all tastes and appetites. The place is almost open 24 hours a day: from 5 am to 3 am.

3090 Rue Sherbrooke Est


Nomi is an elegant and welcoming Japanese bar. Its chic atmosphere and delicious offerings make it an ideal place for extended after-work drinks, dinners with clients, and parties that end in the wee hours of the morning.

1170 Place du Frere Andre

Le Darling

Darling is café, restaurant, and bar that prepares delicious plates to share. Its menu is available until midnight or 2am (depending on the day) and everything is delicious! We particularly like the unique decor: the place is comfortable and welcoming at any time of day.

4328 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Bar Cicchetti

Bar Cicchetti is a small, Venetian-inspired bar nestled in Mile Ex. On the menu, we find the famous cicchetti in all its forms with a menu that changes every day. You can also find simple, small bites to snack on!

6703 Avenue du Parc

Bishop & Bagg

The Bishop and Bagg pub opened in 2014, on the corner of St. Viateur and Clark streets. Inside, the atmosphere is very relaxed, and their menu features delicious classics. It’s all created by chef Pelo Tsavoussis, who has worked at Joe Beef. Tsavoussis is of both Greek and Caribbean descent. His roots are expressed in the flavours of the menu.  

52 Rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Montréal Pool Room

Opened over a century ago, the Montreal Pool Room exudes nostalgia as much as it does frying oil. An iconic greasy spoon as we like them, but especially as our parents liked them. A perfect place to satisfy your late night cravings. Note that the place is cash only.

1217 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Motel Motel

Motel Motel has set up shop in the Mardi Snack-Bar, adjacent to Bar Renard, to bring an offer that didn’t really exist before in the Village. Whether you want to eat, drink a delicious cocktail, or party like there’s no tomorrow, we invite you to discover the address soon!

1276 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Taverne Atlantic

Taverne Atlantic is a beautiful address (one of the most beautiful bars in Montreal) in the neighbourhood to grab a drink or have a feast. To snack, the house offers a snack menu from the Chez Eddy annex that is sure to satisfy small cravings and bigger hungers. The menu includes pizzas, hot dogs, poutines and soft-serve ice cream; American classics sprinkled with chef Éric Dupuis’ personal touch.

6512 Avenue du Parc

Bar Suzanne

Bar Suzanne offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, ideal for a drink with friends. In the kitchen, Mike prepares the great food at Bar Suzanne. From his specialty, the tasty and colourful dumplings, to the very good house fries, all the dishes are perfect to share among friends.

20 Avenue Duluth Est

Buvette Pompette

This Iberian buvette opened recently at the corner of Saint-Zotique and Saint-Denis. Buvette Pompette is reminiscent of small Spanish counters. The prices are affordable, the menu is comforting (and served until closing time), the beverage menu offers new arrivals every week, and includes a nice offer of refreshing cocktails with or without alcohol, beers and ciders.

414 Rue Saint-Zotique East


vinvinvin is a beautiful and colourful bar that enlivens the Petite-Patrie neighbourhood just right. You can taste delicious dishes to share, with only one rule: eat well, eat local. To name but a few dishes, we love the fried oyster mushrooms with sour cream and parsley, the mackerel with romesco and cipollini, the Brussels sprouts with garlic chips and Tomme du Maréchal cheese, and other delights.

1290 Rue Beaubien Est

L'idéal bar & contenus

L’idéal bar & contenu, as its name suggests, is an inclusive and hybrid space, part wine bar, part club and part creative studio. In the kitchen, chef Julia Giraud is behind the menu, which varies from succulent little snacks (homemade pickles, artichoke and ricotta spread, pan-fried radish) to sharing platters and more gourmet plates.

151 Rue Ontario East

Bar Palco

The clientele of Bar Palco is quite eclectic, but one feels the shared interest to have a drink or several and enjoy a good bite to eat. Good food, because even if Bar Palco is still a bar, the chef Valérie Doucet (ex Auberge Saint Gabriel), in collaboration with the company L’art des vivres, prepares a nice and concise menu.

4019 Rue Wellington


Dynastie has earned a place of choice in the list of the best Chinese restaurants in Montreal. Located in the heart of Chinatown, as are most authentic addresses, Dynastie stands out for its typically Cantonese dishes that send us directly to the metropolis of Hong Kong. Open until 3am, it’s perfect for late night food cravings!

107-1008 Rue Clark

Projet Pilote

Projet Pilote is a mecca for lovers of spirits, beer and wine. When it comes to food, the place offers a simple and elegant menu, with little protein and lots of vegetables. And their kitchen is open until 1am!

980 Rue Rachel Est


Située à quelques pas du Marché Jean-Talon, Casavant, nous charme avec son ambiance conviviale et festive et sa carte élégante et alléchante. L’atmosphère est décontractée et feutrée, et la cuisine ferme tous les soirs de la semaine à minuit.

350 Rue de Castelnau East
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