The best Korean restaurants in Montreal: our suggestions

Last update on June 03, 2021
Best Korean Restaurants

The best Korean restaurants in Montreal: our suggestions

Assembling a list of very good Korean restaurants in Montreal has been such a pleasure.  Thanks to Montreal’s diversity, the city is blessed to have a so many options when it comes to foreign cuisine.

Korea is known for the quality of its cuisine, which is primarily based on diverse colours, flavours, and unique presentations. You can always count on rice, chilis, sesame, garlic and vegetables. What is notable about this cuisine is the distinct feeling of companionship you encounter during the meals: perhaps it is down to the fact that many Korean dishes are designed to be shared amongst friends and family.

Whether you are looking to experience Korean cuisine for the first time, have already established a love for samgyeopsal (barbecued pork belly), or are tempted off the streets by the sound of catchy K-pop playing, there will be a restaurant for you on this list. Nowadays especially, its common to find Korean-fusion restaurants thanks to the explosion of Korean pop-culture in North America. Because of this, we made sure to include a good mix of authentic and traditional Korean restaurants with more contemporary and explorative addresses.

Bonus : L’Épicerie coréenne et japonaise shouldn’t really be included as one of the best Korean restaurants in Montreal since it is more a grocery store.  However, if you are looking for really cheap Korean fast food, we recommend the L’Épicerie, situated at 6151 Sherbrooke St West, (514)487-1672.  They have all the ingredients for making your own galbi, pajeon bulgogi, gimbap, bibimbap or whatever else you may need, and on the lower floor, try tasting some of the dishes. Add an an authentic Korean beverage to your order! Very original and fun.

If you are searching for a more specific recommendation for Korean food, check out our list of the best Korean Bibimbap in Montreal. We also have lists of the best Italian restaurants, the best French restaurants, and many more!

If you know of other great Korean restaurants that deserve to be included on this list, please email us at [email protected] and we can keep the article updated.

Hwang Kum

Huang Kum serves Korean classics with authentic flavours. We love the quality of the food here; our favourites are pajeon, bibim bap, Bibim Naengmyeon, japchae-bap, spicy octopus and spicy pork.  Try to ignore the service which can be quite long but the resulting dishes make you forget. The restaurant has been a treasure for a number of years now with the quality remaining the same. Hwang Kum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, but please note that the opening hours, at times, serve only as an indication. Yet when it is open, count on dining at one of Montreal’s great Korean restaurants and one of our favourites in the city!
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Chez Bong

Don’t be fooled by the boring look of this basement locale on St Laurent Blvd because Chez Bong is definitely one of Montreal’s very good Korean restaurants. Chez Bong is a small, modest restaurant that offers you traditional Korean dishes with all the right flavours.  Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the quality of the dishes which are very authentic. The service is good and the prices are reasonable.  Special mention for the bibim bap and buchimgae. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.
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Avenue Séoul

We took up a recommendation on our Instagram account and headed to Ville Saint Laurent – it was well worth it!  Thanks! Avenue Seoul is a very good Korean restaurant inside a fairly non-descriptive building on Décarie Blvd.  The food is well prepared and we like gam ja tang soup and Sudunbu. The decor is fairly modern and youthful and the Korean pop music in the background can’t be mistaken. The service is a little slow but the prices are reasonable. The restaurant is open every day.
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Mon ami

Mon ami is where you come for the delectable Korean fried chicken. It counts as one of the best Korean restaurants in Montreal and they welcome you warmly, offering generous portions and a charming summer terrace.  The place is always crowded, and on the weekend expect lineups but we still like the place. Definitely order the fried chicken and ramens. There are unbeatable specials at lunchtime and the affordable prices in the evening are especially appreciated. The restaurant is open every evening.
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Petit Séoul

In Mile End, Little Seoul is a restaurant that offers authentic Korean cuisine with some fusion options. The flavours are balanced, between spicy, sweet and sour, sweet, and always very tasty. We come here for jjigae, jjamppong or jungshik. In addition, the portions are generous and you’ll eat there at affordable prices. Little Seoul is also on our list of the best dumplings in Montreal and the best tartares.
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