Where to drink good natural wine in Montreal

vinvinvin bar à vins nordiques wine bar la-petite-patrie montreal

Good natural wine: In fact, the title of this article should have been “where to drink good wine from winemakers who practice a low interventionist philosophy and produce quality wines”, but it just didn’t have the same vibe.

Last weekend, we wrote an article about the difference between organic, biodynamic and natural wines with biologist Alex Campbell of the private import house Deux Caves. We didn’t tell you where you could drink them, though. So here are establishments that offer inspiring wine lists and work with winemakers who want you to drink the good stuff!

Simply put, here are the main differences:

  • Organic wine: An organic wine is made with no chemicals or synthetic products. Organic wine is also the broadest category. A biodynamic wine and a natural wine must be organic, but not vice versa.
  • Biodynamic wine: A biodynamic wine is an organic wine which uses biodynamic processing. Biodynamics does not only apply to wine, it applies to how the entire vineyard is farmed.
  • Natural wine: A natural wine is an organic wine where only a small amount of sulfites are added. The winemakers let the grape juice ferment and do its own thing—that’s it!

For more details on what goes into processed wines, read this article.

To find out which establishments serve good natural wine in Montreal, continue reading right here:


The beloved café-buvette in Parc-Extension serves very good natural wines that go wonderfully with light Asian dishes. A perfect combination to enjoy on Denise’s sunny terrace.  

386 Avenue Beaumont

Buvette Pastek

A visit to Pastek is an excellent reason to come down to Old Montreal. Located in the lobby of a boutique hotel on St. Paul Street West, you’ll discover excellent natural wines. Pair your glass with tasty “luxury snacks” to share, fish, meat, pasta or salad.

209 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest

Bar Loïc

We come to Bar Loïc for their delicious food, beautiful wine list, and for memorable nights out. All the wines are natural, organic, and/or biodynamic, and all are privately imported.  

5001 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Bar à Flot

Next to the Buvette chez Simone, Bar à Flot completes the offer with a short but interesting menu of cocktails and beers, as well as good and beautiful bottles from small producers.  

4857 Avenue du Parc

Mitch Deli

The famous Mitch Deli, which serves some of the best sandwiches in Montreal, is reinventing itself with a new address and a new formula! You can now sit at one of the 30 seats and enjoy a glass of wine with your snack. Just like the ingredients used in the kitchen, all of the wines offered are organic.  

2660 Rue Beaubien Est


Lovers of good natural wine must add vinvinvin to their address book. The trio behind the Petite-Patrie wine bar is Marina De Figueiredo (Candide), Antonin Laporte (Isle de Garde) and Nikolas Da Fonseca (Le Mousso). In the image of the lively and colourful decor of the space, they serve natural “living” wines from northern climates.

1290 Rue Beaubien Est

Bar Mamie

Known for its varied selection of natural wines and mouth-watering cheese and charcuterie boards, Bar Mamie is a haven for locals in Petite Patrie. We go there for happy hour to enjoy “mamie’s” comfort food. For those who want to bring the party home, La Cave de Mamie has just opened next door. Complementing the bar’s offerings, the cellar features a huge selection of bottles in all price ranges.

328 Rue Beaubien Est

Bistro Tendresse

Festive at all hours of the day and night, this bistro in the Village is the place to be as much for a boozy brunch as for happy hour. Plus, whether on the plate or in the glass, everything on the menu is vegan and compostable.  

1259 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Tinc Set

Next door to Alma, Tinc Set completes the offer with an extensive selection from Vin i Vida’s portfolio of imported bottles. You can also leave with a good natural wine on the trusted advice of the owner, sommelier and importer, Lindsay Brennan.  

1233 Avenue Lajoie

Oregon bar à vin

Located in Laval, the Oregon Wine Bar is a great option to enjoy a good natural wine on the North Shore of Montreal. The menu is made up of favourites from the owners and the sommelier, with an emphasis on thirst-quenching bottles.

241 Boulevard du Curé-Labelle


The beautiful and much anticipated new address of the Elena and Nora Gray family offers a tempting wine list curated by sommelier Lawrence Fiset. The list consists of natural wines, with an emphasis on Italian wines. However, Gia is also bringing back some wines that are less funky, and more robust; a different style from the owners’ other addresses.  

1025 Rue Lenoir


Another new player and big brother of Pumpui, Pichai is an evolved formula of the Thai restaurant on St-Zotique Street that we love so much. On the wine side, Elisabeth Racine—sommelier at Nora Gray and Pumpui—manages the list composed mainly of natural, organic and biodynamic wines.  

5985 Rue Saint-Hubert

Place Carmin

The new address in Old Montreal offers an interesting wine list put together by Jessica Charbonneau. The restaurant completes the offer of Cadet and Bouillon Bilk, Mélanie Blanchette and her team’s other addresses.

740 Rue William


We come to Candide to discover very good wines and to taste a gourmet menu in a former presbytery. Lovers of gastronomic experiences, this address is for you.

551 Rue Saint-Martin


We come here for a cozy, gourmet and romantic evening where we enjoy comfort food and drink well! We’re talking about privately imported natural wines, especially from Dame Jeanne, Oenopole and Rézin. A nice list for wine lovers.

1638 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


We come here to eat delicious small plates, for the breakfast sandwich, and the relaxed atmosphere.  As for the wines, they are mainly privately imported and mostly natural.

5201 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Filet

Le Filet is one of the best restaurants in Montreal. People come here for its original menu—mainly revolving around fish and seafood—and its remarkable wine list (with more than 350 references).

219 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest

Le Majestique

We come here to enjoy a great little bar menu and a good drink. Le Majestique is also—in our opinion—one of the best oyster bars in town. The wine list changes about every week and is largely made up of private imports with some very good organic and natural bottles.

4105 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Petit Alep

Le Petit Alep is still one of our favourite places in town. We come here to drink very good wines at affordable prices and enjoy Syrian and Armenian cuisine in a lively atmosphere.

191 Rue Jean-Talon Est

Le Serpent

Le Serpent is a Montreal staple, and one we frequent with great pleasure. It is now part of our list of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal! We come here to enjoy delicious pasta and to dine in a beautiful space. As far as wines are concerned, the place offers a list of 250 appellations—a mix of SAQ bottles and private imports.

257 Rue Prince


One comes to Moleskine to enjoy a very good meal in a most original and comfortable setting. Frédéric Simon has created a succinct, yet sophisticated wine list, composed of many private imports.

3412 Avenue du Parc
Nora Gray restaurant montreal

Nora Gray

Nora Gray is one of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal and has quickly become an essential address in the city.  People come here for some of the best service in town, for the outstanding Italian menu, and for Ryan Gray’s wine list.

1391 Rue Saint-Jacques

Restaurant Alep

We go to Alep to try an institution that has existed since 1976, and enjoy the delights of Syrian and Armenian cuisine; accompanied by good wines, of course.

199 Rue Jean-Talon Est
tuck shop restaurant saint-henri montreal

Restaurant Tuck Shop

Tuck Shop is one of our favourite addresses in Montreal. We come here for an unforgettable evening and some of the best service in town. Co-owner Amelia is in charge of the wine list, which is made up of mostly private imports and changes often.

4662 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Vin Mon Lapin

We come to Mon Lapin to savour delicate and delicious small plates, to enjoy the comfortable and lively atmosphere, and to enjoy Vanya Filipovic’s fine selection of wines.

150 Rue Saint-Zotique Est

Caffe un po di piu

We come here to travel to Italy in a beautiful setting and to taste delicious, fresh, and original small plates while sipping good Italian imported wine.

3 Rue de la Commune Est


Hélicoptère offers worldly cuisine made with seasonal products that is meant to be shared. Their wine list includes many natural, organic and biodynamic bottles.

4255 Rue Ontario East


We love Elena. We love the ambience, we love their pizzas, their homemade pastas, their delicate desserts, the beautiful selection of natural wines—with an emphasis on Italian wines—and the sumptuous decor! We also appreciate that the bill never hurts too much. Long live Elena!

5090 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


Cordova is a beautiful café-resto-bar in the heart of Saint-Henri where we sip great coffees, succulent cocktails, and quality wines. Not only that, they also serve excellent small dishes inspired by Spanish cuisine and made with local products.

4606 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate is a small and unique restaurant that offers amazing food in a modern decor. We come here to create our own tasting menu from the many hot and cold dishes of the house, and for its thoughtful organic and biodynamic wine list.

129 Rue Beaubien Ouest

Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate is a small and unique restaurant that offers amazing food in a modern decor. We come here to create our own tasting menu from the many hot and cold dishes of the house, and for its thoughtful organic and biodynamic wine list.

129 Rue Beaubien Ouest
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