Restaurants open on December 31st: suggestions for the perfect New Year’s Eve

Last update on July 15, 2021
restos ouverts le 31 décembre 2018 new year's eve

Restaurants open on December 31st : suggestions for the perfect New Year’s Eve

As usual, everyone is on the hunt for the perfect way to spend their New Year’s Eve. Most importantly, we all want to make sure that the last meal of 2019 is a memorable one. For this reason, we have made a list of our favourite restaurants that will be open on December 31st. Because we know that everyone has a different idea of the perfect New Year’s Eve, we divided this list into categories; casual restaurants, chic restaurants, bars, brunches and BYOB restaurants. 

Call each restaurant for more details and to book your table!

Bon appétit and happy holidays!

Restaurants for a laid back evening:

Majestique – 4105 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, (514) 439-1850For those who don’t know already, Le Majestique is wonderful little bar on Saint-Laurent Boulevard that has a festive atmosphere, charming decor and great drinks and snacks. We come here to enjoy their delicious menu, impressive wine list and most of all, to eat oysters all year round. On December 31st, the bar will be preparing a special 6-course holiday tasting menu.

Mr. B – 371 Villeneuve Street East, (514) 845-6066A relaxed address with a classic French cuisine, Mr. B is an unpretentious restaurant that is perfect for enjoying a laid back evening with friends and family. For New Year’s Eve, Mr. B will be serving a 8-course tasting menu to ring in the new year in style. 

Cordova – 4606 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, (514) 647-4338Cordova is a beautiful cafe-restaurant-bar hybrid that we come to when we want to enjoy excellent Spanish-inspired dishes and sip on delicious coffee, cocktails and wine. Everything here is made using local products! Cordova will be open on New Year’s Eve.  

Elena – 5090 Notre-Dame Street West, (514) 379-4883Elena is most renowned for having some of the best pizza in Montreal. This restaurant reimagines classic Italian cuisine inside a beautifully designed space that radiates conviviality. Elena will be open on December 31st and January 1st. 

Le Serpent – 257 Prince Street, (514) 316-4666 A true must-see on the Montreal gourmet scene, Le Serpent is one of the top Italian restaurants in the city. Furthermore, it’s one of the most beautiful, thanks to its stunning interior designed by Hubert Marsolais and Annie Lebel. For the holidays, Le Serpent will be open on December 31st and will be serving their regular menu. 

Larry’s – 9 Fairmount Avenue East, (514) 503-1070As one of our favourite cafes, restaurants and bars in the city, there is nothing that Larry’s can’t do well. In a charming space, Larry’s serves delicious and original small plates. They will be open with their usual service on December 31st and January 1st. 

Boxermans – 1041 Avenue Van Horne, (514) 495-4000A great bistro in Outremont, Boxermans offers a beautiful wine list that highlights small-scale producers. In terms of food, the restaurant serves refined small-plates that are perfect for sharing. For the holiday season, Boxermans will be open on New Year’s Eve only. 

Fuggazi – 1886 Centre Street, (438) 522-7499Restaurant Fugazzi, located in Pointe-Saint-Charles, is a fun and trendy address created by the well known Barroco restaurant group. This spot offers a pizzeria menu in a colourful and eclectic setting. The atmosphere here is always festive, so it’s the perfect place to celebrate a special evening! They will be open on December 31st. 

Loïc – 5001 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, (514) 439-6806At Tastet, we love coming to Loïc for their delicious dishes, impressive wine list and memorable cocktail menu. You can surely expect a party on the night of the 31st! 

Lawrence – 5201 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, (514) 503-1070As the brother restaurant of Larry’s, it comes as no surprise that we love Lawrence just as much. This address serves delicate dishes that are perfectly accompanied by a nice bottle of wine. The food is excellent, the wine list is great and the decor is beautiful. Luckily for us, Lawrence will be open on  December 31st and January 1st. 

Tacos Victor Mile-End 114, avenue Laurier Ouest, (514) 277-9500 In a small and unpretentious space, Tacos Victor serves excellent tacos all year round. Some of the tacos even have french fries in them, a recipe that Victor brought back from his childhood. Tacos Victor is the best place to enjoy a quick and easy meal, especially if you’re not someone who bodes well during the frenetic holiday season. They will be open on December 24th, 25th and 31st, as well as on January 1st.

Burgundy Lion – 2496 Notre-Dame Street West, (514) 934-0888Somewhat of a sports bar, the Burgundy Lion takes on the image of an old school English pub. People come here to catch the game, drink with friends and celebrate in the lively atmosphere. The cuisine here is just as traditionally English as the decor, and the kitchen will be open for the holidays on the evenings of December 24th and 31st. 

Fiorellino Laurier – 381 Laurier Avenue West, (514) 276-9593A brand new restaurant on Avenue Laurier West, Fiorllino is one of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal. It is home to some of the best pizzas, gnocchi and pasta in the city, and it all goes down in an absolutely beautiful setting. They will be open on December 31st. 

Stella – 1327 Laurier Avenue East, (514) 903-9448 Stella Pizzeria serves delicious pizzas in an extremely charming space. The quaint restaurant is perfect for celebrating a relaxed New Year’s Eve! 

La Fabrique — 3619, rue Saint-Denis, (514) 544-5038Everything about La Fabrique inspires a feeling of comfort and conviviality, and the dishes are just as charming as the atmosphere. We come here to enjoy a new take on homemade cuisine – perfect for a simple yet refined holiday evening. La Fabrique will be open on the 24th and the 31st of December, as well as the 1st of January. 

Le Darling – 4328 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, (514) 379-1233Le Darling is a café and bar that truly offers the best of both worlds; a relaxed atmosphere in the daytime that is perfect for enjoying a peaceful coffee and a bite to eat, and a festive and lively atmosphere in the evenings that is perfectly suited to celebrating the holidays with good friends and good beer. Darling will be open on December 31st. 

Barcola – 5607, avenue du Parc, (438) 384-1112Another one of the top Italian restaurants in the city, you can always count on Barcola to serve an excellent meal in their family-friendly brasserie atmosphere. For the holidays, Barcola is opening their doors on the evening of December 31st with a special menu to welcome the new year. 

Hélicoptère – 4255 Ontario Street E, (514) 543-4255Restaurant Hélicoptère is the hidden gem of Hochelaga. The dishes here are all incredibly refined and beautifully presented. The wine list offers something for everyone and includes several different natural, organic and biodynamic labels. The restaurant is open on the 31st of December to help you make the most of your New Year’s Eve! 

Beba – 3900 Rue Éthel, Verdun, (514) 750-7087 Beba is a wonderful Argentinian inspired restaurant in Verdun. Together, the Schor brothers have opened, yet again, a wonderful gourmet address that is well worth paying a visit. Beba will be open on December 31st. 

Chic restaurants opened on December 31, 2018:   

L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel — 426, rue Saint-Gabriel, (514) 878-3561For the holidays, l’Auberge Saint-Gabriel will be opening their doors for the 24th, 25th, 31st of December and the 1st of January. You can stop by to ring in the new year with an evening full of festivities on the 31st. You can also expect a particularly special menu from L’Auberge this holiday season. 

Renoir — 1155, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, (514) 788-3038As the flagship restaurant of Montreal’s Sofitel Hotel, Renoir serves a delicious haute cuisine that is among the best in the city. Come celebrate your holidays with a special menu at Renoir on the 24th, 25th and 31st of December, as well as the 1st of January.

L’Express – 3927 Rue Saint-Denis, (514) 845-5333 L’Express is absolutely an essential Montreal dining spot! Known to all, this address is home a delicious French cuisine that always impresses with its consistently perfect execution. For the season, the restaurant will be open on the 24th during the day, the 31st, and the 1st of January!

Rosélys — 900, boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, (514) 861-3511We come to Rosélys, the restaurant at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, to enjoy a really delicious cuisine. Here, we eat and drink well, but more than anything, we soak in the truly stunning decor. Rosélys will be open on the 24th, 25th and 31st of December, as well as the first of January.

H4C Saint-Henri – 538, Place Saint-Henri, (514) 316-7234 The cuisine at H4C, inspired by the chef’s world travels, has the ability to make you feel as though you’ve left Montreal for an abroad destination just for the evening. H4C prioritizes using local products to prepare their gourmet market cuisine. On the evening of the 31st, the restaurant will be serving a special holiday menu, and H4c will also be open on January 1st. 

Henri Brasserie Française — 1240, Square Phillips, (514) 544-3674Henri Brasserie Française serves a delicious French cuisine – the perfect comfort for a cold winter night. The decor sets the scene for an elegant evening, making you feel as though you’ve been swept away to Paris for the night. Henri will be open on the 24th, the 25th and the 31st of December, as the 1st of January.

Tavern on the Square – 1, carré Westmount, (514) 989-9779 Tavern on the Square is a chic restaurant that offers a French and Italian inspired menu in Westmount. We love their refined dishes that are prepared with local ingredients, and the impressive space is the perfect retreat from the cold winter. The restaurant will be open on December 31st.

Ferreira Café – 1446 Peel Street, (514) 848-0988Ferreira Café draws inspiration from the kitchens of Portugal to create its wonderfully elegant menu. One of the best Portuguese restaurants in town, Ferreira will delight you with its expansive menu and chic setting. Open for December 31st, this restaurant will be offering an  à la carte option in addition to their regular menu, specially for the holidays. 

Damas — 1201 avenue Van Horne, (514) 439-5435Damas, one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in the city, serves an excellent and elegant Syrian cuisine. The plates here are just as tasty as they are colourful and unique – we always leave Damas feeling incredibly satisfied. The restaurant will be open on December 24th, 25th 31st.

Jellyfish – 626 Margurite d’Youville Street, (514) 303-0908 Just for the evening of December 31st, Jellyfish has prepared a special holiday inspired menu. The chic address in Old Montreal consistently offers up great gourmet dishes that are inspired by the chef’s travels. You can always expect to discover some new flavours on a visit to Jellyfish! They will be open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. 

Jatoba – 1184 Place Phillips, (514) 871-1184A chic address in downtown Montreal, Jatoba offers an impressive menu of Asian inspired dishes. The address is perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate New Year’s in a particularly chic and festive setting. The restaurant is going to be open on December 31st and they will be serving a special holiday menu. 

Barroco – 312 Saint-Paul Street West, (514) 544-5800Barroco offers a Mediterranean cuisine in a very warm and inviting setting (it’s located inside one of the oldest buildings in Montreal). The restaurant feels festive every day of the year, so we can only imagine that it will be the perfect destination for a special New Year’s Eve. Barroco will be open on both December 31st and January 1st. 

Maison Boulud — 1228, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, (514) 842-4224Chic because of its sheer excellence, Maison Boulud is the top of the range when if comes to Montreal fine dining. We come here for a meal that is just a little extravagant, always refined, and of course, incredibly delicious. Maison Boulud is the perfect venue for the most special of celebrations. The restaurant will be open on the 24th, 25th and 31st of December, as well as the 1st of January.

Bouillon Bilk – 1595 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, (514) 845-1595 Bouillon Bilk is one of the finest restaurants in Montreal, and they are constantly surprising their guests with delicious  gastronomic experiences. The wine list is fitted out to suit even the finest of connoisseurs. This address will be open on December 31st. 

Leméac — 1045, avenue Laurier Ouest, (514) 270-0999 —  Leméac is well known amongst Montreal food fanatics as being a great place to enjoy a good drink and meal in a chic French brasserie setting. We come here to eat very well executed French classics. Leméac will be open on December 24th for brunch and on December 31st for brunch and dinner.

La Chronique – 104 Laurier Avenue West, 514-271-3095 Restaurant La Chronique is a true Montreal institution, having opened nearly 25 years ago. The house will be open on both December 24th and 31st, waiting for you to come celebrate the holidays! 

Le Marcus — 1440 Rue de la Montagne, (514) 843-2525Le Marcus restaurant is the highly anticipated gastronomic venture of the Four Seasons Hotel in Montreal. From the early hours of the morning until late at night, this address offers a gourmet menu to both the hotel guests and the general public alike. This restaurant is open on the 24th, the 25th and the 31st of December, as well as the 1st of January.

Some good bars:

Bar St-Denis – 6966 Rue Saint-Denis, (514) 276-9717 Bar Saint-Denis truly is one of the more magnificent bars in Montreal. Here, you will find some small dishes to snack on when your glasses run dry, as well as larger dishes suited for the perfect meal out. In terms of drinks, the house offers good bottles of wine at affordable prices, as well as a wide selection of beers and cocktails. They will be open on New Year’s Eve!

Bar Palco – 4019 Wellington Street, (514) 303-1345Bar Palco is a festive neighbourhood bar that will be offering a relaxed holiday atmosphere – perfect for drinking and eating well with good company. For the holidays, Palco will be opening its doors on December 31st and January 1st.

Bar Renard – 1272 Sainte-Catherine Street East, (574) 903-0648A true neighbourhood bar of the Village, we come to bar Renard to drink organic, biodynamic and natural wines while nibbling on some snacks. As one of the best places to visit in the neighbourhood, Renard will be opening their doors for the holidays, namely on December 24th, 25th and 31st, as well as on January 1st, from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Bar George – 1440 Drummond Street, (514) 669-9243Bar George is a truly magnificent restaurant and bar. Thanks to its grandiose interior and vintage aesthetic, this address makes you feel as though you’ve traveled back in time with each visit. They serve a menu of local cuisine that highlights products from Quebec. For the holidays, Bar George will be open on December 24th, 25th and 31st, as well as on January 1st. 

Bar Philémon – 111 Rue Saint Paul Ouest, (514) 289-3777Philémon is the always-welcoming bar of Ariel Goldstein and Zebulon Perron. Together, the duo have created a warm and festive address where you can drink and eat well. Open on the evenings of the 24th and 31st of December.

Harricana – 95 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest, (514) 303-3039 With a prime location at the borders of Little Italy and Mile-Ex, Harricana is on our list of the most beautiful bars in Montreal. In terms of food, they offer a wide range of well made comfort food dishes. They also offer a fine selection of homemade beers. This wonderful brewery will be open for New Year’s Eve! 

Milky Way – 1886 Centre Street, (438) 522 -7499Milky Way, a special hidden bar on the top floor of restaurant Fugazzi in Pointe-Saint-Charles, opened at the very beginning of 2019. It is well worth the trip, because nothing beats a night of pizza and cocktails! This wonderful address will be open for December 31st!

Nhau Bar – 600, rue William, (514) 379-4111 If you’re wondering why the address of Nhau Bar seems familiar, it’s because it is the hidden bar located inside the beloved restaurant Hà in Old Montreal. The space is stunning, thanks to the dim lighting and abundance of paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Just like at Hà, Nhau will be offering a special holiday formula on December 31st to make this New Year’s a memorable one. 

Atwater Cocktail Club – 512 Avenue Atwater, (438) 387-4252Although it can be a little hard to find, The Atwater Cocktail Club is a great option if you’re still looking for New Year’s Eve venues. This bar, tucked away behind restaurant Foiegwa, is characterized by its original decor, delicious cocktails and excellent menu. It is now on our list of Montreal bars that serve great food. 

Pullman – 3424 Avenue du Parc, (514) 288-7779 Pullman Wine bar was one of the first wine bars to open in Montreal, and to this day, is the most popular. Their wine list is dynamic and extensive, and their food menu is perfectly designed to compliment the wine list. Pullman will be open on the evening of the 31st. 

Bring Your Own Wine Restaurants –

Prince – 771 Rachel Street East, (514) 528-8555An excellent restaurant on the BYOW scene, Prince serves a high-end cuisine in a quaint location on Rachel Street. For the evening of December 31st, restaurant Prince is preparing a special holiday menu. 

La Prunelle – 327 Duluth Avenue East, (514) 849-8403 La Prunelle is one of the best BYOW restaurants in Montreal. They serve a market menu that highlights the freshness of the products used, with everything sourced from local producers. La Prunelle will be open on December 31st. 

Le Quartier Général — 1251 Rue Gilford, (514) 658-1839Le Quartier Général is one of the most popular BYOW restaurants in the city, and we come here to eat a warm and comforting meal. For the holidays, this address will be open on the 24th and the 31st of December!

Holiday Brunch:

Arthurs Nosh Bar – 4621 Notre-Dame Street West, (514) 757-5190Inside its charming and colourful dining room, Arthurs Nosh Bar serves a wide range of revamped Jewish specialty dishes. If you’re looking to start your Holiday mornings of right, there is no better place than Arthurs.  They will be open on the 24th for lunch, as well as on the 31st and the 1st of January. 

Janine Café – 3900 Rue Wellington, Verdun, (515) 543-5372The sister restaurant of Régine Café (an absolute must-try for brunch lovers), Janie serves tasty gourmet dishes in a welcoming atmosphere.  The restaurant will be open for brunch on December 24th and 31st!

Olive & Gourmando – 351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, (514) 350-1083 Olive and Gourmando is an excellent cafe located in the heart of Old Montreal. Beyond having amazing brunch and lunch menus, they are also home some of the best pastries in town. This wonderful address will be open on December 31st.

Régine Café – 1840 Rue Beaubien Est, (514) 903-0676This warm and welcoming address highlights the l products and producers of Quebec through their delicious and inspired cuisine. It’s the perfect place for a brunch with friends or the whole family. This address will be open on December 24th and 31st!

Capsa – 175 Ontario Street East, (514) 281-0202 Capsa is the new restaurant of the Boxotel hotel in Ville-Marie. With brunch, lunch, coffee and takeaway options, there is something for everyone at Capsa. The restaurant will be open on the 31st and the 1st! 

Dandy – 244 Rue Saint Jacques, (514) 289-9996 Located in Old Montreal, restaurant Dandy is the perfect place to enjoy a chic yet relaxed brunch or lunch. If you’re looking to enjoy a delicious day-time meal over the holidays, Dandy is for you! They will be open on December 31st. 

The Tastet team is wishing you all a happy New Years!

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