Caffe Un Po Di Piu: a beautiful Italian bistro in Old Montreal

Published on November 17, 2021

Caffe Un Po Di Piu opened its doors in Montreal’s Old Port in the summer of 2018. Here, you can enjoy fresh, original, and very delicious Italian cuisine, all set in a beautifully manicured space. Once again, we have the talented Eric Girard and Dyan Solomon from Olive and Gourmando and Foxy to thank for this wonderful restaurant.

The name ‘Un Po Di Piu’ signifies ‘a little more’ in Italian, and that is certainly what you’ll be asking for when you come here. The  concept of a bistro that could stay open all day long was inspired by Eric’s own trips to Italy, where cafés often serve coffee and brunch in the morning, lunch and tea in the afternoon, and dinner and cocktails in the evening. Any time of the day, any craving, Caffe Un Po Di Piu will be ready to please. 

The design of the space will be one of the highlights of any trip to Caffe Un Po Di Piu. Designed by the renown Atelier Zébulon Perron (also responsible for many of Montreal’s other stunning gourmet addresses), this restaurant is particularly eye-catching. “It was a collaborative effort, but he did it. We loved working with him!” says Eric, who also participated in the design process. The aesthetic focuses on rich materials to create a modern rendition of a vintage Italian bistro. Impressive light fixtures, an elaborate tiled floor, and a large bar at the centre of the restaurant all add to the overall feeling of luxury and abundance.  This restaurant has actually made it onto our list of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal x Ramacieri Soligo! During the summer season, the establishment also offers a beautiful terrace with over 85 seats.

Eric and Dyan are perfectionists – they waited fifteen years after opening their first restaurant before embarking on their second.  So why was this the right time for the third? “We bought this commercial space about a dozen years ago. We always told ourselves that it was crazy to build companies in other people’s buildings, because we needed guaranteed security. Our tenant’s lease was coming to an end, and Eric felt like this was this was the perfect opportunity. Like Olive and Gourmando, we wanted to open something in this space along the waterfront because there was nothing else in the area that resembled it.”

In the kitchen, we have a team lead by the talented chef Nicholas Giambattisto (formerly from Joe Beef), assisted by sous-chef Jess Malet (formerly from Larry’s). Together, this duo has created a menu of special dishes that are designed to be shared amongst a group. Everything is tasty and delicious. The menu features seasonal salads, market vegetables, meat dishes and fresh pastas. A house specialty is Nicky’s Club, and we highly recommend it! The menu will be adapted according to the produce available each season, but the fan favourites will always stay on the list. The cuisine here is fresh and original, in presentation, inspiration and flavours. And of course, you cant forget to save room for dessert! The sweets here are great. 

In terms of wine, you will have a selection off the list created by Kaitlin Doucette (also in charge of the menu at Olive and Gourmando). Wines at Caffe Un Po Di Piu are almost all organic, and are all Italian. For cocktails, they are offering a list of classic Italian drinks such as aperol spritz and belinis.

“The space is beautiful. We are also very proud of the food because we put a lot of effort into it.”  says Eric.

If you are looking for an address that will sweep you off your feet, we recommend Caffe Un Po Di Piu. For a brunch, lunch, exceptional coffee or dinner, it’s worth a try.

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