Restaurant suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Des suggestions de restaurants pour la Saint-Valentin

February is here and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. What better way to mark this day of love than with a romantic outing to a restaurant. On February 14th, let’s take some time for ourselves and for those we love, leaving behind work and everyday stresses to enjoy the good things in life. It goes without saying that one of these good things is a delicious meal and a nice drink with a loved one(s)!

On this list, you will find restaurants of all kinds to celebrate the day of love. Whether you’re looking for a casual address or something more upscale, there’s something for everyone.

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers, however. You can celebrate it with whomever you want. Friends and family will also find a place to share a beautiful evening together. For this, we also have a list of restaurants perfect for groups!

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And with that, have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Sending all our love ❤


Open since 2017, Boxermans is a lovely little bistro on Van Horne Avenue. The restaurant seats about 40, and offers a great evening menu. The concept behind Boxermans’ menu is one of freshness and sharing: its small plates are perfect for enjoying with close ones and allows you to sample a nice variety of dishes. To top it off, the restaurant offers a very nice wine list and a few house cocktails. Perfect for a casual yet refined Valentine’s Day outing. Photos Alison Slattery

1041 Avenue Van Horne


Moleskine is a gorgeous Montreal restaurant that divides its space between two floors. Here, you can enjoy comforting and very well executed simple plates, salads, and pizzas, along with pasta, fish and meat dishes. All is available for take-out as well. Many lovely options for a sweet Valentine’s Day meal. photos Dominique Lafond

3412 Avenue du Parc

Perles et Paddock

A superb restaurant in Griffintown, Perles et Paddock is one of Montreal’s most beautiful restaurants. The dining room is cleverly divided between a beautiful sleek space as well as a more intimate setting, and the menu is healthy without sacrificing flavour. The dishes are excellent and meant for sharing, with modest portions allowing you to try much of the menu. Perles et Paddock offers a refined look at market cuisine. photos Perles et Paddock  

403 Rue des Seigneurs


Le Monarque is simply magnificent. Also on the list of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal, it surprises with its spaciousness as well as the elegance of its decor. Above all, Monarque offers one of the best French menus in Montreal. Inspired by French brasserie cuisine, the restaurant’s menu is fresh, delicious and carefully crafted. On the brasserie side, you will find a comforting menu using seasonal products. On the dining room side, the four-course menu satisfies the most discerning palates. An address not to be missed. Photos Alison Slattery

406 Rue Saint-Jacques

Le Blossom

Le Blossom—both aesthetically and gastronomically—offers a sophisticated yet unconventional approach to Valentine’s Day. Another of Montreal’s most beautiful restaurants, Le Blossom incorporates a large artificial cherry tree in full bloom—hence the name of the establishment—into its modern decor. In terms of food, their approach is inspired by freshness and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant’s seating is organized around the kitchen bar; dishes come out quickly, and are prepared to be eaten right away. To top it off, Le Blossom offers one of the best sake lists in the city. Photos Le Blossom

1101 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

Restaurant Damas

At once one of the best restaurants for Middle Eastern fare and one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city, Damas offers exquisite Syrian cuisine. The plates are delicious and almost as colourful as the restaurant’s impressive decor. Fish and grilled meats are among the favourites on the menu, and will guarantee a memorable Valentine’s Day. Damas also offers one of the best tasting menus in Montreal, with plates perfect for sharing. Photos: Vesia Photography

1209 Avenue Van Horne


Foxy is already on our list of the most romantic restaurants in Montreal, making the address a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day. In its intimate atmosphere, Foxy serves market cuisine that evokes the comfort and peace of the countryside. The small plates are delicious and delicate, and executed with great finesse. All the cooking in the restaurant is done in a wood-fired oven, giving each plate a signature flavour. Foxy is simply a must for a Valentine’s Day date. Photos Alison Slattery

1638 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


Elena is the address of choice for pizza lovers this Valentine’s Day, serving some of the best pizza in Montreal. In addition to sharing its space with Club Social PS, they also share the same concept; both restaurants belong to the same owners and serve a “pizza, wine and coffee” formula. We particularly appreciate the heated terrace all year long. Enough to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day over a good pizza and a little February snow. photos Dominique Lafond

5090 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


Adding to the list of Montreal’s finest restaurants, Jellyfish Crudo+Charbon opens its doors to diners in the romantic streets of Old Montreal. The restaurant offers an unconventional yet delicious cuisine inspired by the chef’s many travels. The “Crudo” and “Charcoal” are direct references to the cuisine, which uses raw ingredients and gentle cooking with charcoal. Jellyfish ensures a very special Valentine’s Day outing.  Photos Patricia Brochu

626 Rue Marguerite-d'Youville

Bar George

Bar George is located in the former residence – now a heritage building – of Sir George Stephen, founder of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. People come for the local cuisine that is greatly inspired by Ireland and England. Part of the charm of the place is the uniqueness of its décor—you feel as though you’ve travelled back in time. Each room in the old house has adopted a distinct aesthetic, allowing you to choose the mood you like best this Valentine’s Day. photos Cindy La

1440 Rue Drummond


Impasto is an ode to the love of Italian cuisine. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than at one of Montreal’s best Italian restaurants? While the menu offers much more than just pasta, it must be said that their pasta is particularly delicious. Impasto takes you on a journey through Italy, using local products to showcase the best of this international cuisine. Impasto is simply delicious. Photos Julie Perreault

48 Rue Dante

Vin Mon Lapin

Formerly part of the Joe Beef family, Vin Mon Lapin’s cuisine is like a lighter version of Joe Beef’s; but just as comforting and original. To accompany a consistently delicious menu, the restaurant has an impressive wine list, offering private imports of remarkable natural wines. Mon Lapin is by far a favourite this year and for years to come. Alison Slattery

150 Rue Saint-Zotique East

Jun I

For any sushi lover, Jun I is a Montreal staple. In this elegant setting, we come to enjoy dishes presented with all the refinement, delicacy and technique now associated with Jun I. The restaurant is undoubtedly at the top of the list of the best sushi restaurants in town, in addition to presenting a menu of other dishes and desserts that are equally as stunning. Photos Jun I

156 Avenue Laurier Ouest
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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