25th Anniversary of the Montreal Casino: Come celebrate in style!

casino montreal 25ieme anniversaire fun facts

The Montreal Casino is celebrating its 25th anniversary- and a lot has happened here in the past 25 years! To mark this important anniversary, the Casino is offering an array of activities, surprises and celebrations to commemorate their success as one of Montreal’s premier entertainment venues. As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, here are 25 fun facts about the Montreal Casino:

  1. The Casino opened its doors on October 9, 1993, as the popularity of casino gaming grew amongst Quebecers.
  2. The French pavilion at Expo 67 was transformed into the official space of the Casino that we know and love today.
  3. Just two months after its official opening, the Casino was a huge success. More than 780,000 visitors had passed through its doors and in its first year of operation, the Casino had 12,000 visits per day!
  4. Twenty-five years ago, the Casino had 700 employees; today it has 2,800.
  5. In celebration of the Casino’s 20th anniversary, the team concluded construction on the new and improved space that we see today. The multimedia wall, designed in collaboration with Moment Factory, is one of the highlights.
  6. The Montreal Casino is the very first establishment of the Société des Casinos du Québec. It is also the largest in Canada!
  7. Since its opening a quarter of a century ago, the Montreal Casino has distinguished itself through its unique and dynamic architecture. It is an intrinsic part of the metropolitan landscape.
  8. Over the years, more than 649 builders have contributed to the design of this modern, world-class facility. Wow!
  9. Following the success of the Montreal Casino, Loto-Québec has created three other casinos in the province. You can discover other entertainment experiences in Charlevoix, Lac-Leamy and Mont-Tremblant.
  10. On September 8, 1997, the Casino became a 24-hour establishment, which increased operation hours by 4 hours a day.
  11. To celebrate its 25 years of success, the Casino is offering many entertaining activities, including: new slot machines, special decorations, a 25th anniversary signature cocktail and a beer, “La 1993”, brewed especially for the occasion in collaboration with the microbrewery of Le Lièvre!
  12. The casino market is a significant worldwide industry; in Quebec, the Montreal Casino is a major economic powerhouse.
  13. In order to remain a true leader in the entertainment market in Quebec, the Montreal Casino is in a constant state of innovation. Whether it is in terms of its exhaustive and creative entertainment services or the glamorous modernization of its spaces, the Casino ensures that quality is foundational.
  14. The central value of the Montreal Casino is to offer unparalleled customer service. In constant modernization and improvement, the establishment strives to remain exemplary in this regard.
  15. On the 31 of December 2003, the Casino reached its record number of daily visitors: 37,866 people!
  16. The Montreal Casino offers a gourmet dining experience to its visitors. Its catering offer has been continuously developing and the current culinary experience has been tailored to meet the tastes of a wide audience, while taking into account the various budgets of its visitors.
  17. Michelin starred chef Joël Robuchon opened the Atelier there in 2016. Offering a cuisine of the highest quality in a friendly and chic environment, the restaurant is a must for epicureans visiting Montreal in general, and the Casino in particular.
  18. To honour the talent and innovation of this great French chef who recently passed away, the Montreal Casino will organize an event in his memory as part of Montréal en Lumière. On February 26 and 28, Éric Bouchenoire, a great friend of Chief Robuchon, will be the guest conductor at a memorable evening at the Atelier. The excellence of French gastronomy will be the highlight of the evening!
  19. In partnership with Montréal en lumière, the Montreal Casino will host unique musical and gastronomic events this winter! Grégory Charles and Ariane Moffatt will be on site on February 21 and 27 at Le Montréal restaurant respectively. They will amaze you with a unique musical evening and share their passions for cooking.
  20. In 2009, Loto-Québec acquired the highest international certification for its responsible gaming management, awarded by the World Lottery Association (WLA).
  21. The Casino is constantly striving to improve its environment. In order to reduce its environmental footprint, systematic composting has been in place since 2012 and rigorous waste management is constantly in practice.
  22. In recent years, the Montreal Casino has acquired a multifunctional performance venue, hosting events of all kinds, from artistic evenings to boxing galas.
  23. The Montreal Casino has given way to a brand new generation of slot machines, allowing customers to configure the games according to their preferences and budget.
  24. An online world has recently been created by the Casino to allow you to play and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
  25. The 25th year of the Montreal Casino is definitely one of the most significant. To celebrate all of these years of entertaining its customers, the Casino is strengthening its reputation as a must-see destination with its bars, shows, restaurants, games and many unique activities. Wishing you 25 more wonderful years!


Thank you to the Casino for allowing the writing of this article.

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