Steak Frites in Montreal: Where to find the best Steak Frites

Last update on June 03, 2021
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Steak Frites in Montreal: Where to find the best Steak Frites

This dish is a fan favourite all over the world, but it is first and foremost a French classic. The simple pairing of steak and fries has become a staple on the menu at any French style brasserie. However, this classic can also be found in many types of restaurants! Especially if you’re trying to please a crowd of diverse palates, a plate of steak and potatoes and glass of good red wine will surely do the trick. Even better, served on a terrace in the summer!

A good Steak Frites requires the proper execution of both components. First, the pièce de résistance – the steak – must be prepared to the tastes of the recipient. Anytime you order a steak, you will be asked how you’d like it cooked: blue, rare, medium rare or well cooked. Although everyone’s steak preferences are different, we warn you that some pieces of meat lose all their tenderness if they are too cooked!

The traditional accompaniment to steak is a hefty pile of fries, however this can sometimes be supplemented with a salad. We recommend keeping the fries. According the traditions of Belgium’s national dish, french fries must be well browned, crispy, and served hot. Combined with a well-cooked steak, we are left with an inarguably iconic duo- the Bonnie and Clyde of the kitchen.

While the French and Belgians are fighting over the right to claim French Fries as their own, Montreal has been discretely mastering the Steak Frites dish. Chefs all over the Canadian city are serving their own takes on Steak Frites, both paying tribute to the classic and reinventing their new and surprising adaptations. This is why we are coming at you with a list of the best Steak Frites in Montreal!

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Enjoy your meal!

Le Chien Fumant

Le Chien Fumant has about thirty seats, and fills up every evening as soon as doors open. The small establishment in Plateau Mont-Royal never ceases to charm its guests. Coming to this restaurant is like coming over to a friends house, especially if your friends are great at hosting. The place is warm and comfortable, the décor simple and classic. On the menu is a sirloin steak with Provençal tomatoes in skirts, crushed potatoes and a béarnaise sauce. © photo François Léger-Savard
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We don’t always think of Sherbrooke Street as a gastronomic stopover. However, gritting your teeth through the traffic is a certainly worth an evening at the Renoir restaurant, located in the Sofitel Hotel. French cuisine is at its best here, and they make it a point to honour local products. The house offers a AAA prime rib steak with shot potatoes and bone marrow, all topped with a Bordeaux sauce. © photo François Léger-Savard
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Brasserie Bernard

Brasserie Bernard is a laid-back address on Avenue Bernard in Outremont. A Holder brothers’ venture (Holder restaurant, Majestic, Darling), this brasserie offers a French-inspired menu with a touch of home cooking flare. The address offers an affordable menu with oysters for $1 on Mondays, and a table d’hôte for $21 from Monday to Friday. Special mention to their AAA 12 oz beef rib steak. Accompanied by a béarnaise sauce with Quebec black garlic and French fries with duck fat, this Steak Frites is worth a visit. ©  photo Brasserie Bernard
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Leméac is an address that has been cherished since the day it opened, and where the quality is always consistent. In an elegant and classic setting, you can enjoy a traditional French brasserie menu, with tasty dishes and reasonable prices. The house offers an aged beef rib with chips and pepper sauce. A mastered classic! © photo Jimmy Hamelin
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On December 19, 1980, L’Express opened its doors on rue Saint-Denis and has since made itself known throughout the world. Recently, L’Express has acquired a new chef who successfully carries on the restaurant’s traditions. Very French cuisine, the menu changes very little; we come repeatedly for classics such as bone marrow, kidneys, poultry liver mousse or tartars. Of course, they serve a truly awesome grilled steak, served on a nest of French fries. © photo Alison Slattery — Instagram
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Restaurant Gus

Gus Restaurant is a comforting restaurant where you can enjoy generous meals, all in a friendly atmosphere. One of the house’s specialties is steak. Served with chips at lunchtime, their steak is a beef steak marinated for five days in a chipotle pepper sauce. In the evening, the fries are replaced by a delicious gratin dauphinois. © photo Vadim Daniel Photography
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