Where to eat lunch on a Monday: a few suggestions

Published on September 08, 2021
diner lundi midi

If there’s one time slot where it’s hard to arrange a business lunch or a lunch with friends, it’s Monday at noon. It seems that almost every restaurant in Montreal takes a break on Monday at lunch time. While everyone needs a day off, we understand your frustration in finding a place to get good food.

Instead of wasting your time searching the internet and trying to find a restaurant that fits your schedule, we decided to save you some time! Although the pool of restaurants open on Mondays is not very large, there are more than you might think. So we’ve put together a little list of restaurants for your Monday lunches! There are as many affordable addresses like Venice as there are chic ones like Monarque.

Maybe you’re looking for a place to lunch on another day of the week in Downtown? Check out our list of classic downtown lunches. Happy exploring!

Épicerie Pumpui

L’Épicerie Pumpui is a small resto-counter that opened in November 2017 on St-Zotique Street and offers a great menu with flavours from Thailand! The menu offered at Épicerie Pumpui offers mostly Thai dishes, but with influences from Southeast Asian cuisines. The items change a little each day, the base being always curries; served in soups, noodles, stir-fries, and more. Prices range from $3 to $19.5. The dishes are comforting, offer authentic tastes and are very tasty! To drink, there are different juices, sodas, Thai teas and coffees (very unique), and in summer they have an iced tea made with condensed milk.
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BarBara Vin

BarBara is a beautiful new address that opened on Notre-Dame Street West in January 2020. The menu is signed by David Pellizari with a special emphasis on fresh pasta and other small Italian delicacies. During the day, they have focaccia, zeppoli, bombolini and other dishes to savour on the go that make us hungry just talking about them. The house has a wine cellar full of products selected by Catherine Draws; small producers from here and elsewhere whose products can be enjoyed without thirst.
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Owners Vincent Châtelais and Dominic Laflamme opened their very first restaurant, Le Quartier Général, on the Plateau-Mont-Royal in 2009. This first project, characterized by its Bring Your Own Wine formula, was a great success in the neighbourhood thanks to its warm and inventive market cuisine.  Specialties include Gaspor piglet, tartare, veal chop, and foie gras. Inventive, accessible and downright delicious classics – perfectly suited to accompany one of your favourite bottles of wine.
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Mano Cornuto

An Italian cafe-restaurant in Griffintown, Mano Cornuto has been very popular since it opened! Everyone here seems to know each other, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Every day, the house prepares its own focaccias. These oven-baked flatbreads are offered with your choice of spread (truffle honey, fig or apricot jam) and ricotta cheese. The rest of the menu is designed to showcase excellent local and Italian products. There are a few fresh pasta dishes, colourful salads, two generous sandwiches (one of which is vegetarian), good pastries and plates of salami or crudo. For dessert, the kitchen offers a delicious doughnut that is a nice ending to any meal.
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Chez José

Located on Duluth Street, Chez José is a staple neighbourhood address. Over the years, the 25-year-old establishment has forged an identity that is both unique and shaped by the lives of its many regular customers. There are many options for sandwiches, breakfast plates, sweet and savoury crepes, soups, hearty salads and great smoothies. Each dish has its own story behind it, which makes the menu all the more interesting. Among our favorites is the Churrasco chicken sandwich; marinated chicken, guacamole, cheese, cucumber: perfect simplicity.
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Pho Lien

Pho Lien is a famous restaurant in the Côte-Des-Neiges neighbourhood: crowded from opening to closing, it offers one of the best pho soups in Montreal! When we come here, it’s not to admire the decor, but most certainly to savour their very good Vietnamese menu! Ms. Lien is the one who developed the recipes for the establishment. There are six starters, including some salads, excellent imperial rolls and spring rolls with peanut sauce. The specialty of the house, however, is the phở soup. Phở soup, or Tonkinese soup, is the national dish of Vietnam that is most commonly eaten for breakfast, but can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
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Venice MTL – St-François-Xavier

Venice MTL is a small restaurant with about 60 seats that opened its doors in Old Montreal. The concept of Venice MTL was to offer a place open during the day, in Old Montreal and downtown, offering healthy dishes, but especially very affordable. We’re talking salads, tartines, soups, tacos, pizzas, poke bowls, and desserts. Gluten-free, vegetarian and lactose-free options are scattered throughout the menu, and everything is as the place says: beautiful, good and cheap. They may not be reinventing anything, but what they do is done well.
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Well is an establishment on Wellington Street that opened in July 2017. The restaurant offers generous yet comforting cuisine in a friendly atmosphere. There are a dozen dishes on the menu including the deliciously decadent poutine with bacon or ham, egg sunny side up with pickles and the salmon and edamame gravlax – those Japanese peas – served with arugula and a poached egg. The bacon and ricotta pancakes is a customer favourite.
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Monarque is one of Montreal’s indispensable restaurants as well as one of the most beautiful in the city. Here, they invite their clientele to savour delicious French-inspired gourmet cuisine. On the menu of the brasserie, you will find dishes that vary slightly according to the season so that freshness is always at the table. Fish and seafood bouillabaisse, Cornish chicken, sweetbreads, taleggio veal meatballs and house-aged Prince Edward Island beef are among the delicious items on the menu. The dining room menu features a four-course offering that will change several times throughout the year. The dishes are often carefully crafted classics with a focus on market cuisine.
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helena loureiro


Located in Old Montreal, Helena is the restaurant of the Portuguese-born chef Helena Loureiro. In this elegant restaurant on McGill Street, one savours a cuisine with Portuguese influences that is both classic and modern. The menu includes hot and cold tapas (Pasteis de bacalhau, Mexilhão à portuguesa, Vieiras U, Chouriço assado, etc.) and, for the pièce de résistance, meat and fish dishes (Ensopado de borrego, Salada de polvo, Filetes de Sardi, etc.). The house also offers a nice wine list of private Portuguese imports.
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Ferreira Café

Ferreira is a Montreal institution and one of the best Portuguese restaurants in the city. Ferreira is the very definition of Portuguese class. The renowned restaurant has earned its reputation through years of hard work and constant renewal. Carlos Ferreira opened the restaurant to introduce Montrealers to his country’s cuisine, but his daughter Sandra has been helping him run the restaurant for some time now and has brought a breath of fresh air to the place. The restaurant has recently redone its decor to give a new look to the establishment. We love this address for its delicious cuisine and its festive evenings. We come here to savour fresh fish, grilled seafood and Portuguese-style meat.
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Renoir is the chic and delicious restaurant of the Sofitel Montreal Le Carré Doré hotel, in the heart of downtown. The lunch and dinner menus change seasonally. For lunch, the chic address offers a formula for $36 per person.  Among the signature dishes on the menu is the pork and lobster dish, a plate that remains on the menu even if the garnish changes. Renoir is also known for making some of the best beef ribs in Montreal.
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Food at Café Chez Téta

Café chez Téta

On the corner of Rachel East and Laval, Café Chez Téta officially opened its doors in October 2020, in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Café Chez Téta’s menu was created based on the traditional Lebanese oven used to make flat bread, commonly known as man’ouché, a very popular dish in Lebanon. The menu also includes other Lebanese classics such as hummus, baba ghanouj and a fattouche salad, as well as cakes, two of which are vegan.
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Kazu meilleurs restaurant japonais montreal


Kazu is already on our list of beautiful, good and cheap restaurants and we think it deserves its place on this one! The establishment is open every night and offers Japanese delicacies at very low prices, in a fun, warm and always full atmosphere. The place is casual, but the quality of the dishes is quite sophisticated. We owe the excellence of the dishes to the chef Kazuo Akutsu, who prepares the menu that we savour here. Japanese pancakes, dumplings, carpaccio and shrimp burgers are to be tried. We often see a line to eat here, but the service is good and fast.
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India Rosa

India Rosa is a restaurant that allows Indian food to blend seamlessly with the Montreal summers. The dishes are well executed while being served in generous portions designed for sharing with friends or lovers. Like any good Indian restaurant, the butter chicken is simply delicious. We also like the lamb Madras, a classic that does not disappoint. The menu also includes a few Naan pizzas that recall the Indo-Italian fusion of Sandhu, one of the owners’ other restaurants.
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