Montreal’s Most Beautiful Restaurants

Caffe Un Po Di Piu montreal

It is often said that the visual aspect of a gourmet experience is just as important as the flavours of the food that is being served. Just like how we appreciate a dish that has been prepared with care and skill, dining in a beautiful space can often be the cherry on top of a meal. There is nothing that elevates the culinary merits of a dish more than serving it in a dazzling environment! A restaurant’s decor is a physical manifestation of the efforts and investment of the restaurateurs. With the right lighting, the right furniture, and a fluid arrangement of the space, a dining experience has the potential to transform from being mediocre to incredible.

It is with great pleasure that we present to you our list of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal. The restaurants featured on this list are all meticulously groomed examples of just how important the environment is to the overall dining experience. At these addresses, we savour the decor just as much as the dishes!

If you are looking for more suggestions for addresses where you can spend an evening in style, have a look at our list of the most beautiful bars in Montreal. For hot summer days, you may prefer our list of the most beautiful restaurant terraces, or the most beautiful bar terraces. Finally, why not make your mornings a little more luxurious with a coffee in one the most beautiful cafés in Montreal!

Gentile Pizza Parlour

Gentile Pizza Parlour is a pizzeria where all of Westmount is rushing to. The decor is 80’s New York with just the right amount of retro and elegance. The restaurant design is the result of a collaborative effort; Anthony had a vision, Zebulon made it a reality. “It’s a bit of a nostalgia trip, an exercise of memory,” explains the designer.

4134 Rue Sainte-Catherine


Pichai is the long awaited restaurant from the Pumpui team. The beautiful décor is once again designed by the team in collaboration with architect Clothilde Caille Lévesque, which echoes the Pumpui décor with distinctly Asian overtones. The owners have also called upon Montreal artists such as Dana Slijboom for the artwork on the wall.

5985 Rue Saint-Hubert

Le Blossom

There was no hesitation when deciding to include Blossom on this list – it has been one of Montreal’s most beautiful restaurants since the day it opened! It comes as no surprise that the cherry blossom tree in the centre of the dining area is the focal point of the decor.  However, if you take a moment to look beyond the impressive indoor tree, you will be equally as amazed by the modern geometric design of the bar, the neutral tones of light wood and white walls, and the restaurant’s lighting. The combination of the trendy aesthetic, festive atmosphere, and delicious Japanese cuisine and sake, will pretty much guarantee you a lovely evening. The superb space is the product of a collaboration between designer Guillaume Ménard of Atelier Mainor and the vision of the owners, Dan Pham (Kamehameha Snack Bar, Red Tiger), Viet Truong and Nam Truong. Christian Brault

1101 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

Restaurant Damas

Restaurant Damas is on our list of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal thanks to it’s charming design, and it’s unique ability to let us escape from the busy Montreal life, even just for an evening. Walking through the restaurant door makes you feel like you’re traveling from Van Horne Avenue in Montreal to an elegant restaurant in the heart of Syria. The most striking features of restaurant Damas are the abundance of vibrant red tones, and the ceiling covered in hanging glass lanterns. There was no questioning about whether Damas should be on the list of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal, due to its uniqueness and elegance. photo Vesia Photography

1201 Avenue Van Horne

Le Serpent

Le Serpent is not only one of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal, it is also one of the most beautiful! This wonderful restaurant is located in the same building as Darling Foundry, which helps explain the focus on the industrial materials and aesthetic that characterize the space. Black and white are the featured colours of Le Serpent, which elevates the interior to an elegant space that is worthy of hosting any special occasion. Suspended light fixtures maintain a romantic dim lighting during the evening. photo Tora Chirila

257 Rue Prince

Perles et Paddock

If you have ever taken a stroll through the side streets of Griffintown, the likelihood is that you have already seen the Perles and Paddock restaurant.  Tucked away behind rue Notre-Dame, the bright white building dramatically stands out from the neighbourhood’s usual somber colouring. Upon entering the building, you will notice two distinct atmospheres that split the restaurant in half – a chic dining room and a more casual eatery. The chic side of the restaurant features lots of white, marble,  light wood, copper accents, and lot of plants, which all give it a pristine appearance. Passing into the second dining room, the space takes on a more yellow hue and warm atmosphere, where you will find yourself wanting to stick around as enjoy the comforting space as long as possible. The beauty of Perles and Paddock is that it’s like having two beautiful restaurants in one!  The credits for the amazing design go to owner Maxime Perrault, architect Maurice Martel and the firm FX Studio Design. photo : Perles et Paddock

403 Rue des Seigneurs


Restaurant Leméac is best known as a chic brasserie with delicious French cuisine. However, part of what makes the food here so delicious is the beauty of the setting in which it is served. Leméac is designed in such a way that you will feel like you’ve traveled from modern day Montreal to a brasserie in France from a past era. Located at the corner of Laurier Avenue West and Durocher Street, the restaurant is bathed in beautiful natural light almost all day long. The walls and ceiling of Leméac are covered in dark wood, which looks especially striking next to the white tables. The decor of the establishment was designed by the late Luc Laporte, an exceptional Montreal architect. photo Jimmy Hamelin

1045 Avenue Laurier Ouest


Restaurant Foxy, located in the heart of Griffintown on rue Notre-Dame, is the perfect vision of a romantic date night restaurant. Dark tones and dim evening lighting make the space especially atmospheric, while the layout of the restaurant keeps it all feeling casual and inviting. The decor is the result of the imagination of owners Dyan Solomon and Éric Girard as well as the know-how of Éric Filtreau and his team at MO Design Workshop and Architecture. The lighting fixtures of Foxy are the star attraction – they provide the restaurant with the subdued luminosity that made us fall in love with it in the first place. Ramacieri Soligo participated in this magnificent project. photo : Restaurant Foxy

1638 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Bar George

Bar George is located in the former residence of Sir George Stephen (founder of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company), which is now a registered heritage building. This bar is one of our favourites to go to for a chic evening, especially in the downtown area. Designed by Metaphore Design company, the interior of the bar and restaurant perfectly compliments the grand exterior of the heritage site. Bar George is separated into two main sections;  the bar and the restaurant.  The bar is lit in a reddish glow and the decor was made to match. The restaurant sports shades of green through out the whole space, black upholstered chairs, and an impressive wall tapestry. This establishment is truly a hidden gem out of Montreal’s long and complex history. Bar George

1440 Rue Drummond


If you are an avid follower of Tastet, you should by now be well aware of our appreciation for this restaurant. L’Express is a true Montreal institution, and it is featured on many of our lists, including our favourite spots to dine alone.  Opened in December of 1980, the decor, which was designed by the late Luc Laporte, has remained almost unchanged for more than 35 years. As if it exists in a time capsule, L’Express allows us to journey back in time and into the 80s for an evening. The ambient noise, the perfectly tailored uniforms of the staff, the rattling of utensils and the sound of the workstations – every detail of the restaurant has been meticulously designed to enhance the elegance of the overall setting. photo Le Devoir

3927 Rue Saint-Denis


Restaurant Jatoba is best known for it’s delicious East-Asian cuisine, but we also love it for the dramatic transformation it undergoes each time day turns into night. The restaurant’s decor, which exudes warmth, friendliness and comfort, was designed by Amlyne Phillips, designer of the Design & Co Chamber. Wood, brick, stone, marble and greenery are combined with the impressive architecture of the building to create a space that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. photo Jatoba

1184 Rue du Square-Phillips

Le Filet

Le Filet is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal, of course because of its remarkable interior, but also because it so perfectly intertwines the beauty of Mother Nature with one of our favourite things – fine dining. At the centre of the restaurant, dividing the bar area from the dining room, is a artificial cenote (a cenote is a naturally occurring collapse in the earth where water collects and marine life develops). Diners can admire the underwater world as they sip drinks at the bar or savour delicious cuisine in the dining room. The interior space was designed by owner Hubert Marsolais and architect Annie Lebel. The distinction between the lighting at the bar and in the dining room really reflects the atmosphere that the duo had envisioned. photo Adrien Williams et James Brittain

219 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest


For Montrealers, restaurant Milos needs no introduction. In addition to being one of the best Greek restaurants in Montreal, the establishment has become synonymous with the highest quality service and cuisine in the city. The already impressive Milos building was given a makeover in 2015, and the updated version is somehow even more beautiful. The restaurant’s dining room is clearly greatly inspired by the quintessential Greek aesthetic. White is the dominant colour, and the entire space is incredibly bright and inviting. Some parts of the room are made warmer by very delicate lighting, which is better suited for the evening. The most impressive feature is the large fresh fish bar that greets you as you walk into the dining room, allowing you to admire the high quality products the kitchen uses to execute their amazing dishes. The restaurant is ideal for anyone looking for a particularly elegant evening. Ramacieri Soligo participated in this project. photo Le Milos

5357 Avenue du Parc


The atmosphere at restaurant Elena is welcoming, playful and fun, all while maintaining a distinctly elegant aura. Designed by the talented Kyle Goforth, designer of Boxermans and Bar Loïc, the space is reminiscent of the Italian retro aesthetic. Neutral coloured walls and flooring allow the colourful accents to pop even more. Blue, purple, orange and yellow seating are juxtaposed with white marble tables, perfectly reflecting the overall personality of Elena and its team – refined with a fun flare. Elena is a festive address with a decor that screams ‘summer’. photo: Restaurant Elena

5090 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest


This restaurant was designed by owners Francis Rodrigue and Roberto Pesut, and sports a refreshing and unique design. Beautiful chandaliers hang from the high ceilings, juxtaposed against the otherwise industrial-style room. Painted portraits decorate the walls, and classic wooden tables give diners a comfortable place to eat. The combination of contrasting aesthetics, detailed lighting, and comfortable furniture all come together to made this restaurant one of the city’s most beautiful. The decor of the Jellyfish Crudo+Charbon is dynamic, explosive and harmonious! photo Patricia Brochu

626 Rue Marguerite-d'Youville


Lawrence, a key player in the Montreal restaurant scene for a while now, has completely updated its decor! Taking advantage of the creative talent of co-owner Annika Krausz, the team has taken a more mature and chic approach to the design of Lawrence, but of course, the restaurant still remains friendly and welcoming. Orange and blue are the primary colours in the new design, which helps create a playful and vibrant atmosphere. Some of the walls are painted a deep royal blue while another is entirely covered with beautiful ceramic tiles (signed Ramacieri Soligo, no less). A semi-circular island serves as a counter in the centre of the restaurant, and it helps make the space feel like a true gathering point for the community. We love the update! bar Matthew Perrin

9 Avenue Fairmount Est

Vin Mon Lapin

Mon Lapin, one of if not the favourite wine bar of Montreal, is the latest addition to the Joe Beef family. After the success of Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Vin Papillon, the amazing team behind these establishments opened up  Mon Lapin. A highlight of this establishment located at the corner of Saint-Zotique and Casgrain, is the abundance of natural light that shines through at the end of the day. The 30 seat space is open concept and very welcoming – white walls, red wine coloured leather benches and wooden tables. Everywhere, there are charming flowers arrangements that give the room a special feeling of liveliness. On the walls, you will notice a few paintings inspired by rabbits, woodlands and hunting, which contribute to the culinary experience you will have here as a diner. This beautiful space was designed by the owners. Small and intimate, a night at Mon Lapin Wine Bar feels like going over to a close friend’s house for a dinner party! photo Alison Slattery —

150 Rue Saint-Zotique Est

Caffe un po di piu

Caffe Un Po di Piu is the newest restaurant of Éric Girard and Dyan Solomon, who are the proud owners of Olive and Gourmando and restaurant Foxy. The magnificent space of about sixty seats was designed by the famous designer Zébulon Perron. “It was a collaborative effort, but he did it. We loved working with him!” says Éric. The room is reminiscent of the beautiful cafés that are iconic of Italy. Rich materials, impressive light fixtures, a large bar that makes up the majority of the restaurant’s backdrop; it is really a remarkable space. During the summer season, the establishment also offers a terrace with 85 seats! photo Alison Slattery —

3 Rue de la Commune Est

Bird Bar

Delicious fried chicken and champagne in an absolutely stunning setting – what else could you ask for? Created in collaboration with the Gauley Brothers and chef Kimberly Lallouz, the interior of the restaurant leaves an immediate impression. Bird Bar is really elegant, with a beautiful front door which makes for a dramatic entrance, wooden floors, a long marble bar, black velvet stools, and lights that are reminiscent of sunrise and sunset (and Kimberly’s great interest in Burning Man). This sixty seat space is original, chic and comfortable, all at the same time. photo Alison Slattery —

1800 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Montréal Plaza

Montreal Plaza is the restaurant of Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson, and it is located in Plaza St-Hubert. Even from the outside, this restaurant will catch your eye thanks to a large glass door and comical neon chicken sign. And of course, the design only gets better once you head on inside. The decor is a mixture of “Zebulon and Charles-Antoine”, or maybe more “Charles-Antoine by Zebulon”, as we were told by Charles-Antoine himself. The place is chic and elegant, however the atmosphere remains relaxed. The decor is reminiscent of a classic brasserie, but it also reflects Charles-Antoine’s exciting personality! photo Mickaël Bandassak

6230 Rue Saint-Hubert


There are so many small details that come together to make Monarque as special as it is, but what hits home the hardest has to be the scale and grandeur of the space. A mixture of raw and rich materials gives the room an elegant, chic and classic look, worthy of the finest restaurants in the world. Monarque is a restaurant that we recommend if you are in need of something truly show stopping, or if you have an appreciation for attention to detail, as we do at Tastet. Of course, we can’t forget about Monarque’s excellent gourmet cuisine and incredibly attentive service. One word: Wow! photo Alison Slattery —

406 Rue Saint-Jacques


Ryú Westmount opened its doors in August 2018, and offers excellent Japanese cuisine served in a bright setting that compliments the freshness of their food. Designed by Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design (also responsible for Le Blossom, Red Tiger, and Kamehameha Snack-Bar), the space can be summed up with ‘elegance and modernity’. During the day, the Ryú Westmount dining room is very bright thanks to large windows, while in the evening, it gives way to a more chic atmosphere. Ryú is one of the best Japanese restaurants in town and serves some of the best sushi in Montreal! : David Dworkind

4185 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Henri Brasserie française

Henri Brasserie Française is a new restaurant in the downtown area of Montreal, and it is incredibly stunning. The decor of the place, designed by Zébulon Perron, is superb – magnificent windows, rich materials and vertiginous ceilings characterize the space. We especially like the sophisticated and classic atmosphere of the restaurant, which is a reflection of the historic building in which it is located. As for the menu, the house’s excellent dishes are all inspired by French cuisine and ingredients from Quebec’s terroir. A superb address to discover in the city centre. Henri Brasserie française

1240 Phillips Square


Restaurant Dandy is comfortably located in the heart of Old Montreal, and is open from morning until late afternoon – they specialize in brunch! The address is intended to be a refuge for the local passers-by for when they want to get away from the neighbourhood’s hustle and bustle. The interior of the Dandy focuses on cool geometric shapes and fun colours. The space breathes and circulates easily thanks to the open-concept floor plan and mirrors dotted throughout, and the restaurant stands out because of it’s retro-modern design. Dandy’s decor relaxes all of its visitors and makes them feel at home, which is precisely why we included it on this list! photo Alison Slattery —

244 Rue Saint-Jacques
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