Ratafia: A delightful wine bar in Little Italy

Ratafia Ratafia Ratafia Ratafia Ratafia Ratafia Ratafia Ratafia Ratafia Ratafia

Ratafia: A delightful wine bar and restaurant in Little Italy, passionately helmed by Sandra Forcier and Jared Tuck, promises exquisitely executed savory dishes, fantastic desserts (nothing less!), and a splendid wine selection.

A Fresh Concept

Ratafia pays homage to a delicious nectar discovered by the couple during a trip to the Champagne region. This refined and festive Italian dessert wine perfectly embodies the restaurant’s spirit, combining pleasure and elegance. Having lived in Little Italy for nearly a decade, the couple fell in love with a rental space one December night, which became Ratafia in 2019. Sandra, passionate about sweet delights, and Jared, a wine enthusiast, naturally merged their passions to open a wine and dessert bar. After several successful years, they decided it was time for a radical change in their concept. The pandemic proved to be a turning point for the couple, prompting them to develop a menu that also includes savory options.

Exquisite Cuisine from Start to Finish

Ratafia’s cuisine is distinguished by its delicate refinement, revealing a feminine touch. The concise menu features eight dishes that vary with the seasons and the team’s inspirations. There’s always a pasta dish, along with three classics that remain on the menu permanently. If you have the chance to taste the sweet potato agnolotti with ricotta and salted butter, we promise you’ll love it.

The savory dishes are irresistible, but it would be a crime to skip the desserts. Here too, they offer eight choices, including three classics always on the menu. Among them, don’t miss the must-try medovic, a Russian honey cake with a filling that varies with the seasons. Ours was banana-flavored and completely blew us away! It’s quite rare to find such excellent plated desserts in a restaurant.

In terms of beverages, Ratafia offers a solid cocktail menu, regularly refreshed. Jared’s carefully crafted wine list showcases his favorites, ranging from classic wines to funkier choices, primarily from Northern Italy and Burgundy. There’s something for every budget. The restaurant stands out for its extensive selection of dessert wines and offers pairings for both savory and sweet dishes.

Collaborative Creativity

Behind every dish served at Ratafia lies true teamwork, where each member contributes their expertise. Sandra, with her artistic flair, guides the creation, while the kitchen brigade brings her ideas to life with skill and precision. This harmonious collaboration creates a dynamic atmosphere, resulting in dishes that not only delight the palate but also tell a story of camaraderie and creativity.

The dining experience is equally warm and inviting, encouraging guests to settle in for a long meal with friends or loved ones. Guests are greeted by a truly cohesive team in a cozy setting with hints of red and black, creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and sexy. What particularly draws us to Ratafia is the attention to service: the front-of-house staff clearly emphasizes customer satisfaction. Moreover, while the savory dishes are deliciously flavorful, the desserts are simply divine!

Happy Discovering!

Photography by Alison Slattery

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