The best restaurants of Plateau Mont-Royal

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The Plateau Mont-Royal, more commonly known as “Le Plateau,” stands out as one of the most vibrant and picturesque neighborhoods in Montreal. Its streets adorned with colorful townhouses invite leisurely strolls and are lined with eclectic boutiques and art galleries. The stunning murals adorning its walls add an artistic touch to its undeniable charm.

The main arteries of the neighborhood, such as Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Rue Saint-Denis, and Avenue du Mont-Royal, are bustling hubs, frequently hosting sidewalk sales, street festivals, and other lively events. But what truly shines in Le Plateau are its dining and entertainment establishments. Its diversity is reflected in its culinary scene, offering a plethora of enticing options for every palate. From intimate bars to lively cafes to cozy restaurants, Le Plateau offers a culinary experience worthy of its reputation.

If you’re seeking recommendations to tantalize your taste buds in this vibrant neighborhood, we’ve compiled a list of must-visit addresses. This diverse selection will guide you from the best wine bars to delicious grab-and-go sandwiches.

Of course, this list only scratches the surface of what Le Plateau has to offer. If you’re looking to explore other gourmet neighborhoods in Montreal, we invite you to check out our recommendations for Saint-Henri, Petite-Bourgogne, Mile-End, and Outremont.

Bon appétit and happy exploring!


L’Express is a staple of the Montreal dining scene and a true institution – it has been around since 1980! Everything about the restaurant, from the decor to the menu, is classic, which is part of the reason it has been so successful for so long. The interior was designed by the famous Montreal architect, the late Luc Laporte, whose many major projects are renowned in Montreal. The menu has remained virtually unchanged over the past 40 years and everything is homemade (except for the bread). From the pickles made twice a day to the signature sauces, the team at L’Express puts a lot of love and attention into everything that is served here. The particularly stylish and attentive service is also a model of its kind!

3927 Rue Saint-Denis

Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon is the place to go when you want to taste delicious (and very) comforting Quebecois cuisine. This restaurant is one of the best in the city and a staple of the Montreal food scene! The atmosphere here is always very friendly and very festive. The house is the image of its owner: extreme, intense, generous and friendly. On the menu, you’ll find creative dishes whose portions are often beyond comprehension. But the excess is sure to bring unforgettable evenings, whether from the sheer pleasure or from a liver crisis.

536 Avenue Duluth Est

Le Filet

Le Filet is indeed one of the best and most beautiful restaurants in Montreal, and it’s one of our favorites too! The decor here is both chic and original, taking inspiration from the sea and its wonders. With metallic highlights and nautical-themed artworks, it evokes the shimmering water beautifully. Service is paramount here; the welcome is always courteous and friendly, and each customer is treated with the utmost attention. The three-part menu – game, set, and match – is executed with precision and application. It showcases dishes inspired by the chef’s Japanese origins and his training in French cuisine. It’s a very personal creation of the chef, featuring original dishes and plates of rare finesse.

219 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest

Rouge Gorge

Opened since March 1st, 2015, Rouge-Gorge is a must-visit wine bar on the Plateau when you want to have a glass of wine in a cozy atmosphere. It’s a pleasant and unpretentious place that simply fosters the pleasures of the table. A warm place that invites you to come back! In the kitchen, Chef André Médina prepares delightful treats with a seasonal menu. You can taste delicious small portions, perfect for sharing so the wine doesn’t go to your head too quickly. Whether it’s for a light snack with a glass of wine or to satisfy the most hungry, the house will meet your expectations and satisfy you until late at night!

1234 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Le Darling

We particularly love the unique decor of the bar, and we appreciate that the place is also a superb café. You can work there during the day and end with a few drinks and some very nice bites with friends. The place is perfect for lounging or for a drink at any time of the day. A great success!

4328 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Majestique

Majestique is a bar that we hold dear and is among the best bars to eat in Montreal. What makes Majestique a success is everything about it: its festive atmosphere, its high-quality products both in the kitchen and on the wine list. The team takes pride in offering a simple yet well-executed product to a very loyal clientele. We love Majestique for a relaxed evening where we easily get charmed by good wine.

4105 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Byblos le Petit Café

Byblos is an Iranian restaurant that first opened its doors on Laurier East Street in July 1989, and this small restaurant feels like a big family! People come here for the charm of the place and the enriching experience of indulging in Middle Eastern delights. The menu at Byblos remains largely the same, but patrons return for their unconditional favorites. Our personal favorite is the feta omelette, which is delicious.

1499 Avenue Laurier Est

Kitano Shokudo

Kitano Shokudo aims to be an everyday bistro, where people come and go throughout the day. Through its small plates, Hiroshi Kitano shares his version of comforting Japanese fusion cuisine crafted with quality ingredients. Behind this project is a passionate chef and restaurateur who believes in providing his customers with friendly service and a cuisine “full of soul”.

143 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Café Ohayo

Café Ohayo, located on Avenue Mont-Royal, offers delicious Japanese small plates and excellent coffee in a modern and bright setting. The Café Ohayo menu pays homage to yōshoku: Western-inspired dishes with a Japanese twist, a genre very popular in Japanese cuisine. The menu is short, but everything on it is excellent.

145 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Satu Lagi

Satu Lagi is a project by Kevin Larken, also behind the restaurant Krapow, which transports us directly to the streets of Bali. Whether it’s for a romantic evening or with friends, Satu Lagi is the destination to taste delicious small dishes inspired by Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine!

1361 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Patati Patata

The restaurant Patati Patata is one of those places where you love to return for lunch or dinner without emptying your wallet and to satisfy your appetite or irresistible craving for a delicious little poutine. We also love the small size of the place and its friendly atmosphere. Patati Patata is a Montreal classic that never goes out of style!

4177 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Café chez Téta

Café Chez Téta officially opened its doors on October 14, 2020, right in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. In a modern, welcoming, and warm space, you’ll find Antoun and Mélodie, a passionate and loving couple who offer us the chance to taste traditional Lebanese cuisine with a touch of local flavors. All dishes at Café Chez Téta are homemade with a lot of love.

227 Rue Rachel Est

La Panzeria

Located on Saint-Denis Street in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal, La Panzeria is an authentic Italian café serving traditional cuisine from Puglia, a region in southern Italy forming the heel of the “boot.” Some Italians in the city will tell you that there is no better focaccia in Montreal than at La Panzeria. Now it’s up to you to try it yourself and form your own opinion.

4084 Rue Saint-Denis


Schwartz’s is an institution and a must-visit spot in Montreal, offering some of the best smoked meat in the city since 1928! Visitors from around the world come here to indulge in smoked meat sandwiches. It’s not about the particularly charming décor here, but about delighting in one of Montreal’s most impressive sandwiches.

3895 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Satu Lagi

Satu Lagi est un projet de Kevin Larken, aussi derrière le restaurant Krapow, qui nous transporte directement dans les rues de Bali. Que ce soit pour une soirée romantique ou entre amis, Satu Lagi est la destination pour goûter de délicieux petits plats d’inspiration indonésienne et malaisienne!

1361 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
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Photography by  Alison Slattery

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