The Best Espresso Martinis in Montreal

The Espresso Martini: the latest trend. This cocktail made with espresso (of course), vodka, coffee liqueur and simple syrup is the talk of the town these days.

Very popular at the turn of the millennium, the famous caffeinated cocktail is making a comeback on the menu of many bars and restaurants. Since the main ingredient of this cocktail is coffee, the establishments on this list have to serve good coffee! Some offer a creative version of the cocktail, while others simply execute a classic version with flair.

We like to drink this martini at the end of a meal, at brunch and even as an apéritif. It is usually served in a martini glass and garnished with coffee beans. This list will help you find the best Espresso Martinis in Montreal and perhaps inspire a little tasting!

This cocktail wasn’t invented yesterday. In fact, it was invented by Dick Bradsell in the 1980s in London. He was simply inspired by the smell of the coffee machine behind the bar where he worked. That’s how the vodka martini variation was born, and coffee lovers are thankful for it.

For those of you who don’t enjoy the taste of coffee, you can check out our list of the best cocktails in Montreal for more options.



Known for its cocktail menu, Kabinet is a small French-style bistro located in the Mile End. Its food menu is just as delicious and fresh as its drink menu. Espresso Martini (or other), you won’t be disappointed.  

98 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Bar St-Denis

Bar St-Denis, located in Villeray, offers fresh, contemporary, and seasonal cuisine. Its decor is warm and friendly, and you’re sure to feel good there. Although the place is known for its long and impressive wine list, the team has also worked on some signature cocktails. You will find among others the Quick Espresso (gin, crème de cacao, espresso and cream), an original and delectable variation of the Espresso Martini.

6966 Rue Saint-Denis

Restaurant Mélisse

Le Mélisse, located in Old Montreal, offers delicate, fresh and well-seasoned cuisine. Their wine list is also very interesting. If you feel like a good Espresso Martini, we invite you to try their version!  

719 Rue William

Caffe un po di piu

Caffe un po di piu is an exceptional place in Old Montreal where you can enjoy delectable Italian cuisine. Whether it’s for an appetizer, lunch, or dinner, you can eat and drink well here. Their classic Espresso Martini is delectable and on top of that, they use a Quebec vodka. What’s not to love?

3 Rue de la Commune Est


Located in Hochelaga, Supernat offers an Asian-inspired cuisine. For the cocktail menu, they called upon the talents of Maximiliano Vallée Valletta of Club Local Cocktails and Spirits. He created Asian-inspired cocktails to tie in with the menu. His version of the Espresso Martini (the Espresso Coco Martini) is fresh and slightly exotic. A must-try!  

4316 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Restaurant Moccione

Moccione is an Italian restaurant in Villeray that is on our list of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal. All the cocktails are the work of the talented Lori Chiaradia. We strongly recommend you choose one of her creations as an apéritif. Dare we say that her Espresso Martini is simply perfect.  

7495 Rue Saint-Denis

Garde Manger

This great resto-bar in Old Montreal offers comfort food style cuisine. With its buzzing atmosphere, it is a perfect address to make your evenings a little more festive. In terms of cocktails, Samuel Turp creates the menu. It changes with the seasons and the trends of the moment. The timeless Espresso Martini appears very often and it is delicious.  

408 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Le Majestique

Le Majestique is a bar that we love and that is one of the best bars with great food in Montreal. David Pagé is in charge of the cocktail menu and runs the bar. You can choose among signature cocktails or more classic options. Everything is very good! Including their Espresso Martini, of course.  

4105 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Mano Cornuto

An Italian café in Griffintown, Mano Cornuto is a warm place where you are received as friends. The menu is designed to showcase excellent local and Italian products. Their cocktail menu is strong on unique amaros and bitters, just like the mixes we drink in Italy. Their Espresso Martini is not on the menu, but don’t hesitate to ask! They’ll be happy to make you one (and it’s delicious).  

988 Rue Ottawa

Atwater Cocktail Club 

The Atwater Cocktail Club is a bar hidden behind the restaurant Foiegwa. It’s a chic and original speakeasy where you can have a drink and a bite to eat. The place has earned a place on our list of the best bars with great food in Montreal. However, the establishment is best known for its delicious cocktails! On their menu is the Martinique Express, a version of the Espresso Martini with rum, amaro and port.  

512 Avenue Atwater


Nikkei is a restaurant on Laurier Avenue East offering a fusion menu between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Their cocktail menu was created by their head mixologist, Jérémy Escolano, is also in line with this cultural mix. You can choose from a wide variety of tasty, fresh and original drinks. Their espresso martini, Sensei’s Martini, is made with dark rum, mezcal and coffee liqueur – and it’s amazing.  

1577 Avenue Laurier Est


Tiramisu is a restaurant where you can enjoy a very good Italian menu with Japanese touches. The place also has a bar area with a festive atmosphere as the evening progresses and the lights dim. To complement the menu, the team collaborated with Sam Clarke and Kevin Demers of the Cold Room to put together a refreshing cocktail list to match the menu. It includes the Un Café, a classic Espresso Martini with a touch of amaretto.  

989 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Les Cousins

Les Cousins is the magnificent bar of the Escad Hotel and a reference in mixology on the South Shore. Here, the focus is on cocktails with a menu designed by Adaina Smyth in collaboration with her team. There is a classic Espresso Martini, made with coffee from Café Saint-Henri. You can also order a non-alcoholic version, the Spice Up Your Life! which is a slightly more exotic variation.  

2151 Boulevard Lapinière

Bon Délire

Bon Délire is an address in Saint-Henri where one feels totally at ease to come play a little game of pool (on the beautiful table covered with leopard carpet) while sipping a beer. The atmosphere of this little bar is festive and comforting, and you can enjoy a delicious Espresso Martini made with crema di caffè. We like its creamy and slightly sweet taste.  

4855 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
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Photography by Photo de Nima Naseri sur Unsplash

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