The most beautiful recent openings

January 2022: The most beautiful recent openings

Today marks the end of the first month of 2022. While we may have started the new year with closed dining rooms, there have been some impressive openings in Montreal over the last few weeks. But first, let’s go back to the end of 2021 to discover the promising addresses that opened just before the closures.

Today, January 31, also marks the reopening of restaurant dining rooms; a reopening that is certainly one too many, but highly anticipated. Now you will have the chance to visit all the beautiful addresses that have opened recently. Never before have we appreciated so much the magnificent decor of dining rooms, the care put into our plates, and the art of service that makes the restaurant experience so special! We have missed restaurants so much, and it is now, more than ever, that we must support them.

It has been a few years since Montreal established its reputation on the global gastronomic scene. Year after year, the city has affirmed its creative and innovative character and has become a choice destination for food-lovers from all over the world. Montreal is no longer satisfied with the eternal poutine, pouding chômeur, pâté chinois, or other Quebec classics. Beyond savouring delicious and well-executed dishes, we travel thanks to the eclectic cuisine found here, a reflection of Montreal.

All the addresses mentioned here have already been covered by Tastet. However, if you missed them, here is our selection of the most beautiful recent openings. As beautiful as they are good, these addresses charm with their delicious menus, warm decor, and courteous service!

If you want to discover all the addresses that opened during the pandemic, it’s here!


Gia is the fourth addition to the Elena family! The beautiful team has been spoiling us with the best of Italian cuisine at their first three establishments; Gia is no different! Here, we enjoy grilled meats—prepared in the traditional ways of the region of Abruzzo—washed down with amazing wines. Drawing inspiration from her visits to central Italy and Tuscany, the chef offers rustic, seasonal, and beautifully executed Italian dishes prepared with home-grown produce. Everything is prepared on the outdoor charcoal grill that can be used year round.

1025 Rue Lenoir


Italian by nature, Japanese by love. Located in the brand-new Hampton Inn by Hilton on St. Laurent Boulevard in Chinatown, Tiramisu warmly welcomes hotel guests and gourmets from all over the city eager for discovery. The address has both a restaurant area—where you can savour a very good Italian menu with Japanese touches—and a bar area with a more festive atmosphere as the evening progresses and the lights dim.

989 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Moccione Pizza

This lovely new concept has opened in the former space of Moccione on Villeray Street (which had become too small to accommodate the ever-growing customers of the delicious Italian restaurant). Now we can stop by for a tasty pizza to-go, or order for delivery. The Neapolitan pizzas served here are revisited according to the team’s tastes without ever straying from the Italian culinary traditions. While the pizza is the star of the menu, they also have delicious starters including arancini, polpette, stracciatella, and a seasonal salad.

380 Rue Villeray


Officially opened at the end of 2021, Miette is a superb bakery in Little Burgundy that quickly rose to the top of the list of the best bakeries in town. Here, sourdough bread is the star of the show. Theirs offers a perfect combination of a particularly crispy crust and a soft crumb thanks to exceptional flour and a very long fermentation. The house offers several varieties of sourdough bread: plain, cinnamon raisin, olive and walnut, khorasan, sesame and whole wheat, marbled rye, and sprouted buckwheat.

317 Rue de Lévis


The latest addition to the Tomahawk group (Buvette Pastek, Santos, Unibar), Mignon is a bistro-style restaurant that pays homage to the iconic steak frites. While the addresses of the group are all in the Old Port, the owner ventured into new territory with Mignon, and opened in Little Burgundy. You can enjoy the complete experience here thanks to their table d’hôte—for $39—which includes a soup or salad and the steak frites (AAA Canadian beef).

2523 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

J'ai feng

After several pop-ups in renowned establishments across the city (Cul-Sec, Candide, vinvinvin), the “J’ai Feng” concept has set up shop on Beaubien Street, in the heart of Little Italy. This time, however, the offering is a superb Szechuan grocery store. On the shelves of J’ai Feng, you will find high-quality Chinese products that the owner has carefully selected and that you cannot find elsewhere in Montreal. We trust Anita blindly since she uses many of these products in her own kitchen.

43 Rue Beaubien Est
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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