The Best Prime Ribs in Montreal: our favourite spots

Last update on July 16, 2021
the best prime ribs

The Best Prime Ribs in Montreal: our favourite spots

Ribs are incredibly popular and it’s for a good reason…. they are are extremely tasty. This dish is so beloved, especially here in North America, that they have become an icon of American cuisine. 

A whole rib of beef can weigh anywhere from 750gr-1200gr – anyone with a voracious appetite could probably handle 1200gr but a more realistic approach would be to share such a serving.

The best prime ribs in come down to a few things – the quality of the meat, the preparation and cooking process, and of course, the right seasonings. 

If you are looking for more suggestions for ribs, consult our list of the best ribs in the city.  If meat-heavy dishes are not for you, check out our list of the best eco-friendly restaurants of Montreal. We have a full roster of lists on our website, so there will surely be one to satisfy your craving!


On rue Saint-Paul, in Montreal’s Vieux Port, this small restaurant attracts everyone who comes by, particularly those who know it is there. The exposed brick walls and old ceiling beams are the background for the very warm and cozy atmosphere, and you feel really pampered. The dishes are both excellent and served in more than generous portions. Now for those prime ribs : only AAA Angus, 1855 Beef, roasted with garlic and rosemary, and served with those nutty-flavoured Ratte potatoes. But for even more extravagant prime ribs, choose between truffle butter, pepper sauce or chimichurri sauce. The menu also includes excellent lower beef ribs, braised for 12 hours in an aged maple and balsamic marinade, and served with celeriac and truffle purée. Later in the evenings, expect a party atmosphere but the service remains attentive. Dining here is always enjoyable.
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Hoogan et Beaufort

Hoogan & Beaufort is a successful restaurant under the direction of one of Montreal’s top chefs, Marc-André Jetté, and is located in the Angus Shops near the Rosemont neighbourhood. The Angus Shops are in quite a stupendous space. This 1904 building is the former CPR train facility for railcar manufacturing, repairing and selling. Hoogan & Beaufort is a great place to spend a fun evening. Choose the beef short rib that comes with glazed Tokyo turnip, shiitake, plum and almond. Alternatively or as well, try some succulent small dishes, or order from a dozen appetizers, good pasta and other main courses that favour vegetables. You might want to save some space for desserts – decadent delights!
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Joe Beef

Joe Beef is firmly established as one of Montreal’s finest restaurants serving some of the best prime ribs. Chef Marc-Olivier Frappier and his team prepare cuts of meat that are selected depending on the season and availability, and sometimes the ribs can be prepared according to a spontaneous decision! Needless to say, it is always the right one. The first step for this 36oz prime rib is always a cast iron skillet, with lots of butter, seasoned, left to rest and then sliced. The sauces change and during our visit, we enjoyed a bordelaise sauce with fiddleheads. During the summer, sitting on the terrace is de rigeur.
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kitchen galerie restaurant montreal

Kitchen Galerie

After an update, Kitchen Galerie decided to change the fixed menu and has retained only the most popular dishes. The two Mathieu’s (Bourdages and Cloutier) prepare an incredible cut of meat : prime rib roasted in foaming butter with garlic, thyme and rosemary. This is then deglazed with red wine and cooked in a butter and tarragon sauce. Served with silky smooth mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, it all just melts in your mouth. For the more gluttonous amongst us, there’s always the supersize option with truffles and foie gras. Kitchen Galerie is a true prime rib experience, helped by the friendly service and fun atmosphere. If there’s a seat at the bar, take it!
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Le Chien Fumant

Le Chien Fumant has not only prime rib but the veal chops are just as superb. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – coming to Le Chien Fumant is like coming to a friend’s house, a friend who knows how to entertain. Chef Maksim Morin serves a huge Milanese veal chop, with guanciale (Italian cured pork) and black pepper, topped by a pasta carbonara, and the result is absolutely decadent. If this isn’t for you, then share the prime rib accompanied by a sauce and side dishes (both these can vary according the mood of the chef – at the time we were there, the prime rib came « all dressed »). Expect to be surprised, as that’s part of the dining pleasure.
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Found inside this tiny space on rue Jeanne-Mance, Mile-Ex is a favorite. Chef Grégory Paul – a real character, prepares what are the most incredibly tender prime ribs, absolutely one of Montreal’s finest. The meat has aged for at least 55 days and one order is meant to be shared. Like other places, the sides change and our ribs were served with seasonal wild mushrooms and pommes de terre dauphine. Savour the flavours and generous servings in these cozy but lively surroundings. The service is attentive and very friendly; Mile-Ex is a great spot for your prime rib.
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Maison Publique

Maison Publique is another favorite. The great redhead, chef Derek Dammann starts off his prime ribs by coating each piece with a dry rub and letting them rest for 24hrs. They are then grilled on maple charcoal. The ribs aren’t always on the menu and this depends entirely on the whims of chef Dammann and his team, so when you spot them, you need to try them. Maybe they are a little more cooked through than elsewhere, but the counterpart is the array of savoury and delicate side dishes also listed on the menu. The service is warm and casual. Take a seat at the bar if possible, where it’s always more fun.
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We don’t always associate Sherbrooke Street with great food but Renoir is truly one of Montreal’s excellent restaurants. Located inside the fashionable and upmarket Sofitel hotel, chef Olivier Perret and his team prepare some one of Montreal’s finest prime ribs: a savoury Black Angus prime rib from Alberta, served with potatoes, bone marrow and bordelaise sauce. The stylish decor and impeccable service will add to the wonderful dining experience and you may wish to note that the acoustics in Renoir are such that you can hear yourself talking.
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Salmigondis is very discreet and can surprise its customers every time. The food is is always good and they too, prepare some of the best prime ribs in Montreal. Like some other restaurants, the chef’s mood is often reflected in the changing menu but if your eye catches the 35oz cut of prime rib on the menu, you need to order it. Our prime rib was skilfully prepared with wild garlic, wild onions, burdock root, and a sauce of marinated mustard and balsamic vinegar. For the summer months, dining on their beautiful outdoor terrace is a pleasure.
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Taverne Square Dominion

Taverne Square Dominion is one of our most beautiful restaurants in Montreal! Just walking through the doors and into the original 1920’s setting is impressive. Le Taverne proposes food with an English accent, available until midnight every night of the week. Customers come for the Scotch eggs and pan-fried salmon served over kedgeree and on Sundays, it’s the famous Sunday Roast!  This is your classic boneless roast beef, vacuum-cooked at 56°C for 5 hours and served with freshly grated horseradish, beef gravy with mushrooms, Yorkshire Pudding, vegetables and Ratte potatoes with rosemary. What a hearty and satisfying meal! The menu remains consistent which is something we appreciate and the service is impeccable, rounding out what is a wonderful dining experience. Le Taverne also has a liquor licence.
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