The Best Croissants in Montreal

We would like to start this article by saying that at Tastet, we are big fans of croissants. This flaky and buttery crescent moon pastry is simply heavenly. While the origin of the croissant is disputed, the French have adopted it into their gastronomic culture, and it is now found throughout Europe and North America. Making croissants requires a particular expertise and technique to ensure a successful product.

Whether enjoyed on a Saturday morning with the family or on the go in the late afternoon, the croissant has become a classic accompaniment to coffee. Its golden crust and delicious buttery taste, with its soft and chewy interior, make this pastry one of the most beloved. If you’re a fan of high quality pastries, we also have a list of the best pastry shops in Montreal and the best donuts in town.

Although most bakeries and pastry shops offer croissants, here are the best ones in town — in our opinion!

Bon appétit, and treat yourself!

If you feel that an address is missing from this list, don’t hesitate to write us. We love receiving suggestions and discovering new addresses!

Hof Kelsten

We have a certain weakness for Hof Kelsten which is why they are often mentioned in our articles.  With his classical cooking background, Jeffrey Finkelstein has created one of the best bakeries in town with the best croissants.  Coming into this contemporary setting for a coffee or brunch is always enjoyable but you really need to eat a croissant as well.  This is buttery puff pastry baked to perfection and with each bite, crumbly flakes break off the outside, just as it should be. You can’t eat enough, they are that good.  Maybe the Bongard oven has something to do with the perfectness or perhaps the meticulousness of the head baker?  Hof Kelsten’s croissants are divine.

4524 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Le Paltoquet patisserie boulangerie Van Horne Montreal Outremont

Le Paltoquet

Le Paltoquet is a Montreal classic, with that aloofness only the French can master and where many loyal customers sit at the tables. Paltoquet’s excellent croissants are not well-known everywhere but they’ve been perfecting them for more than 20 years and the residents of Outremont on rue Van Horne sure know. The menu is brief, French-style, and includes pastries and vienoisseries to choose from. Each croissant has that melt-in-your-mouth buttery flavour and this is alway so – consistency counts.  Savour one outside on their terrace during the summer months where you can relax and watch the world go by.  Another sweet delight is the cake le Royale.

1464 Avenue Van Horne

Kouign Amann

At Au Kouign-Amann – pronounced « queen-a-man » , everything is made with butter so it’s all quite heavenly.  Kouign-amann is a Breton specialty, and literally means “butter cake”.  So there is no need to question the butter in the croissants, there is lots – and some!  This small shop is delightfully unpretentious and the croissants are very very good. The few tables and chairs are almost always taken, but just order them to take with you. Kouign Amman’s croissants are high quality and note that they are baked in small quantities.  Every morsel is a deliciousness to savour and it takes much effort to reach this quality, something we recognize and appreciate.

316 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Les Co’Pains d’Abord

The name “Les Co’pains d’abord” comes from an acquaintance of the owner who is a musician and a great lover of the French chanson, and of the singer Georges Brassens. The small bakery offers several varieties of breads, pastries and other gourmet delights.  But the croissant is the must-have and must-try at Les Co’pains d’abord. This is flawless puff pastry, lots and lots of butter, and a lot of love.  It is always crowded with cheery families, friends, neighbours who evidently also love eating the croissants.

418 Rue Rachel Est

Le pain dans les voiles

This is a bakery between two life-long friends with impressive talents and great passion for sailing. The first version opened in 2009 at the foot of Mont-Saint-Hilaire. Then, in 2012, the Villeray neighbourhood location came into operation and it has been warmly received.  Everything here is well-made and this includes the wonderful buttery croissant. Le Pain dans les Voiles is the « combination of an entire team’s know-how who want to create the best »  and in this welcoming space, there really are some of the best croissants in Montreal.

357 Rue de Castelnau East

La Petite Boulangerie

La Petite Boulangerie is a friendly and warm place on rue Fleury. They have been baking delicious baked goods and pastries for 2 decades. These are the great craftsmen of puff pastry which is worked into a fantastic croissant. The bakers love what they are doing and the puff pastry is delicious, resulting in an indisputable great croissant. Bon appétit.

1412 Rue Fleury Est

Olive et Gourmando

When Olive et Gourmando opened in Vieux Montréal, Jean-Philippe Tastet commented « Finally, an extraordinary little bakery below my office, right on the corner! » And he was right. Olive & Gourmando was a pioneer, opening in 1997, when bakeries were not at all as glorified as they are today.  It is now a classic spot for brunch, lunch or take away.  We love their croissants so much – we think maybe just a little too much? Given the touristy location, the prices seem a bit expensive to us Montrealers but the quality is unquestionably high.

351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest

La Croissanterie Figaro

La Croissanterie Le Figaro is reminiscent of the small French cafés we all seem to love. Open every day from 7am to 1am, the dated decor is quaint and the waitresses are always delightful. Does this add to the quality? Not really, but it is part of the charm. The menu is certainly café français and drinking a coffee with your succulent croissant in these surroundings certainly contributes to the feeling that you are elsewhere rather than Montreal. The terrace is beautiful and to be enjoyed during the summer months.

5200 Rue Hutchison

Fous Desserts

Fous Desserts was born out of the passion of the artisan chocolatier Franck Dury-Pavet. Everything pleasurable about chocolate including tasting is celebrated here. Come and savour all kinds of chocolate and pastry delights.   The quality is excellent and the kindness of the staff is much appreciated. The croissants at Fous Desserts are made using natural and organic ingredients and truly one of the best in Montreal. Well worth trying.

809 Avenue Laurier Est

Automne Boulangerie

Automne Boulangerie is a newer entrant to the Rosemont-La-Prairie neighbourhood, having opened in late 2016. The space is very attractive, inspired by a simple, slightly rustic Scandanavian decor and dropping in to this small bakery for one of their baked goods and pastries will not leave you disappointed. They work with local farmers to source the best ingredients, and the breads are a cross-over from French to some healthy California selections. Their pies are light and based on seasonal availability and the sandwiches lean towards the Scandanavian varieties but there are also weekly specialties to choose from. And yes, the croissants are pretty darn good.

1470 Rue Bélanger

La Bête à Pain

La Bête à pain Griffintown is one of our favorites in the city. The establishment, owned by talented chef Marc-André Royal, is a café, organic bakery, mini restaurant and mini caterer all in one. The room is bright and when you enter here, you feel like you’re in a real baker’s shop. In addition to enjoying one of the best breakfasts in Montreal, you will find exceptional croissants, pastries and breads! The house also offers a small take-out counter (soups, cold cuts, cheeses and a few homemade dishes) convenient for the residents of the neighborhood.

195 Rue Young


Helico is a pastry shop. But not just any café! You come here to have a good coffee, but also to savour the excellent pastries (all homemade) that are put forward here. Helico offers exceptional artisanal delights: croissants, chocolate chip cookies, one of the best brownies in Montreal, a kouign-amann, brioches, and much more. Everything is homemade and made fresh in the morning. The result is decadent: everything, absolutely everything here tastes of happiness.

2009 Avenue de la Salle

Brioche à Tête

La Brioche à Tête is a charming little bakery located on Fairmount Street in Mile End. In addition to savoring delicious artisanal buns with original flavors, you will taste one of the best croissants in town. The staff is very friendly.

107 Avenue Fairmount Ouest

Croissant Croissant

If you’re looking for the best croissants in town, it seems logical to stop at a café called Croissant Croissant. And indeed, here the name is not misleading at all, since this charming café, located on Mount Royal Avenue East, makes croissants its specialty. This flaky pastry has rarely tasted so good!

2270 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Croissant Monkland

A small bakery in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district, this house is known for its pastries. Despite the move from Monkland to Sherbrooke Street, the address has kept its name and its croissants that keep the customers who are lucky enough to stop by. A good address in a corner of the city that is not overflowing with good bakeries.

6050 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Le Saint Louis Café

This Saint-Louis is a haven of peace for Mile End residents. We stop here to nibble on a delicious pastry and/or to allow ourselves a coffee break at any time of the day. The house attracts the eye with its pretty and colorful decor, seduces with its delicious pastries and its very good coffee and invites you to come back regularly to take a break at this gourmet stop at the corner of Villeneuve and De Bullion streets.

4800 Rue De Bullion

Boulangerie Louise

Boulangerie Louise, on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, prepares excellent fresh breads and pastries for its customers all day long. Boulangerie Louise warmly welcomes its clientele in a spacious and bright decor designed by Perron Design.  She offers recipes based on French classics and adapted for Quebec customers, including truly delicious croissants.

6835 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Pâtisserie Madeleine

Charmante, discrète et pleine de douceurs, la pâtisserie Madeleine à ouvert ses portes l’été passé. La boutique propose une belle sélection de délices bien beurrés, croissants, chocolatines et autres danoises (parmi les meilleures viennoiseries de Montréal et les meilleures pâtisseries !) Au fil des saisons, on déguste des nouveautés fruitées, chocolatées, épicées, etc. La pâtisserie rend fièrement honneur au petit gâteau traditionnel lorrain aux œufs : la madeleine, petit en-cas toujours disponible pour les grignotages dans la boutique.

2105 Rue Beaubien Est
la miche dorée boulangerie villeray

La Miche Dorée

La Miche Dorée on Bélanger Street in Villeray is a family-run artisan bakery. After 30 years of experience in the field, Alberto Argueta decided to open his own bakery. It’s a real family story. Their main mission: to make fresh, quality and ecological artisanal products. The health of their customers is important to them and we can confirm that their croissants (and other pastries) are a real delight!

937 Rue Bélanger
3 Patapoufs

Les 3 Patapoufs

Les 3 Patapoufs on Ontario Street in Hochelaga is a neighborhood bakery that brings back the simple things. In a neat and elegant decor, you can enjoy good pastries and pastries including delicious croissants that come out of the oven every morning at 6:30 am! There is a lot of choice, but the quality is there!

3227 Rue Ontario East

Joe La Croûte

Joe la Croûte is a great bakery – one of the best in town! – and is located in the Jean-Talon Market. Owner and baker Daniel Jobin creates surprising and delicious flavours of bread, the variety of which changes daily. Everything here is very fresh, of high quality, and the majority of the ingredients are organic. Making one of the best croissants in Montreal, the baker also creates delicious pastries with original flavours. We love the originality of the products offered at Joe La Croûte.

7024 Avenue Casgrain

Un Instant en Provence

«Un Instant en Provence» porte son nom avec justesse. Dès que l’on franchit le seuil de cette charmante adresse de la rue Notre Dame ouest, on se sent instantanément dépaysé, transporté brièvement dans le sud de la France. Que ce soit l’accueil chaleureux qui vous est réservé ou les délicieuses viennoiseries préparées sur place, l’expérience garantit que le soleil brille, que ce soit en été ou en hiver, dans le cœur de ceux qui ont la chance de visiter cette jolie pâtisserie.

4835 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
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