Where to Find the Best Donuts in Montreal

Where can you find the best donuts in Montreal? More and more cafés, bakeries and even restaurants are adding this sweet delight to their offerings. With a thousand options of flavour, filling, and glaze, the options are endless.

Doughnuts, donuts, doughnut holes, whatever you like to call it, this sweet ring-shaped pastry has been enjoyed for centuries. In medieval times, the donut was a religious offering. Later, they were sold at carnivals. Today, many people are rediscovering this delicacy and reinventing it to suit today’s tastes, much to everyone’s delight!

At the height of its popularity, the donut has become one of the city’s emblematic specialties. Whether it’s to spend time with family, to chat with friends or simply to treat yourself, all reasons are good to take a moment and enjoy a donut.

And so, we’ve prepared this list of the best places to enjoy the most decadent donuts in town, whether it’s for breakfast (yup), an afternoon snack, or even for your late-night munchies 🙂

Special mention to 49th Parallel Café who serve Lucky’s donuts, which include — among regular donuts — gluten-free donuts! A great option for lovers of sweet things who don’t eat gluten.

Arte & Farina

Arte Farina offers you Italian donuts that are extraordinary. Chef Sandro Carpene oversees everything sweet at Arte Farina and he is well practised at what he does. Originally from Bassano del Grappa in northern Italy, Sandro perfectly executes the preparation of cannoli, classic & chocolate panettone, ricotta tarts, biscotti, to name just some of the delights at Arte Farina.  Nevertheless, what brings us here are some of the best bomba di roma, fritella and cornetta found in Montreal!

1550 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

La Cornetteria

This small Italian pastry shop is the kind of place that attracts food enthusiasts like ourselves. La Cornetteria offers several of their own donut versions along with Zeppole filled with ricotta cheese or other choices. You can also try the famous Cronut and the Cronetto, prepared fresh every day.

6528 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Trou de beigne

Trou de Beigne is donut shop in Little Italy offering an exceptional variety of donuts every day. The flavours include crunchy apple, blueberry and dark chocolate, Matcha green tea, bacon and maple syrup, Blizzard and S’more. These delicious soft temptations may each cost $2 (small) or $2.75 (reg) but rest assured that the freshness and quality is always there. Trou de Beigne also sell their donuts at several locations in the city (Melk, Café Olimpico, Café Perko), and you can also order for delivery to your office or home (!)

156 Rue Saint-Zotique East

Bernie Beigne

This Mile-End address offers more than twenty delightful donuts. The original yeast doughnuts are de-li-cious! They are generous, fresh, soft, and glazed to perfection for a good balance between glaze and dough. A big seller is the Simpson donut: pink glaze, and topped with rainbow sprinkles; a hit for kids and adults alike.

23 Rue Bernard Ouest

Léché Desserts

Léché Desserts offers salads, sandwiches and coffee, but the main reason people come here is for the donuts! The place is among the first cafés to offer excellent artisanal donuts to its customers. Everything is made in-house, and the recipes are the result of teamwork and brainstorming. We like donuts that are not too sweet and that they are soft and chewy.  

640 Rue de Courcelle

La Dispensa

It is in a warm and very cozy space that this small Italian counter offers their delicious bombolones and cannolis. Well known for their gourmet sandwiches, La Dispensa also offers pizzas and salads at lunch time. Their donuts are perfect to finish your meal and satisfy your sweet craving!

696 William Street

Bossa Masson

Just like BOSSA on Wellington Street, the address on Masson is a counter-épicerie. You’ll find a wide selection of Italian-style sandwiches, preserves, pastries and more. We especially like their bombolones, which are soft, fresh and tasty!

3136 Rue Masson


In addition to offering a fresh, gourmet lunch/dinner menu, McKiernan offers decadent donuts at their bakery. Enjoy them in the morning or after your meal.

5524 Rue Saint-Patrick
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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