Old Montreal: our take-out suggestions

Last update on June 19, 2021
Vieux-Montréal suggestions pour emporter

Old Montreal: our take-out suggestions

With the cobblestone streets, the Old Port and the treasures of the past, we are transported to another era when in Old Montreal. It’s true that when you walk through the historic streets, the influence of the old continent is greatly felt. Montreal is one of the oldest cities in North America and this district gives a good idea of what the city looked like in past centuries.

While it’s no secret that Old Montreal is a popular tourist destination, it’s also a place of cultural importance for the island’s residents. With the Phi Center, the Science Center, the Old Port and the Ferris Wheel among others, Old Montreal is, (with the exception of this year, perhaps) a place where you can live all kinds of unique experiences. Of all the possible activities, you already know which one interests us the most: discovering and tasting! Old Montreal is anything but disappointing in this regard with an enchanting choice of restaurants.

While we wait impatiently for the dining rooms to reopen, you can play tourist in your own city and go to Old Montreal for a good meal to go. Many restaurants offer this option so you can try them in the comfort of your own home. Here are some suggestions.

For other recommendations, you can consult the general list of open restaurants that offer a take-out menu. If you’re craving a particular dish (burger, dumplings, sushi, pizza…), we suggest you check out our other lists of good take-out places, specifically designed to give you ideas in the particular context of the pandemic. It’s always great to discover your neighbourhood and the best it has to offer.

Don’t hesitate to write to us if you have other suggestions for good places to try in Old Montreal.


Gastronomic, Italian cuisine – $$$$ This chic address – one of our favourites in town – is ideal for a gourmet Italian meal or a corporate event. The chef, kitchen staff, and front of house staff ensure a lovely and pleasant experience is had by all, and their many regulars are a testament to how they’ve achieved this goal.
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Gastronomic – $$$$ On the menu, the recipes are created by the entire team and vary according to the inspiration of the moment. Le Pastel offers creative and meticulous dishes that highlight Quebecois and Canadian products. Everything here is refined and of high quality. We find Japanese influences in the dishes, but also in the respect, honour and delicate handling of the products used.
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Gastronomic, Portuguese cuisine – $$$ This is a restaurant that proudly wears the colours of Portugal with Helena Loureiro at its head. Her cuisine is not limited to classic Portuguese recipes; it is infused with the rigorous techniques of French cuisine and the generosity of flavours in Greek and Italian dishes.
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Cafe, bar – $, $$. The lunch and dinner menu is created by Julien Coulombe-Morency and changes according to the season. At lunch, there are a few toasts, a sandwich and two salads. In the evening, the house offers a few small dishes to nibble on from 3 p.m. and from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. – At the moment, they’re serving spicy nori and sesame seed popcorn, marinated vegetables and aioli, local asparagus, hummus and baguette as well as a delicious poultry liver mousse.
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