Villeray: our take-out suggestions

Published on June 19, 2021
Villeray adresses pour emporter

Villeray: our take-out suggestions

While everyone is confined to their homes, it’s time to discover your neighbourhood and the gourmet addresses to be found there. You can use the interactive map showing all the addresses on this list to find your way around the neighbourhood. The best places to order take-out in Villeray are listed to make it easier for those looking for good food close to home.

This list also includes a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes with flavours from around the world, all within walking distance of your home. You don’t have to go all the way across the city to enjoy a good meal. Instead, you can discover the gourmet gems in your neighbourhood while encouraging your local merchants.

While this list of gourmet addresses is not as extensive as those in the surrounding neighbourhoods, it is not to be underestimated. Some of our favourite restaurants are located here, places not to be missed when you are passing through or if you live nearby and are feeling peckish.

For other suggestions, consult the general list of open restaurants that offer a take-out menu. If you’re craving a particular dish (burger, dumplings, sushi, pizza…), we recommend consulting our other lists of good take-out places, specifically designed to give you ideas in the particular context of the pandemic. It’s always great to discover your neighbourhood and the best it has to offer.

Don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions if you have other good suggestions for take-out in Villeray.


Pizza – $ Vesta is a comforting trattoria with Quebec flavour. On the take-out menu: New York-style pizzas with a Montreal-style crust: thin dough, melted cheese and a thicker sourdough-based crust. There is also a nice selection of wines to accompany the take-out menu.
Pascal le boucher Villeray

Pascal le boucher

Butcher shop – $$ Here you’ll find beef, pork, lamb and free-range poultry available in various cuts, as well as plain or marinated. Pascal le Boucher also offers a fine selection of farm cheeses, farm milk and yogurt, stocks and broths, game, and fine charcuterie. He also makes delicious gourmet sandwiches.
food and drinks tastet

Mui Mui

Asian – $$ Here, the menu reflects a fusion of many Asian cuisines for a amazing breadth of flavours and textures. The menu includes dishes that have marked the past years of Chef Minh Phat’s Orange Rouge, such as the ribs glazed with soy, sugar and Gochujang or the yellowfin tuna on sesame rice and peanuts, etc… Other small delights complete the menu, with several choices of vegetable, protein and dumpling dishes.
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Spanish Ready-to-Eat – $$ Take the MesĂłn and TapĂ©o restaurant experience home with you with some of the most popular dishes from both establishments thanks to MarchĂ© TapĂ©o-MĂ©son. This mouth-watering ready-to-eat menu includes irresistible shrimp paellas and fideos, basil chicken, and grilled calamari, among many others, as well as various appetizers to share.
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LaRuelle Villeray

La Ruelle

Colombian Counter – $ Small grocery store, cafe, counter and sandwich shop with Colombian accents, La Ruelle is a place where you are sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds. We enjoy their satisfying arepas, brisket sandwich and their delicious Philly Cheese Steak.
cafe vito

Café Vito

Italian cafe, sandwiches and pastries – $ The small counter offers a nice selection of sandwiches and pastries, and of course, good Italian coffee. You’ll notice their homemade cakes, croissants and cookies upon entering, as well as some of the best cannolis in town. They also make delicious prosciutto, bologna, and jerk chicken sandwiches, as well as a solid breakfast sandwich. Lastly, they have ice cream in the summer.

Mlles Gùteaux

Pastry shop – $ Mlles GĂąteaux is a small artisanal patisserie located on Villeray Street that offers delicious pastries to local customers and gourmands from all over. Among the specialties of the house: the Queen Elizabeth cake, a very light lime cheesecake, lemon pie and carrot cake.
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