Montreal’s enchanting addresses: Where to go to be transported

Adresses féeriques de Montréal

What are the most enchanting addresses in Montreal? Our winter has a special charm that goes perfectly with the holiday season. Often, everything is blanketed in a thin layer of white, time seems to stand still and everything around takes on a festive air. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes you don’t feel the need to have a change of scenery.

The cold season is also for many of us the season of travel. Without having to go far, Montreal’s enchanting addresses make us travel just as much, and all at a low price. What do we mean by enchanting? Many, with good reason, associate it with the fairy tales of our childhood.

According to the Larousse dictionary, it also means the character of something of extraordinary beauty, belonging to the world of fairies and decor that makes you dream. We are looking for places with a magical feel, with extraordinary decor, with elaborate and carefully reflected atmospheres, with an otherworldly feel. We are looking for the marvellous and those restaurants, cafes and bars that will transport us, if only for a little while, far from the Quebec winter.

Some of these addresses make us travel around the world, others through the ages, and some carry us both ways, through time and space. Some are modern, while others take full advantage of the passage of time. In any case, each address on this list will know how to transport you elsewhere, to places each as enchanting as the next.

To spend an evening in style, we also suggest our list of the most beautiful bars in Montreal! And, for a sweet pause to warm up, why not have a coffee in one of the most beautiful cafes in Montreal!

Crew Collective & Café 

In the expansive, high-ceilinged lobby of a former downtown bank, Crew Collective takes full advantage of its space to make a lasting and magnificent impression. One travels both in time and space here; stepping into this impressive establishment is like walking through the doors of a 1920s bank, with all the grandeur of the architecture of that era. One comes here to have a coffee or to eat in one of the most beautiful cafés in Montreal. Photo Crew

360 Rue Saint-Jacques


The name Monarque refers to the butterfly of the same name, but could just as easily apply to the royal title: the restaurant exudes a remarkable modern refinement. The space is divided by large glass sections, which both give a sense of the restaurant’s impressive size, but also separates each section nicely. With the combination of their dark ceiling and intriguing atmospheric lighting, Monarque is truly one of Montreal’s most beautiful restaurants and one of the best French restaurants in the city. Photo Alison Slattery

406 Rue Saint-Jacques

Henri Brasserie française

Henri Brasserie française, despite its name and the delicious French cuisine that we enjoy here, makes us travel to the old neighbourhoods of New York. The architecture of the restaurant makes you forget for a moment the Quebec winter with a decor that is both warm and elegant. Seemingly straight out of another era, the restaurant gives off an air of sweet nostalgia. The establishment is definitely one of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal. Photo Henri Brasserie française

1238 Rue du Square-Phillips

Le Blossom

With its modern Japanese-inspired dining room, Le Blossom is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Montreal. While the only view from its large windows is of de Maisonneuve Boulevard, their dishes bring us closer to Japan and the delicate and fine side of its cuisine. A cherry tree in bloom draws all eyes to the center of the room, bringing a little colour and originality to this superb address in the Village.

1101 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

Restaurant Damas

Another superb restaurant in Montreal, the elegant Syrian restaurant Damas serves incredibly flavourful dishes. Like its dishes, the decor here is inviting, warm and colourful, in a space enveloped in deep shades of burgundy red. The wood, the tables, the seating and the decor all complement this colour; only the many beautiful lights of the place break this visual rhythm, offering a very interesting contrast. photo Vesia Photography

1209 Avenue Van Horne

Bar George

Moving from room to room at Bar George is like walking into a new scene in a theatre. Here, each room has a different decor, offering a new experience from one space to the next. The address is one of the most beautiful establishments in town, thanks to the uniqueness of each of its pieces. One comes here for an instant change of scenery and to discover a new facet of Bar George at every step. photo Cindy La

1440 Rue Drummond

Perles et Paddock

It’s hard to miss Perles et Paddock in Griffintown. It divides its space into two areas each with its own distinct mood. On one side, in a dining room of all white, marble, light wood and ceramic, vegetation and copper metal accents give the place a sleek charm. In the center of the space, a windowed passageway leads to the second dining room. While remaining elegant, this section of the restaurant exchanges its refined appearance with its yellow-orange walls, and warm atmosphere. It truly feels like two restaurants in one. photo Perles et Paddock

403 Rue des Seigneurs

Salon de thé cardinal

Upon stepping through the door to the Cardinal Tearoom, you immediately take the stairs to the second floor of the St. Laurent Boulevard address. At the top of the stairs, an impressive two-storied space welcomes you, with an interior balcony and chandelier overlooking the main room. A visit here truly feels like you’ve been transported to a tea party in a charming English home. It’s the perfect place for a quiet, unpretentious moment with a good book to get away, if only for a moment, from the chaos of the Montreal streets. Photo Salon de thé Cardinal

5326 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Big in Japan Bar

The aesthetic of the Big In Japan Bar will leave a mark on ones mind and imagination. Crossing the threshold of their nondescript door on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, you enter into a space that borrows its style from several eras. The long labyrinthine bar immediately captures your attention and guides your passage through the space. Thanks to a hundred small candles cleverly placed throughout the room, the bar is gently illuminated in a magical and subdued glow. The warm and enveloping atmosphere of Big In Japan Bar will leave the best impression on all visitors. photo Dominique Lafond

4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Vol de nuit

When you step into au Vol de Nuit, you almost feel like you’re walking into a Wes Anderson movie. The small room with its vintage feel is bright with many rich shades of red, and has a beautiful period bar that lines part of the space. You can enjoy ones of their lovely drinks either at the bar or at one of the many circular tables and charming round chairs. A ceiling painted in cream binds the whole space together and seems to dance before your eyes. Vol de Nuit transports us effortlessly with each visit. photo Vol de Nuit

14 Rue Prince-Arthur Est

Le Darling

The Darling does it all brilliantly. By day, one of the most pleasant cafes in Montreal and by night, a lively and welcoming bar, the original aesthetic of the establishment lends itself to all occasions. An array of curious objects, plants, trinkets and furniture of all kinds create a surprising harmony. The Darling is all about warmth and allows you to come for a moment to find a sought after eclecticism. Whether it is for a coffee or a drink, the establishment transports you into the pages of an original tale. Photo Alison Slattery

4328 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Café Parvis

Entering Café Parvis is like discovering the great dining room of a manor that has faded gently over time. The large room of the superb cafe combines elegance, simplicity and timelessness. A large marble bar immediately catches the eye. Behind it, a wall covered in green plaster that takes advantage of the passage of years is visible. In the main space, large wooden tables alternate with smaller, more convivial ones. The whole gives the restaurant a refined, welcoming and refreshing air. photo café Parvis

433 Rue Mayor

Le Serpent

One of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal and one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city, Le Serpent never ceases to amaze. Sharing the building with the Darling Foundry, Le Serpent takes its name from the spiral chimney on the roof of the building that once served to vent the fumes from the molten metals worked by the foundry. This anecdote provides context for the restaurant space, which is located in a former industrial area. Le Serpent boasts an elegant, soaring ceiling with impressive light fixtures. During the day, we also enjoy the natural light coming from the restaurant’s large windows. Day or night, you have the promise of a good time. Photo Alison Slattery

257 Rue Prince
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Photography by Vol de Nuit

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