The Best Smash Burgers in Montreal

Unlike a traditional burger, the patty in a smash burger is crushed and crispy. The result is delicious and decadent.

Originally from the United States, legend has it that the smash burger was invented at a diner deep in Kentucky with, mind you, a 2-kilo tin of beans. The diner’s employee, who was feeling particularly inspired that day, didn’t know it, but had just created a legendary recipe in the world of fast food.

But what is this burger, which is all the rage in the United States and now all over the world? The principle is simple: a ball of cold minced meat is crushed on a hot griddle using a press. The juices from the meat are then caramelised, creating a meatball that’s full of flavour, extra thin, crispy and juicy.

To satisfy all your smash burger cravings, here’s a list of the best in Montreal. In the same vein, here’s our list of the best burgers in Montreal, the best poutines in Montreal, and our suggestions for where to enjoy the best fries in town.

Special mentions:

L’Hamburger, 933 Rue Saint-Zotique Est (thanks to Thaïla and Maxime for the suggestion!)

Burgers + Frites at Cathcart food court (thanks Ulric!)

Happy discoveries!

Casse-Croûte MangeDansMonHood

After whetting our appetites with several pop-up events, the two Michels of La Belle Tonki have moved into the former premises of La Belle Tonkinoise to serve up their decadent smash burgers. The menu is short, and that’s just as well: you don’t need anything more. The burgers consist of two ground beef patties mashed on a hot plate until crispy, then topped with a slice of melting American cheddar and placed on a potato bun. The place is also on our list of nice, delicious, and affordable restaurants.

1380 Rue Jean-Talon Est

NDG Luncheonette

NDG Luncheonette is a cozy American-style diner in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood. Open for breakfast and lunch, the restaurant offers diner classics, with a focus on local, quality foods. On the NDG Luncheonette menu you’ll find a delicious smash burger, a gourmet hot dog, crepes, a classic breakfast plate and more.

6800 Avenue Fielding

Chez Tousignant

Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione (Impasto, Gema) and chef Yann Turcotte have opened a Quebec snack bar called Chez Tousignant in Little Italy. The name Chez Tousignant comes from Yann’s mother, Huguette Tousignant. “We put Chez in front of it to really give you the impression of coming into someone’s home, we wanted a warm welcome”.

6956 Rue Drolet

Patty Slaps

Ahhh, smash burgers. Soft, fluffy bread, a carefully crushed beef patty for extra crunch, melty cheese, sauce(s) and a generous topping for extra indulgence… it’s like heaven in your mouth. At Patty Slaps, opened in May 2023 by a group of five co-owners on Sainte-Catherine Street near Concordia University, you can taste paradise in every bite.

1449 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Double's Late Night

Danny Smiles has created a classic and tasty bar menu, perfect to accompany a drink. The must-try dish at Double’s Late Night is definitely the burger, which is now on our list of the best burgers in Montreal. Come to Double’s Late Night for a drink on a rainy night, to watch a sports game of any kind in a fun setting, to enjoy a good burger, to play pool, or to finish off a night of drinking. Cheers!

5171 Avenue du Parc

Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine

Although the typical cuisine offered in canteens is well known, Simon Jodoin Bouchard’s is known as ‘urban’ because of the enhanced offerings it puts forward. The restaurant’s specialities are inspired by the fast-food classics of the American South: smashed burgers and chili cheese fries are the order of the day.

8517 Rue Hochelaga
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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