Crèmerie Meetha: Delicious Indian-Flavored Ice Creams in Parc-Ex

If you enjoy ice cream with unique flavours, head over to Meetha, a hidden gem on Rue Liège in the Parc-Extension neighbourhood.

Crèmerie Meetha opened in 2021. Its owners, Deexit and Aakruti Patel, drew from their childhood memories to create ice creams with sometimes surprising, but always delicious flavours.

“These flavours are based on Indian desserts, things from our childhood that our mothers made,” explains Deexit. “These ice creams don’t exist in India. We created them,” he clarifies. In Hindi, the word “meetha” means something sweet or pleasant. It’s also a very popular name—namely Deexit’s grandfather’s—making it a perfect fit for the small creamery with its colourful storefront, located in a semi-basement on Rue Liège in Parc-Extension.

Surprisingly Refreshing

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by lively Indian music. From her small window, Deexit’s cousin presented us with the different flavours available at the time (they change regularly). For example, there is Falooda, inspired by a very popular dessert in India, flavoured with rose syrup and dotted with basil seeds, which add flavour and texture. Variyali looks like a birthday cake with its colourful sprinkles; it’s actually candied fennel seeds-flavoured ice cream with  with coloured fennel candies for crunch. Bournvita is inspired by a malted chocolate milk beverage (the Indian equivalent to our Nestlé Quick!) and contains mini fudge crystals. Definitely a favourite! We also loved the Mango Chili Chaat, with its slightly spicy mango flavour, and the “cookies & cream”-style Biskoot. Finally, Haldi Dhood, with delicate hints of turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, and fresh ginger, was as surprising as it was refreshing.

For a first visit, we highly recommend the tasting menu, which lets you sample all six available flavours. If one scoop isn’t enough, you can purchase Meetha’s ice creams by the pint—or even in the form of cakes for special occasions (by order only)!

If you prefer soft serve, Meetha always offers a flavour of the moment. We tried the Carda Mango (a cardamom-mango twist), which was delicious and refreshing. Also, try the Kulfis, milk-based ice pops with equally exotic flavours. To finish, there are a few cold drink options: a delicious iced chai masala, also available in a vegan version with oat milk; a classic mango lassi; or the famous Rose Falooda, which inspired the aforementioned ice cream.

In short, Meetha is a total change of scenery and definitely deserves a spot on our list of the best ice creams in Montreal. A must-try!

Enjoy your discovery!

Photography by Laura Becquet

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