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Spending the day downtown and looking for great places to eat on the go? Here are several suggestions for restaurants that have lots of quick and delicious options! A day of shopping can be exhausting. As you’ve been going from store to store for several hours now, hunger strikes. Irritating and irritated, you feel the tension building up a bit, but the shopping session isn’t over. The solution is simple, you need a small restaurant where you can eat well while recharging your batteries to get back on track.

To avoid any arguments or skirmishes, we’ve put together a list of delicious, quick and conveniently located restaurants in downtown Montreal.

For this, downtown Montreal is a real gold mine for small addresses offering food from all over the world. Our list reflects this reality, with a focus on Asian, Portuguese, Italian and Lebanese cuisine, whose addresses offer efficient service with fresh flavours, all while remaining on the healthier side.

Here is our list of addresses to visit when you’re on the go downtown. Bon appétit!

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Koa Lua

Koa Lua is a Hawaiian poké restaurant and is the perfect place for a healthy and affordable lunch! On the menu, Koa Lua offers 3 classic pokés and nine customized pokés. Special mention for the Black Magic poke: salmon, nikiri hot sauce, nori, crunch mix, and chili flakes for $13.95. They also serve tasty juices here; we love the Papa Mango. The pokés at this address are simple, tasty, and healthy. For a lunch on the go downtown, this address is ideal! Alison Slattery

1446 Sainte-Catherine Ouest


Campo offers excellent Portuguese chicken, 100% natural, grain-fed and hormone-free (!) This counter service eatery – one of the best casual Portuguese restaurants in Montreal – offers fast food with Portuguese influences, thanks to João Dias, Executive Chef of the Ferreira Group. Everything here is delicious and, despite being located in the downtown core, the prices are affordable. Of course, there is good Portuguese chicken (choose from breast, thigh or whole), chicken wings, sandwiches, poutines, ribs and salads. Needless to say, we go for everything chicken: classic or sandwich! Photo Campo

1108 Boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest


Kazu is on our list of the best tasty and affordable restaurants in Montreal: we love Kazu!  It’s always crowded, most likely because their small Japanese delicacies are very affordable, and the atmosphere is warm, lively, and somewhat eclectic.  The quality of the food at Kazu is good and quite sophisticated. Chef Kazuo Akutsu is an excellent chef and prepares one of the best ramen in town. Among our favourites are the homemade shrimp burger, Chirashi-zushi, tuna bowl, salmon tartare and Galubi beef. There is often a line outside to get in, but it moves quickly. Alison Slattery —

1844 Sainte-Catherine Ouest


Mandy’s makes some of the best salads in Montreal. The salads are not only tasty, but the portions are also generous. Plus, they have over a dozen different salads to choose from on their menu.  The owners are two sisters and their confessed favourite is the Wolfe Bowl (mixed lettuce, brown rice, arugula, kale, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, avocado, Parmesan, carrots and roasted sesame seeds). This is a new address on rue du Square Phillips, and a great one for grabbing an excellent and satisfying bite to eat—and a healthy one at that! Alison Slattery —

Phillips Square


Brigade is an excellent modern Neapolitan pizza location that serves a thin crust pizza with toppings that are chosen by the customers themselves from Brigade’s open countertop, overflowing with different options. If you are a classic pizza lover, then choose from the à la carte pizzas – Margherita, goat’s cheese, quattro formaggi, Napoletana, etc. The pizzaiolo bakes the pizzas in the superb wood-burning ovens from Marra Forni, imported directly from Italy.  Brigade is a casual and friendly pizzeria with quick service and affordable prices. We come here for authentic Neapolitan pizzas, but it also works if you are looking for a lunch on-the-go. Daniel Vadim

1428 Rue Stanley


Ryú Peel is a fast, casual sushi bar – halfway between a table service and fast-food restaurant. It offers a simple menu à la carte or choose the ‘Omakase’ table d’ hôte, where what you eat is left up to the chef, and will certainly include a good number of specialties. The emphasis is very much on the traditional nigiri; we particularly recommend uni wagyu (sea urchin and Japanese beef) and wagonyu nigiri (Japanese beef), which your palate will appreciate as true delicacies! The quality of the food is excellent, the menu choices discerning and diverse. A lunch here typically costs between $19 and $49. RYÚ Peel

1474 Rue Peel
ramen misoya montreal

Ramen Misoya

This little ramen shop is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, but don’t trust appearances. The basement location on rue Bishop serves succulent Japanese ramen. If you’ve enjoyed ramen on any trips abroad, there’s a chance you may recognize Ramen Misoya—they have more than 30 locations around the world. All the miso broths are rich and delicious, whether chicken, pork, shrimp or vegetarian. The broth and pork (marinated 24 hours in miso) are rather greasy, yet very tasty, and the noodles are of the wide variety.  We love the authenticity of the ramen and Ramen Misoya’s originality.

2065A Rue Bishop

Otto Yakitori

Otto Yakitori is known for—you guessed it—their delicious yakitoris (charcoal grilled skewered meat)! The chicken yakitori (thigh, breast) are available but if you would like to be more adventurous, we suggest the yakatori with giblets, or other not-so-common chicken parts. The menu also proposes dishes of raw fish and other specialities such as sashimis, uni chawanmushi (sea urchin), bibimbap with Japanese influences, burgers, ramen, tataki,  and soups. It’s another excellent location for a quick lunch downtown!

1441 Rue Saint Mathieu

Kinton Ramen

Chief Aki Urata and the Kinka family (Kinka Izakaya) have already opened seven Kinton Ramen in the Greater Toronto Area and this latest location on rue Bishop is the first in Montreal.  In a magnificent setting, Kinton Ramen proposes excellent, original and delicious ramen. It’s a simple formula where the customer chooses their own ramen ingredients from the broth (pork or chicken), flavour (original, shoyu, miso, spicy or extra spicy), noodles (wide or narrow), and garnishes (sweet corn, nori, seaweed, seasoned egg, green onions, etc.).  Expect a crowd at lunchtime, but the turnover is fast.

1211 Rue Bishop
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