Where to go for a classic lunch downtown

Published on September 30, 2021
Taverne Square Dominion centre ville downtown montreal

What are the classic lunch spots downtown? We’ve put together a short list of places where, whether on a lunch break in the city centre, or to enjoy a bite while shopping, you can grab a good bite to eat without breaking the bank.

This selection of restaurants offers classic dishes that we’ll never get tired of, and where we love to revisit.
There are days when we simply crave a meal that combines simple comforts prepared with finesse rather than seeking a totally new culinary experience.
From the simple French-inspired bistro, to the Italian-influenced brasserie, to the Portuguese tapas, to the English classics, there is something for everyone in the gastronomic diversity that is offered downtown. Whether seeking a light meal or a hearty one, the following selection will be sure to satisfy your hunger for the rest of the day.   We can’t say no to the table d’hôtes and various dinner specials that many restaurants offer (and that you can find in the list below!).
Passing through downtown and in a more curious mood? You can also consult the lists of restaurants that offer original lunches, those at low prices for eating on the go as well as for important business lunches. 

Suggestions for classic downtown lunches:

Albert Bistro

L’Albert Bistro is a charming little address downtown that offers a high quality bistronomy menu. Using some of the finest products available on the market, you can find tartares, salads, fish, poultry, small appetizers, desserts and coffees, all at an affordable price. This small establishment, like its staff, is very charming! photo Tastet.ca

Fiorellino – De La Gauchetière

Fiorellino is one of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal. The restaurant impresses off the bat with its original and colourful decor, followed, of course, by its cuisine. You can enjoy excellent pastas, gnocchis, and salads as well as some of the best pizzas in town. This address is certainly worth a visit, and with opening hours from morning to night, you can enjoy your lunch at any time. photo Michael Vesia
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