Original lunches in downtown Montreal – Where to go?

Last update on June 19, 2021

What are the good spots for an original lunch in downtown Montreal? Because many of you work in the business district, we thought that a few suggestions of good places to eat could inspire you for your lunches! Several other categories of lunch ideas will follow.

Our list of places for an original lunch in downtown Montreal:

Kazu – 1862 Sainte-Catherine Street West, (514) 937-2333 – On the edge of downtown Montreal, Kazu is one of our beautiful, good and cheap restaurants. We love the place for its small Japanese delicacies at equally small prices. We love the staff and the warm and relaxed atmosphere. The Japanese pancakes, dumplings, carpaccio and shrimp burger are all excellent dishes to try, as is their ramen, offered at lunch time only.

Campo -1108 de Maisonneuve West, (514) 903-9639 – Campo offers excellent Portuguese chicken; 100% natural, grain fed and hormone free. The menu features Portuguese-influenced fast food recipes developed by Ferreira’s executive chef, João Dias. It’s tasty and affordable, especially for downtown. You can find, of course, chicken (breast, leg, whole), chicken wings, sandwiches, poutine, ribs and salads.

Koa Lua – 1212 Union Street and 1446 St-Catherine Street – Koa Lua is one of our favorite healthy veggie places. You can enjoy pokés on the spot or for take out. The establishment offers several simple and delicious options – tuna, salmon, shrimp or tofu from already customized recipes. The Black Magic, a poké with salmon, hot sauce, nori seaweed, crunch mix and furikake, is a favorite at only $11. They serve juices as well, and a bubble tea is to come. We come here to have a change of scenery, to feel on vacation and to eat well!

Café Parvis – 433 Mayor Street, (514) 764-3589 – Café Parvis is a beautiful and classic destination that’s an excellent spot for lunch! The large windows and many plants are also what make Café Parvis famous. On the menu, you will find daily pizzas and salads of all kinds in small, medium or large portions. You will also find a delicious soup of the day and some desserts. Café Parvis is comforting and delicious.

Moleskine – 3412 Avenue du Parc, (514) 903-6939 – Moleskine is the newest addition to the famous Pullman wine bar family. The first floor of the establishment is strikingly decorated, with an open kitchen, an impressive wood-burning oven, pencils hanging from the ceiling and menus for scribbling. At Moleskine you can enjoy simple and well-made food, focused on take out and open for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy good pizzas, snacks, salads, sandwiches, juices, sodas, teas and coffees.

Escondite – 1206 Union Street, (514) 419-9755 – Just a stone’s throw from the old fur trade district, Escondite is a small but friendly Mexican restaurant. The restaurant offers a selection of original tacos and small specialty plates. The braised tongue taco and the cod taco are particularly delicious. For dessert, we strongly recommend you try their churros.  The atmosphere is lively and the place is always full. An address to keep in mind during lunches when you need a pick-me-up!

Mai Xiang Yuan – 1082 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, (514) 875-1888 – On the border of downtown in Montreal’s Chinatown, Mai Xiang Yuan offers some of the best dumplings in Montreal. At Mai Xiang Yuan, you can watch as your dumplings are being prepared through a small glass window that shows this meticulous art. They serve plates of about fifteen dumplings, which here, we prefer boiled. Our weaknesses are for the beef, onion and curry dumplings as well as the pork, shrimp and coriander dumplings. The place is always full and is very affordable.

Pizzéria No 900 – 2049 Peel Street, (514) 303-0334 – We’ve mentioned it many times before, but this little restaurant is absolutely charming and offers one of the best pizzas in Montreal, all in a cozy and romantic setting. Quality ingredients, well prepared and served by a charming staff; a winning recipe. The small space offers a great place for an original lunch downtown, with the possibility of taking pizzas or their other dishes to go.

Biiru- 1433 City Councillors Street, (514) 903-1555 – Biiru is THE downtown Japanese bistro that offers great food in a warm and original setting. The restaurant offers well thought out recipes, sashimi, dumplings and yakitoris. The house salads are also very good. The restaurant is ideal if you want an original, affordable, and uncomplicated lunch in the heart of downtown.

Sammi & Soupe Dumpling – 1909 Sainte-Catherine Street West, (514) 846-8886 – Sammi & Soupe Dumpling offers a variety of delicious dumplings! Here too, you can watch the creation of these little delicacies in the kitchen through a glass window. The dumplings are of the “xiao long bao” type, which means steamed. The dumplings are served by the dozen and are all very tasty. A wide variety of different flavours are offered.

Ichifuku – 1925 Sainte-Catherine Street West, (514) 932-7227 – The atmosphere here is very pleasant and the prices very affordable! We really like the ramen, the creamy broths and the generous portions. The service is friendly and the atmosphere quite festive. Ichifuku satisfies the most voracious appetites with its ramen soups with Japanese flavours. The restaurant is open every day, for lunch and dinner.

Furusato – 2137 de Bleury Street, (514) 849-3438 – This small restaurant offers delicious “bento” lunch boxes inspired by those offered in Japan. Chef Akira Sasaki offers a simple and very tasty menu with authentic Japanese flavours. The sushi is just as tasty, but be sure to reserve your seat! With a straightforward menu using high quality products and the great delicacy of preparation make the experience very pleasant.

Kinka Izakaya- 1624, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, (514) 750-1624 – Kinda Izakaya is a great Japanese pub where you can enjoy an original lunch in the heart of downtown. Kinka Izakaya started in Toronto and opened its fourth restaurant in Montreal. The welcome here is always warm, the atmosphere relaxed, and the dishes generous.

Ramen Misoya – 2065A Bishop Street, (514) 373-4888 – A true Japanese ramen on Bishop! You may have heard of Ramen Misoya; the group has more than thirty establishments around the world. Even if the decor is simple, the broths are rich and delicious, whether you choose a chicken, pork, shrimp or vegetarian soup. We like the authenticity and originality of the house.

Ganadara – 1862 de Maisonneuve West, (514) 933-2288 – Ganadara offers good Korean food, not super traditional, but always tasty. The restaurant is always packed, and the lines here can be long, but its worth the wait. You can also order to go. The service is efficient and the music is lively; everything to make for a memorable meal. The menu also offers small snacks packing big Korean flavours.

Qing Hua – 1676 Lincoln Avenue, (438) 288-5366 – Folks from Concordia University know a lot about this legendary half-basement. The menu is very, very long and offers a multitude of excellent dumpling choices. Qing Hua specializes in “dumplings au jus”, prepared with broth inside – watch your tongue, it’s hot! The experience is nice and charming every time. Open daily, cash only.

Schlouppe Bistro Nakamichi – 2159 Mackay Street, (438) 383-7650 – Schlouppe Bistro Nakamichi is a truly charming ramen restaurant. The ramen here is delicious, the broths refined and the ingredients are of high quality. We love the efficient and generous service that makes us want to come back again and again. The house also offers vegetarian and vegan options.

Don Taco – 1855 St. Catherine St. W., (438) 382-1999 – You don’t come here for the decor, but for the lush flavours of Mexico and the delicious house tacos – we especially love the shrimp and chicken tacos. The burritos, quesadillas and guacamole are also delicious! The portions are generous and the prices reasonable.

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