Happy Hour on Saint-Laurent Boulevard: Where to go?

5@7 boulevard saint laurent montreal

The expression “5 à 7” comes from the English word “happy hour”, and it can be very happy indeed! Happy hour is the time right after work when people get together with friends or colleagues to have a drink, chat, and unwind. Well loved and appreciated, people often go meet for happy hours at bars, and they are often the beginning of great encounters.

Montreal is a city full of great restaurants and bars. We have a section dedicated to happy hours in the city. Since we have our offices on the boulevard – or the Main – it was only natural for us to offer you a list of good addresses, to discover or rediscover, on this artery that has been revived in recent years.

Indeed, as its common name – the Main – suggests, Saint-Laurent Boulevard is a cultural, creative and innovative hub that is alive day and night. Located in the heart of Montreal, the Plateau Mont-Royal remains one of the most accessible neighbourhoods in the city, whether by car, bike, metro or by foot. St. Laurent Boulevard is one of the most important arteries, running from Old Montreal to the north of the island. World cuisine, entertainment venues, bars and lively nightclubs, you will make surprising discoveries here, meet great people and find perfect places for celebrations. Enjoy discovering this wonderful, distinctively Montreal thoroughfare!

For more suggestions on where to go for a 5@7, see our “have a drink” category.

Le Darling

Le Darling is a perfect place to hang out or have a drink at any time of the day. It’s as much about having a coffee and a pastry in the morning as it is about having a bottle of wine with a plate of charcuterie or one of their excellent dishes at the end of the day. In the kitchen is Chef Alejandro Vega (Jun I, Bouillon Bilk, Cadet) who prepares delicious plates to share. Photos Alison Slattery

4328 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Majestique

Le Majestique is one of the best bars in Montreal where you can also eat well. What makes Le Majestique a success is truly everything; its festive atmosphere, its quality products, its choice of dishes, its selection of wines and the fact that the place is open every day until 23 pm, with a kitchen that closes late. The team prides itself on offering a simple but well-crafted product to a very loyal clientele. Photos by Alison Slattery

4105 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Brasserie Le Réservoir

Le Réservoir is a superb microbrewery that we’ll never get tired of. It is a beautiful meeting place and an address that we love at any time of day. The place has everything to please; from the beautiful selection of beers to the attentive service and the delicate plates from morning to night. Alison Slattery

9 Avenue Duluth Est

Vol de nuit

A cocktail bar with a cabaret feel on Prince-Arthur Street, the address offers a cozy atmosphere that invites you to travel. Here, you can sip delicious drinks in a chic and elegant decor. Vol de Nuit is an ideal place for a date – and you can hear yourself speak – or to have a drink with friends. photos Vol de Nuit

14 Rue Prince-Arthur Est

Big in Japan Bar

Big in Japan Bar is certainly one of the most beautiful hidden bars in Montreal. From the outside, there’s no telling what’s behind the anonymous brown door. With a breathtaking decor by Braun-Braën, Big in Japan Bar has a unique atmosphere, with its long labyrinthine bar, bottles hanging from the ceiling and hundreds of small candles gently illuminating the space. Drinks include sake, beer and superb cocktails. Timeless and intimate, Big in Japan is ideal for a date! photos Dominique Lafond

4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


The Roseline is a café-bar open from 5pm to midnight. The decor offers a return in time, to the Montreal of the 30s thanks to a vintage decor and a subdued atmosphere. We go there to stroll around with a good glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail.

5014 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
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Photography by Alison Slattery

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