Snow Crab: Where to find it in Montreal

crabe des neiges

It’s snow crab season!

In Quebec, the rhythm of life is dictated by the seasons. The same is true in our kitchens, where seasonal products have a place of honour throughout the year. We think of maple syrup, asparagus, strawberries, corn and many other foods whose arrival in stores or markets makes everyone happy, year after year.

One of the most anticipated seasons in the province, especially for restaurateurs and fine food lovers, is the snow crab season. We are fortunate to have this highly sought-after crustacean close to home for its delicious meat. The snow crab has ten long legs that contain firm but tender meat. Its flavour is delicate and subtle.

The snow crab season begins with the arrival of spring and lasts until June. The best time to get fresh—and even live—crabs is in April, at the beginning of the season. This is the time when restaurateurs stock up to create delicious dishes to showcase their love of this crustacean.

Here is our list of places in Montreal where you can buy snow crab in the coming weeks! They sell out VERY fast, so we suggest you make reservations in advance.

Oyster Blood

This home delivery service for fish and seafood offers fresh and frozen products including the famous snow crab. Quantities are very limited.

Les Pêcheries Norref

First delivery on Monday, April 4th. Order and receive everything directly at home.

Poissonnerie La Mer

This renowned fish market is organizing a dream contest: a feast of snow crab and shrimp from Quebec for 8 people! Yep—8 people! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Le Cinqàsept

This small grocery store selling Quebec products in Ville-Émard receives its first arrival this Saturday, April 2nd.

Le Parasol

Le Parasol is back with its “Crab Shack”, located in the alley at 5439 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, just behind the Beau Temps restaurant. As usual, you can find delicious snow crab and some side dishes. An ideal small lunch to grab for a spring walk on the Main.

Photography by Mon Lapin


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