Bars With Great Food: where to drink and dine

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Bars With Great Food: where to drink and dine

Looking for somewhere to drink and get good food? Yes. Great food? We’ve got you covered! Whats better than munching on delicious snacks while you socialize over a glass of wine? We’ve also included spots serving generous portions- the perfect accompaniment to a pint from your favourite local microbrewery. Whether it’s for a date, an outing with friends, or simply an alternative to a tranquil restaurant experience, dining at bars is the easiest way to spice up your week.

The bars on this list serve everything from fine wine to creative cocktails, but most importantly, awesome food. For your ease, we’ve divided the list into two categories: menus for those with big appetites, and for those in need of delicate accompaniments to their drinks. Regardless of the style of cuisine you’re looking for, all of these addresses serve inarguably great food.

Perks of dining at a bar? The prices are usually cheaper, the atmosphere is always exciting, and there is no better place to socialize. Our list of bars that serve great food kills two birds with one stone. Not only do these addresses have some of the best bar menus in the city, they’re also all great spots to add to your roster of the best drinking holes. On the list, each establishment is impressive in their own right. On top of having delicious food, they’re all either stylish, lively, welcoming or charming- or a little bit of each.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more weather appropriate for your drinking and dining needs, check out our list of the best bar patios in Montreal, or our list of the best restaurant patios in Montreal!

Note that because these establishments have bar permits, children are not able to dine at any of them. If you know of any bars with great food that you do not see on this list,  let us know: [email protected]

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Comforting and hearty meals: Agrikol opened its doors in the Village this year. The bar has a unique island concept that features specialities such as jerk chicken and oxtail. The decor of the bar is colourful, unique and exotic, making the atmosphere of this bar the perfect space to celebrate! Warm, friendly and exciting, Agrikol will guarantee a fun space to enjoy the company of your loved ones, or to meet new people. Here, we can drink good cocktails, and the house specializes in rums. We advise you to come and have a drink, but most importantly,  a bite of some original and delicious food!

Comforting and hearty dishes: The Atwater Cocktail Club bar stands out from others, an affect of its eclectic décor. A fuchsia pink bench, dinosaur head, and mirrors on the ceiling enhance the space, and encourage patrons to let go of their stresses. The original space remains chic. There are a few delicious cocktails, but above all, they serve a shortened version of the Foiegwa restaurant menu! Revisited classics such as the cheeseburger (option to add foie gras), entrecote, chips, snails, frogs’ legs or others. Note that in addition to a fabulous menu, you can enjoy these dishes every day of the week until 2am. Pretty convenient if you live around the area.

Comforting and hearty dishes: In a magnificent building more than 100 years old, the team of dynamic young people opened what is now the most popular bar in the west end of the city: Bar Loïc. In a simple and elegant setting, designed by Kyle Goforth, the atmosphere is festive and the menu is gourmet. Think of the Loïc as a neat, warm and welcoming snack bar. At Loïc, we can enjoy a short yet masterful menu by Liam Barron. A list of wines finely concocted from natural, organic, agro-organic and/or certified organic wines, most of which come from private imports. The drinks menu changes over time, so you wont get bored. They also have a very interesting whisky selection!

Comforting and hearty dishes: Close to the Jean-Talon market, Harricana Brewery is one of the most beautiful microbreweries in Montreal. We at Tastet absolutely love it! The superb décor was conceptualized by architect Alain Carle. This Brasserie offers you beers brewed on site, ciders at low prices, and a menu inspired by the owner’s mother’s recipes. With well made comfort food dishes, appetizers, snacks, salads and more, you will not be dissapointed if you’re in the mood for some grub.  The dishes are always consistent and focused on sharing. Menu highlights include a club sandwich, burgers, guédille, salads, and others. At Brasserie Harricana, we can certainly eat and drink very well.

Comforting and hearty dishes: This address is a pioneer in the industry of sharing plates served in a bar atmosphere. At Buvette Chez Simone, we’ll find the option of eating a real meal- the perfect way to maintain your sobriety.  Buvette Chez Simone is one of a kind, and their execution is always on point. The friendly service, vibrant atmosphere, and the perfectly priced wine menu all contribute to this bar’s great reputation. Small starters, delicious full chicken or half chicken, french fries, salads, cheeses or delicatessen. The menu here is simple and always delicious.

Comforting and hearty dishes: In a setting that is reminiscent of Berlin’s bars, Furco offers you an impressive array of dining options. Decorated by Zébulon Perron, the establishment is often crowded with downtown professionals, partygoers of all kinds, and lovers of vibrant environments. On Thursday evenings, the place is particularly busy! The menu concocted by chef Joëlle Trottier changes every week, and offers dishes with generous portions that are fresh and easy to share. Especially ideal if you’re looking for delicatessen products.

Comforting and hearty dishes: Isle de Garde is a superb traditional brewery, best enjoyed while sipping on great beer and snacking on so food. The space is remarkably unpretentious and laid back. L’Isle de Garde offers a series of 24 beers brewed on site. The beer here is always fresh and never disappointing- the Isle de Garde bar is one of our favourite microbreweries. To eat, they serve dishes such as deli and cheese platters, but also items such as grilled octopus, decadent burgers, Tartar and fried zucchini fritters.

Delicious and delicate snacks: Located in the heart of Pointe-Saint-Charles, Knox Tavern is both a bar and a restaurant. The place is on our list of the most beautiful bars in Montreal thanks to its brick and wood interior, as well as its superb illuminated green wall. At Knox, we love to eat comfort food prepared by James Baren (Bremner and Garde-Manger). We also come here to indulge in the Knox burger- one of the best in town! The menu changes according to the seasons, as does the cocktail list.

Delicious and delicate snacks: Since the trio of the late Hotel Herman joined forces with Reservoir, the brewery has certainly recovered its strength! The kitchen now offers delicious snacks to enjoy in their very relaxed atmosphere. The dishes are just enough to satisfy your stomach while drinking beer or sipping on a glass of wine. The pub on Duluth Street also offers lunches on Thursdays and Fridays at noon. The place has made it back in our list of our favourite addresses once again! A great spot to enjoy a drink in an unpretentious setting, without having to compromise on the quality of food!

Delicious and delicate snacks: Philemon become a classic Montreal bar in 2010. This address is always a pleasant place to let loose while indulging with nice bite to eat. The establishment’s short menu is made up of primarily fresh produce; the bar offers trays to share, think cheeses, cold cuts, vegetables, tapenades , and other small snacks to accompany your drinks. Simple dishes made with lots of flavours and spices. There is also a beautiful organic wine list! The stunning setting, once again created by Zébulon Perron.

Delicious and delicate snacks: Pullman is one of Montreal’s first wine bars… and one of our favourites! More than 10 years after its opening, the bar is still an exceptional establishment. At Pullman, you will find between 300 and 400 bottles of wine, almost all from private imports. The wines by the glass change every week, and all the waiters are also sommeliers by profession. With a splendid interior signed by Braun-Braën, you can enjoy a simple menu that is both very tasty and very well executed. The space is hushed and elegant- chic, yet casual. Our favourite menu items include green beans and grilled cheese. (Restaurant permit, which means you must eat a dish to have a drink).

Delicate and delicious snacks: A wine bar on Avenue Mont-Royal! Stylish interior design, mastered by Zebulon Perron. Despite the industrial aesthetic at Bar Rouge-Gorge, the environment maintains a particular sense of intimacy. It is a pleasant place without stuffy etiquette, which simply enhances the enjoyment and relaxation of the experience . At Rouge-Gorge, you will discover good bottles, great drinks, and dine on unique dishes. The menu also rotates through a few seasonal options.

Delicate and delicious snacks: Tiradito is a great Peruvian restaurant and bar that will surely win over the hearts of whoever visits. The establishment offers a very original concept, where the customers all sit around one communal bar! The servers and cooks work together as they buzz around room, giving a nightly show to the seated customers. Tiradito is certainly pretty, as well as wonderfully relaxed and tranquil. Here, you will eat a Nikkei cuisine (fusion between Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy). The cuisine is colourful and the menu features  small sharing dishes. Unique spices with original and very tasty flavour combinations sets this menu apart from the rest.

Delicious and delicate snacks: Located in the downtown core, this new Japanese cocktail bar – one of the best in Montreal – welcomes its guests into a uniquely  mysterious space. Gokudo is also part of our list of the most beautiful hidden bars in Montreal! Here, you’ll eat very good dishes made by the restaurant Ryōshi, which is located directly at the front of the bar. There are a few small salads, bowls of fish and rice, and a dessert – all very good!

Delicious and delicate snacks: We frequently shout out bar Majestique- we undeniably have a real weakness for the place! With kitch decor (just the way it should be), this bar is almost always crowded, primarily by fun-loving Montreal partiers. Le Majestique offers a very interesting list of wines, making it perfect if you enjoy trying out new labels. Here, you’ll enjoy excellent oysters, some of the best fries in Montreal, remarkable baked bourgots, and other delicate dishes.

Comforting and hearty dishes: Newly opened, Bar Saint-Denis has quickly become a landmark for the inhabitents of Rosemont.  Whether you want to enjoy a delicious meal, a quiet drink on a weekday evening, or a feast until the early morning, Bar St-Denis is the place for you. Their objective was to create a menu that could be adapted to the desires of the customers: dishes to share, to satisfy a hunger craving, or to snack on after you empty your first wine glasses. The Egyptian roots of co-owner Emily Homsy materialize in each dish they serve, and the result is amazing. Come here and expect to enjoy tasty falafels, lamb tartar, and other dishes of Middle Eastern inspiration!

Excellent pizzas and Italian dishes: Located just above the excellent Fugazzi restaurant, the hidden bar Milky Way reaps the benefits of their downstairs neighbour’s kitchen. Milky Way has access to the entire Fugazzi menu, offering excellent pizzas and pasta, as well as a series of other dishes that perfect accompaniments to one of the best cocktails in town. The establishment is one of the most beautiful bars in Montreal, but also holds a place on the list of the best hidden bars!

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